Apartheid of Indian Country

Political correctness virtually governs organizational inertia in government. South African apartheid was generally held to be wrong and a hindrance to western assertions of democracy as superior to crass dictatorship of a proletariat. It would be inconvenient to say truthfully that American Indian Reservations are held to be a beneficial form of apartheid. Apartheid in some cases cannot be good and in others bad without complicating political correctness labeling.

There is something attractive to liberals in working to treat American Indians as a separate race that deserves different political treatment than ordinary citizens. Though no living American Indians were born earlier than the 20th century, they are still regarded as first peoples because of inherited racial endowment. On that genetic basis different laws and land set asides are made. It is true that some treaties to grant land to Indians in return for peace were made, yet most were not given the right to vote whatsoever as individuals in American politics. In order for Indians to qualify for a different legal status they actually needed to be different. In wasn’t discrimination to deny Indians equal legal rights if they were not equal and were instead separate.

Dividing and conquering in detail enemies of the concentration of wealth might be accomplished through numerous means in the U.S.A. today. Americans have no history of throwing off a vast class of royal aristocrats that were vampires by and large except for the brief, successful revolution by a minority. In Europe huge famines killing millions under royal rule happened numerous times in the 17th century. The Dutch lost two and founded New Amsterdam. The Russians lost 3-4 million some time later. Protracted bloody revolutions happened-they new what it was to get rid of the predatory scum at the top. Now Americans don’t take any of that seriously and put themselves into pink and lavender cute designer chains. The civil war was fought to keep white people free of aristocracy that was threatening to return through the southern aristocrats and their Brit friends (not referring to Bill Clinton or Tits Up). Abe Lincoln made the biggest mass hanging in U.S. history, of American Indians, waging insurrection during the war (reluctantly). Republicans took democracy seriously.

In many Indian rights and Indian sovereignty issues today that would have Indians join federal advisory boards to mismanage Yukon River king salmon equally with incompetent non-Indian mismanagers or give Indians the ancestral right to open gambling casinos or hootchie kootchie clubs nothing is said about restoring the Indian historical right to be ineligible to vote or get non-Indian specialized federal benefits as was historically the case.

A word about restoring the Pacific King Salmon fishery to health with a simple five-step method-here’s how;

1) No taking of fish in international waters

2) Fish must be caught within 12 miles of continental shore

3) Six consecutive no-fishing years every 20 years

4) Total maximum allowable annual catch is 50% of all fish overall

5) Sports, subsistence and commercial fisherpersons would each be given one-third of the 50% harvest of all available fish.

It is understandable that Indians prefer to have apartheid and eat the federal cake too, perhaps sharing the Federal Reserve’s cash printing extravaganza along with resident aliens that would like to retire by the millions on social security benefits in Mexico, China, India, Pakistan and wherever (sometimes in order to fund terrorist missions to America).

In order for justice to prevail and to keep the meaning of apartheid’s politically correct labeling alive as American Indians increase the strength of their sovereign apartheid they should give up their properties of rights citizens of a dubiously United States proportionately. That is to the degree that American Indians claim sovereign apartheid they should relinquish American citizenship.

The fair and balanced way of Indian apartheid might best be founded on population density for Indians such that they have land population density equal to that of 1776 in areas they actually resided in rather than journeyed across to hunt or go for war parties. I am not unsympathetic about the state of Indian apartheid in the U.S.A. My only descendant has American Indian ancestors. The ethnic purity of American Indians was not a bad thing; being separated from cultural contamination of the Old World did let those people have 30,000 years of comparative Independence, yet slavery and genocide were as common in America then as it was in savage European and Asian cultures until, hmmm, a few years ago?

Savage civilizations of primitive peoples phased out in Europe during the 20th century (only joking), it phased out with the rise of the first Mesopotamian civilizations and entered the new phase of civilized violence and state terrorism. American Indians ran a few thousand years behind Eurasian-Mesopotamian and North African cultures of course, and most of the area that is the U.S.A. outside of Cohokia circa 1000-1300 a.d. never developed civilization at all. That also was favorably comparable to much of Europe that did not develop state tyranny everywhere until perhaps 1000 a.d.

Advanced civilizations kill their environment better than savages. American Indians exterminated many species including wooly mammoths and saber tooth tigers yet today 1/6th of land mammals are facing extinction. I think that is a conservative miunderestimation. More likely there will be no larger mammals alive outside zoos except for people in a century. Washington State’s politicians have preponderantly killed Puget Sound and Hood Canal for fish and mammal life and made the region look like a pro anti-environmentalism advertisement. Maybe they could be relocated to Baltimore and Chesapeake Bay to fix that. Yet I am more generous than most in that respect.

Next week I may examine how the problems of Baltimore were caused by a failure to allow in enough illegal aliens to bring a new and improved work and invention ethic to Maryland. Mexican illegal alien advocates generally demand an end to whites-only apartheid of Del Norte caused by border law enforcement. The peaceful Delaware tribe pacified the eastern shore of Maryland long ago (with extirpation of local dissidents) and a peaceful Mexican labor occupation of Baltimore can probably do same to labor. Ought not a Frosted Flakes size box of Cracker Jack be provided to rioters by FEMA whenever civil disturbances occur in the future? Civil rights for the many are as important as those lost for the individual.