Integrating Low Entropy into A 3D Ideal Planetary Office Infrastructure

There is perhaps no such thing as an ideal office workspace . If an ideal work space became an oxymoron since the fall in the garden of Eden with onerous (yet deserved) work requirements following, the need to accomplish tasks that support human life and well being have advanced over millennia while the ecosphere decayed as a bank of practico-inert raw material transformed with high entropy into product. An ideal work space increases human and ecospheric health so far as possible, or at least conserves it, simultaneously.

Work in a private or public setting has variables with data that when associated with function is best accomplished with configurations to serve the function. Adaptive office space configuration produced with adaptive materials able to reconfigure as quickly as possible in response to worker requirements will become an increasing direction for design.

Office space area delineators have been cubicles and screens with data imaging equipment and keyboard data entry being separate elements. In the future office video imaging displays will be the office workspace partitions themselves. Display content will be anything the worker, designer and system manager order from a view of all the office to the beaches of El Salvador.

Four wall imaging displays will have transformative imaging content yet the displays themselves will be able to morph shape and form rising or decreasing height and substance. Four partitions could change y to  round or rhomboid etc,. A number of materials might exist that quickly change shape and that even take on a bullet-stopping hardness.

The ideal office of the future will be that best adapted for supporting and increasing worker health, well-being and productivity.

Governing mass social entropy quota balances and allotments could be integrated in local area networks and cubicle image display parameters to enable conformity to socially  reduce the increase of material entropy into private and public business criteria. A more intelligent office space would advance social intelligence effort harmonizing macro-social ecological economic effort infrastructure.

Physiology monitors of employees will analyze physical health and stress levels unobtrusively and determine if any health deficiency could be rectified with a change in workload and work performance settings and content in the adaptive spatial configuration. With adaptive technology ubiquitous and increasingly available over time the workspace configuration will attempt to interface with the ideal worker health and performance environment allowing positive environment for creativity and production.

High-speed quantitative traders on Wall Street exploiting any little chink in the social financial armor to take a quick and dirty profit are be best contemporary example for what every office expert system of computational intelligence will run as a background monitor for the office work-potential in the future ideal office environment. Today a few corporate entities exploit the raw material of society, business and nature as a practico-inert substance to profit from. In the future ideal office all citizens and business activity will be cognizant of the unified ecospheric field and exploit it only minimally within boundaries set by rational government.

Society is a material war over for the increase of entropy and maintenance of human health. Realistically rational social and ecosphere relations conserving human and ecospheric health will arise within the ubiquitous ideal office environment of tomorrow. In the ideal office work space real-time expert systems guidance will consider three criteria for manufactures.

1) Most efficient low-entropy added to raw materials

2) Highest number of people that can be employed empirically while competing in a low-entropy economy (owner profit in the low-entropy environment from skimming a small percentage from the worker compensation package)

  1. a) The citizen worker-force well being coincides with the most efficient use of the ecosphere criterion. A maximum low-entropy economy seeks the highest creativity and productivity status of citizens possible

3) Print on demand 3D printing manufacturing can output anywhere on Earth that buyers have interest. Planetary low-entropy economy criterion transcends free-trade paradigm of 18th century.