Iraqi Oil Field Citizen Owner-State has Preponderance of Solution to Isis Crisis

When the ordinary Iraqi was aced out of getting a personal share of Iraqi oil field reserves in the form of inalienable stock ownership it permanently funded an unbalanced sectarian conflict based striving to dominate corrupt government to hand off perks and billions of dollars to oil cronie capitalism. Tha’ts the worst sort of capitalism and a silly recipe to form a government in strife-inclined Iraq. For all of the citizens to have common cause to fight for the same same they all needed to be issued equal shares of common ownership of Iraq’s oil reserves in the form of shares that could not be sold for 50 years.As Iraq kept the peace and prospered from oil development and sales a better kind of realistic democratic environment could grow.

I wrote about this idea years and years ago and nothing came of it. It is easy to see that conflict will occur to dominate oil production until a kind of balance of terror is achieved. Of course in D.C. they would view the owner-state sort of democratic environment as something to avoid and obfuscate. Big oil prefers the sweetheart deals with corrupt government that primarily benefits investor elites.