The Necessity of Life?

In physical theories at a quantum level causality tends toward necessary transitions of packets of force from one state and location to another. Logical parameters and limits seem to exist for what quanta can be or become. Light seems to have a maximum speed, as do fields. The steady state level where clusters of atoms and molecules bind together in larger structures is also consistent with prevailing physics of necessity in regard to the composition of the field where mass energy exists in a steady state. Yet it is uncertain that there is a necessary formation of life from physical necessity. Life can form more complex structures though must it necessarily do so? If life can continue to input energy and convert that into complex structures inclusive of thought and advancing concepts does that arise from a necessary physical or even spiritual necessity; is there a logical predestination for that logical ordered evolution? Much talk is given to the possibility and probability of life given certain favorable conditions for its theoretical spontaneous creation evolving from field content rather common around the Universe in theory, yet little has been said of a physical condition at a quantum level at least that would require life to exist as a necessary transition of mass and energy into the only possible form or destination given the state of affairs.

I am not trying to argue here ad absurdam that life cannot exist unless it is necessary that it does, or argue against the creation of life as a possibility of an evolution from inorganic matter, I am just interested in the physics of a state of affairs such that matter and energy must necessarily combine to form life-perhaps under the influence of some power novel to the field configuration and temporal configuration space. Neither would I argue against an evolution from inanimate matter stimulated by the will of God at some quantum level. Evolution and divine creation are not mutually exclusive processes, especially since Genesis chapter two seems to indicate that Adam and Eve were created in a separate process in a different space-time configuration field than the rest of the Universe (that may have been theistically evolved or alternatively created in a compact quantum process fully assembled though in phases made to exist as if it had evolved 12 to 14 billion years-same difference as people say), it is just interesting to wonder if there is a quantifiable physical phase state that requires matter to become organic in a way like that which requires that hydrogen fusion produces helium with .007 efficiency.