The Politics of Entropy

Modern political-economic systems tend to evolve toward a stable state of exploitative imperialism with Marxism being no exception. Within a finite and totalized political arena wealth and power eventually concentrate with the anti-thesis being an equal state of political equality of all individual actors. Karl Marx seemed to have a totalized concept of political evolutions in Europe with various possible configurations occurring within his theoretical parameters that limited possibilities for freedom and excluded individuals simply being free and self-directing. For Marx someone would be a dictator or imperialist of necessity ruling all of a geophysical area-it could be a dictatorship of the proletariat or capital imperialists or some shade of gray in between. There wasn’t room for egalitarian democracy with a social safety net and extremes of wealth and poverty restricted-there had to be a top dog or elite pack demagoguing over political pups that never outgrow being gay leprechauns all their lives overseen as imps by giants. The United States would have been seen as no exception to the rule by Marx.

Early American government in effect was an exception to the totalitarian rule of imperialism. With so few people and so much land the government needed only to serve as a gatekeeper to keep imperialist at home and abroad suppressed. The Monroe Doctrine was a late expression of that principle. Over time the founder’s principles withered away and Americans began to lose their liberty. After female suffrage was granted a host of government expansion in taxation and authority began to be generated. The second Roosevelt administration enabled by the feminine vote created social security. Today the nation also has corporate Obamacare, concentration of wealth, trillions of debt and allegiance to global corporate imperialism. Marx may have been right in viewing totalized territorial government as leading to some form of dictatorship-he simply did not recognize that a high-entropy political environment of perfect theoretical communism in such an environment is itself a defeated dictatorship of ennui and malaise without prospect for change except from outside.

If demographics and human political nature force some form of authoritarian political control upon societies eventually, a better rational response than a high entropy communism or anisotropic imperialism would be a rational ecological economic allocation of mass resources to individuals in order to create firewalls and inventive growth potentials to maximize conservation of the state of entropy of finite planetary mass.

Corporatism is imperialism, dictatorship is imperialism, communist dictatorship is imperialism, it is the political labels in a totalized political environment that are changed to confuse the issue. A small minority ends up ruling a vast majority and increase their repressive power-that is a definition of applied imperialism. Their government lackeys in harness consider right government to cohere in pure power to exploit the masses as subjects so far as possible.

Modern democracies may vote for whatever or whomever they like and still increase plutocratic imperialism nationally and globally. A gatekeeper democracy with limited government mostly for defense may arise again some day on another planet far away from corrupting imperial powers of Earth, yet one shouldn’t plan on emigrating there any time soon.

The Earth has a finite amount of mass and it must be possible to calculate the amount of potential it has to release energy, and to understand what quantity of entropy it can sustain before reaching the highest state of disorganization. It is interesting to consider.

If all of the mass of the earth were converted to pure energy through continuous nuclear fusion reactions refining it as if it were alcohol reprocessed in a still that energy when spent as light streaming out into space if confined to a given volume might be expected to have reached a highest state of entropy as disorganized particles. Confining the photons would require power too-and that isn’t in the original Earth potential for entropy calculation. So in order to achieve perfect entropy space must expand and not be confined or energy could not maximal spend its inherent potential that is energy.

What might think that the expansion of space would require a donation of energy from some source too. Physicists speculate about dark energy expanding space, yet the conditions that allow energy to increase need to stop somewhere logically I would think, yet it seems improbable that they do, and that seems to imply some sort of continuous production of new energy from some source, and that is in itself a kind of contradiction regarding the concept of energy of the Universe over-all being converted to through entropy eventually to a highest state of disorganization in equally space particles.

In a high entropy or low entropy confined space potential energy would seem to exist for because it is confined and could reach a higher entropy state if it weren’t, while if the confinement did not exist it would require energy to expand the space where the energy could reach a lower state. Interesting topics especially regarding political potential on Earth for using existing mass resources wisely (most efficiently I suppose). Simply converting mass into energy may be an efficient process (.007% efficient converting hydrogen to helium) yet creating thought concepts is far more efficient at making more from the same quantity of mass. What would be the most efficient way to create the best concepts and product objects from earth’s mass to benefit the most people with recursive, resonating creating waves of invention and good? That sort of paradigm would be considerations to think about when trying to secure the greatest degrees of freedom for individuals within naturally decaying political systems with tendencies toward sin, indolence, dissipation and imperialist tyranny.


It may be the God has created and allowed an infinite number of optional course of social evolutions or worldlines for people and for Christians to take. They may be free to choose from not just one way, but from a nearly yet not quite infinite number of evolutionary world-lines even though God foreknows what course they shall choose and has pre-destined it to be so.

Some Christians called pre-tribulationist may believe that a high entropy social economy isn’t really of concern or that it might be a good idea to avoid it or mitigate it. the thinking goes that if the world’s resources are depleted or global war develops the world will create a New world after rapturing out the remnant of people that are Christians from this world-yet the pre-trib paradigm is probably false.

Instead of another tribulation ahead, a correct Christian eschatology seems to indicate that Christians will build up a majority in the world over time. yet that could occur in a myriad of ways with alternative world line selections possible that would reach the same conclusion. freedom even with social determinism apparently may exist. Christians can work to minimize the increase of entropy and build a healthy social economy or work with existing imperialist corporatists and communists to create a high entropy depleted economy wherein Christians and everyone except elites live in a Stalinist gulag sort of scientific dystopia; the destination is the same though the way of getting there is different.


If a government had a K.G.B.-TASS structured propaganda outlet of social control to effect mass mind conditioning over a populace giving up power and relative wealth to rising global aristocratic tyranny it might help change the willingness or reluctance of the masses to assist or oppose given political objectives. Does one require a season of urban Negro riots in support of another Clinton pseudo liberal Presidential campaign? Does one want to innovate a feminist presidential purge of European Jews through apathetic indifference for intervention? It’s possible to stimulate a series of insurrections and terrorist training actions across the Middle East and North Africa to further some vague policy for transitioning to a feminist society where a woman is free to run safely naked with dogs through former territories of fundamentalist terrorist government? Women have limited historical experience in democratic governance since being enfranchised and may have cognitive deficits politically speaking inclining them to run roughshod over others by the millions in pursuit of mass female empowerment. One with such policies would need a strong propaganda branch to advance an atheist agenda devoid of balanced historical rationality or interest in preserving the political sovereignty of the masses over concentrated wealth and imperialism.


Imperialist collective of limited membership pursuing high entropy economics prefer free trade authority to permit global concentration of power without national obstructions such as tariffs, taxation, national environmental agenda or concerns for democratic sovereignty. To let Vietnam be a resource colony for the United States or European consumers and let it industrialize while killing off jungles and endangered species while poisoning rivers does nothing beside add entropy at an accelerated pace. Increases of entropy are irreversible it seems. Life require billions of years to evolve on Earth-it is the most advanced form of matter, and for the most intelligent species on the Earth to wipe it out willy-nilly is the least intelligent political action that might be forced with planetary imperialism.

Sending raw materials internationally to distant processors and producing items for sale on distant parts of the globe to enrich a plutonomy is a high entropy producing use of the topical and near-surface mass of the world. There are better and more rational economic systems available that could be implemented. Such systems would preferably reinforce as much individual liberty as possible and govern excess concentration of wealth that produces extreme entropy increase.