Rand Paul; A Good VP Selection for Rice or Sanders?

Rand Paul’s statement about Republicans perhaps being responsible for the rise of ISIS seems to prove he has an objective, independent point of view. He may actually be different than the rest of the Clinton-Bush-Obama axis of insider candidates. The United States is doing well with the same old same old-another 8 years of the declining morals and economic picture along with rotting infrastructure and environment is just bad.

One shouldn’t feed the animals and express anything that might be exploited by the Clinton campaign obviously. Democrats are expert at exploiting people they regard as class enemies and do so to lever political power. Even so one needs ton acknowledge that Bush II post-war nation rebuilding wasn’t good at all and continues to provide a legacy of death and instability not helped much by the Obama administration and its own Middle East bungling with a little better plausible deniability.

If neo-cons had not caused the thoughtless bungling of the quick Iraq war victory and maybe had allowed the former Iraq Army to stabilize the country without be purged so completely the chaos might have been avoided thereafter. The ordinary people of Iraq needed to own the oil fields themselves in the reorganization so people of all sects had a unifying thing material reason to fight for a unified government. The Bush II administration and V.P. Dick Cheney had to give the oil contracts to Exxon, Halliburton et all, and that is a reason why nothing besides ISIS and civil war seems to flourish. So Paul wasn’t entirely off the mark though a British Rhode Scholar Governor thinks so.