Chess and the Environment

In the game of chess there are many ways to win, and to lose. A favorite method for semi-technically competent players is to get a slight advantage then reduce and simplify, trading off pieces in order to win the end game- keeping that initial slight advantage. The opponent may have nothing remaining other than its king soon killed with checkmate. Environment management can’t be won that way.

When the environment is reduced and simplified with species extinction and habitat replacement by concrete, asphalt and steel, as human economic victory rises; while human population economics build more housing starts and insatiable consumerism is thought of as winning, environmental health declines. The end game achieved with reduction of wild environmental health does not produce victory for humanity; instead the end game creates a slight advantage for the environment as human civilization crashes and burns without support of a healthy environment. The environment evolves recovery in a world without humans perhaps replacing them with maggots, flies or roaches.

Christians will be saved regardless of how the chess game is played. Human beings have a challenge before them to learn how to play against the environment and win. The best method seems to flow toward restoring environment and increase its health to let it support human life for a humanity that has learned how to ‘ride’ it, rather than just eat it.