Reviewing President Obama’s Foreign Policy

After seven years of the Obama administration even blind men can begin to discern the shape of the President’s version of the Democrat Donkey of foreign policy. In his own modest way, like John F. Kennedy, and Harry Truman before him, the President has stimulated conflict in the second or third world generating hundreds of thousands or millions of casualties while increasing risk of nuclear attack on the U.S.A. It was an achievement subtly developed though-it began with a call for liberation of the oppressed in the Cairo speech like a muezzin’s call to arms and insurrection.

The Arab spring began two administration’s worth of civil unrest and revolution across the Middle East. As has been joked Iraq now is a state safe for terrorists. the Islamic State has grown and is expanding presently.

The President’s continuing demand that Syria’s President Assad step down stimulated a civil war that has generated hundreds of thousands of casualties and millions of displaced persons. A flood of Muslim Yet migrants from the war have joined those of Africa to bring Muslims to Europe wherefore some that are terrorists and jihadis will subvert security and increase costs for decades. Government armories that were taken over by rebels have provided terrorists from Syria to Libya with explosives, ordinance and demolition implements. Afghanistan has experienced a series of setbacks after the Presidential push to homosexualize the military kicked American moral pretenses regarding Muslim allies in the teeth.

The President has brought more series issues to fruition in his second term, some of which were enabled by the success in thwarting decades of careful American foreign policy in the first. While former Sect. of State Baker negotiated carefully with an Assad, the Obama administration simply supported war and provided training and money to build the raging conflict. At the same time the President signed a pact with Iran that provides immediate financial and trade relief by the tens of billions of dollars; Iran will be able to fund the Assad government and provide weapons and personal to sustain itself in its battle against American encouraged and Saudi-backed rebels, and also to battle against ISIS. President Obama ostensibly signed off with the Iran deal that will soon allow them to buy unlimited conventional weapons as sanctions end, in order to support the fight against Sunni ISIS. In short, the President has a non-rational, confused foreign policy that generally supports Islamic military and terror expansion and increased arms sales.

Beyond the Syrian issue the President has supported adverse relations with Russia and annexation of Ukraine-all of Ukraine, to Western interests. Ukraine has for most of history been a part of Russia-to skunk Russia is to ask for long-term enmity and distrust. Russia needs to have at least the land east of the Dnieper. Conflict may then wither away. The world needs peaceful relations with Russia in order to slow down global warming that will increase with significant development of the Arctic basin. Russia, the U.S.A. and Canada together can act to make the entire Arctic basin a development free-existential habitat for humanity continuity zone. If they fail at that, they may be doomed (I personally would like to move to Mars if it gets bad, and if their is free transport, housing and shelter-or at least good job prospects).