The Iranian Nuclear Deal; Any Logical Benefit for the U.S.A.?

The President’s liberal terms for ending sanctions on Iran in exchange for Iranian assurances that they will delay plutonium or highly enriched uranium production for 10 or 15 years makes me wonder about the logic that suggested that it has any merit to it.

Iran gets billions and billions of dollars of immediate economic relief. Civilian rights are important everywhere and civil prosperity is a large element of civilian rights. So I am sympathetic with that; the people should not pay the penalty for government corruption, malfeasance or insider kickbacks to the rich, yet of course they generally do. The Iranian government with all of the oil money will do what governments everywhere like to do; pend  a lot of military equipment and foreign intrigue-even going so far as to fund terror operation, covert and overt.

Iran probably bought enough nuclear material from Kazakhstan between 1992-2000 to build a few bombs some speculate. There was a lot of dumped, Soviet nuclear materials in Kazakhstan after the cold war. Iranian agents are known to have visited such places when  a few million might buy a few pounds of weapons grade fissile materials. Even if Iran agrees not to make their own highly enriched uranium for several years they can work on perfecting missiles and buying accurate guidance systems. maybe they can employ former Soviet weapons designers to instruct them on the finer points of developing MIRV and MARV systems. Iran isn’t likely to use a nuclear weapon on Israel anytime soon anyway knowing that Israelis might vaporize all of their major cities as a courtesy reply. Perhaps President Obama was worried about Iranian nukes for other reasons.

Iran might allow some nuclear weapon to distro out to covert operatives gluing it to a ship hull or hiding it in a drone or plastic swimming fish maybe, if it wanted to nuke D.C. or Boston. If they already have a Soviet surplus nuke in stock the agreement won’t affect that. That treaty cannot end the danger of the unknown existing outside the realm of Iranian inspectors who will assure D.C. and the I.A.E.A. they have no contraband material.

Iran will be given safety for a decade for developing missiles and perhaps cruise missile and drones (the C.I.A. delivered one of ours to Tehran) with lots of cash to afford it. Turkey and Iran will attack ISIS in one way or another, yet our Kurdish allies seem threatened by Turkey and Iran neither is especially friendly toward them.. Awash in cash and with substantive dangers from Sunni aggression Iranians that finance terrorism against Israel via Sunni terrorists in the Hamas territories probably look to the agreement as a good thing-something that will allow national security to finance terrorism better to proceed while they lose little or no nuclear development time.. A decade a nothing in politics form some points of view.

If one asks; will U.S. national security be better off a decade from now in regard to a potential Iranian nuclear missile attack. The answer would be no except for any secret anti-missile technology the U.S.A. may manufacture. Iran with a ready-to-wear nuclear missile assortment on which next gen warheads can be fit when the engines of plutonium production finally get rolling with President Barrack Obamas’ blessing in a decade or more is the real threat happily accepted by too many in D.C. it seems.

If the Senators that sign off on the treaty are still around in a decade, that would be a surprise.  A next generation of Senators may better discover remedies-including peaceful remedies, to the faulty Obama containment logic. A good ecological economic economy innovated with minimal entropy and exported to benefit all of the people is an alternative approach that isn’t used in D.C., and that has no leadership in politics. The same old worst case diplomatic criteria are instead used, and that leads to temporal conflicts and brinksmanship. Some day political and economic wisdom may appear as dual nature attributes that aren’t uncommon in politics. Even so the Obama administration’s willingness to allow Christians to be purged from the Middle east and endangered in Africa seems like a supporting element to a strategic leftist change to base American foreign and domestic policy on godless atheist principles rather than those of God and the Lord Jesus Christ; plainly that is not good.