Fish Pop in Ocean Drop 50% from 1970

Scientists have found that fish have dropped in quantity by 50% since 1970.

That’s bad for fishing prospects with the world population maybe doubled since then.

On the other hand, wages for white males have stagnated since then too, and there are only as many Americans working now as there were in 1977.

On the bright side though, in 11,500 B.C. fishing was good on Alaska rivers and early Americans caught and maybe traded salmon.

As a practical matter the broadcast media psychs the collective so they believe whatever they are told about national prospects to a certain extent making people believe that worse is better and decay is progressive.

If ecological economics could be used to make self-supporting, self-sustaining green living ecospheres with fish and a variety of species on the Moon or Mars, that would be encouraging and dissipate the sense of eco-doom quite a bit. In science fiction at least, anything is possible.