The Pope Missed the Op to Support Legal Immigration

The Roman Pontiff in a speech to Congress in D.C. appeared to say that the U.S.A. is hostile to immigrants, and failed to recognize the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. It is just wrong for clerics to support law breakers subverting civil order and rational government; political leaders have enough trouble as it is. Ordinary people deserve rational expectations about demographics and environment to form a continuum that is true and stable.  Not every American is rich…many live from day to day.

The United States is a nation where all people had immigrant ancestors at some point yet that does not mean that a democracy ought to have open borders and no effective civil justice and equal opportunity for the citizens of a nation in a demographically challenged world replete with terrorists.

Plainly the world need ecological economics engineering to syntegrate with politics and political thought in order to transition to sustainability, yet subverting existing populations and their educational base and cultural politics and initiatives to advance to more modern structures able to meet demographic stress on the ecosphere. Mass population migrations defeating social planning efforts for conservation, education, employment and sustainability don’t help if they are mass illegal movements.

The Pope said to welcome the stranger in our midst. True-if he isn’t law breaking and complies with law and order. When I visited the Vatican during the reign of Pope John Paul the II I was initially denied entry for wearing shorts. I went around the block, changed clothes and returned. Even strangers must comply with house rules.

Loving one’s neighbors as oneself does not mean letting them move in and take possession. First one should try to fix the neighbor’s place if it doesn’t work-and that should be ecospheric economics. President Obama stimulated civil war in Syria for years causing quite directly the present flight of hundreds of thousands to Europe (because it is richer than Africa in some senses and hence a better place to go).

The Pope should have just stayed with criticizing the President’s lack of christian morality in forcing through homosexual marriage. The President doesn’t realize the importance of marriage in that it is a paradigm of the church uniting with God through the Son as the bride of Christ. For the church to take up sin as official doctrine as some have (e.g. the P.C. U.S.A.) is to send a lot of people to hell.

Everyone wants to emphasize the benefits of salvation while few describe the terrible penalties for failure to follow the correct way of the Lord.