Quiet Desperation Known to Be Moving the English Way

Pink Floyd wrote ‘quiet desperation is the English way’. It may be that since the end of the empire they have outsourced that desperation where feasible (i.e. to Russia & the U.S.A.) in order to increase natural resource holdings. When times are not desperate, people still believe what they want, and the rich financing passage through the eyes of needles with nano-camel technology might think wise-guy appeals will work on the final day. Good times may cause error as well as bad. Theology that accounts for individual political events such as terrorism however seems unsupported by scripture. That was actually the point I wanted to get to, since there is so much wrong political hermeneutic on T.V. and in Hollywood even when fiction (e.g. Gabriel and Michael fighting one another with fists and swords). Besides particular prophecy that was historically fulfilled and the expressed will of God or Apostles in scripture secular events and their particular causal relationship to the will of God are only problematically interpreted- what is wise to man being foolish to God, and His will being deep and unfathomable, and the Lord being the light in the darkness; the sole spiritual light in the abysmal gulf of space before and after the stelliferous era. Because human nature is fallen and mankind is wicked and chooses to perp political wickedness, it is grace that is the exception allowing good things to occur. Political evil is more the rule rather than the exception. With free will however, politics occur for temporal, attributable reasons. The Syrian Muslim migrations occurred generally because President Obama accelerated Muslim terrorism and insurrection against the lawful Syrian government creating a very predictable displaced persons crisis. I have written about the way to stop the war being to stop supporting the war for several years. Manufactured desperation is a habit of the advantaged, while counter-cyclical – adaptation to the vast conventional war and anti-guerrilla war technology of the west seems to elicit terrorism from the faithless, lost and opportunistic determined to war.