U.S. Economic Growth is Comatose

For the past three quarters U.S. economic growth has been only about 1%. Three percent growth traditionally was regarded as the minimum for a healthy economic. Janet Yellen believes that low economic growth may be the new normal; that it just doesn’t get any better than this. Seven years after the recession economic growth is comatose.


For Democrat party babes in toyland in might seen pretty good. the Fed can just keep printing free or very cheap money for big banks so they can mint five times more and that can be invested overseas with so much else of the leaky economy’s vitality.

Low, high quality economic growth would not be a bad thing with full employment and good jobs, that isn’t the situation though.

The investment of wealth overseas with more exploitable consumer-producer markets while the minimum goes into the U.S.A. is not an environmental economic policy with low entropy. The global economy can be just as wasteful as the old economy yet with wealth being cast upon the waters of the world rather than into the U.S.A. the growth rate domestically is necessarily low. It is still a dirty, unsustainable economic system that it is more diffuse.  Wealth owning is being concentrated while investment is comparatively dispersed.


Notably the Federal Reserve claims to have exhausted its ability to stimulate economic growth with monetary and lending policy. Keynesian economic deficit spending actually appears necessary along with lots of free or very cheap Federal Reserve money to even keep the expansion alive. It seems a kind of corporate life support policy. Clinton-Bush II, Obama economics have nearly killed the health of the U.S. economy and Zillary wants more of it.