How to Pshrink Alaska Government Without Really Trying

Alaska’s legislature hasn’t needed to act like a normal, responsible government that must live within its means with taxation per capita since the start of the pipeline era. Prudhoe Bay oil meant state politicians just needed skill at spending. A big government union formed to swell bureaucracy 40 years. Like other governments corrupted with prosperity from easy natural resource extraction described by Peter Maas ‘The Violent Twilight World of Oil’, economic diversification suffered arrested development.

Today with state oil income in steep decline in comparison to the glory years an income tax is needed. State government unions are a vast left-wing obstacle that need be overcome to scale-down government. Bringing the state out of a great depression will require saving the Permanent Fund from predation of government and unions. Rebuilding a new state government finance foundation before the P.F. is plundered rather than after is a great challenge considering how much like crack or meth addicts state and federal budget makers are these days with vast deficits seeking to make the poor suffer cuts to support insiders.

Corrupt insiders don’t diversify and raise fair taxes to pay for necessary services. They burn the house to keep it warm. Projects that create an enriched environment and economy aren’t considered. The rich grow richer…  

Matter was all that mattered in the capitol.

Diversification was a theme for reform posted in public venues for decades ignored by the sort of  people that ignore global warming, judicial perversion, habitat destruction and poverty for decades. Now that a little of the end of oil as the god of state finance has moved in to Juneau development of the predictable union-gangonomics follow. The  big consume  easy  economically  as  on  the expedition  of  Washington  Adolphus  Greely.