The Anisotropy of Equalization

A Skeptical View; When All Shall Be Made Equal

In the post-feminist new world order all shall be equal. From each according to his/her ability to each according to their needs. Men and women shall be of equal worth. Thus the status of the ante-bellum world order has lessons for the 3rd millennium; in slavery men and women have equal value among themselves. Men receive not a dollar per hour more, and women have no less social liberty, than male slaves.

The concentration of wealth in the southern slave oligarchy cannot be considered an exact model for development of the 21st century U.S. and global economy. While the concentration of wealth brings a collateral decrease in the political power of the masses, the quality of life of the political underclass masses will be regarded as far better than that of ante-bellum confederate slaves. A pampered slavery in a godless social environment dominated by a planetary plutocracy is preferable to many than a free enterprise democracy with progressive taxation wherein average voters must think for-themselves about the state of the nation and act with intelligent votes to make it a better place.

When contemporary social groups pursue power for-themselves as an end-in-themselves rather than strong and equal civil rights for individuals, power itself corrupts the social order and wealth in such an environment is concentrated. Democratic individual enterprise requires thought while the blind pursuit of power over others does not require democracy or support for individual civil rights.

As the United States has so many groups and political leaders that pursue economic power blindly domestically and abroad, wealth becomes concentrated-even corrupt media organizations such as N.P.R. support a globalist agenda, and it has the same relationship to the U.S. Government as Sinn Fein had to the Irish Republican Army receiving partial financial funding from sympathizers.

Feminists should study the cultural, geographical and sociological structures and history to understand why various societies have found particular social structures biological and reproductively successful. They should think about the real economies in comparative cultures and recognize the role individuals have within them, and recognize the difficulty societies have in reconstructing economic structures willfully when most social groups are implicitly conservative regarding their class power, with liberal groups being liberal only so far as they seek to redistribute wealth and power to themselves from-others.

The exception is that of slaves. Some go unwillingly into slavery, others seem to regard it as a desirable end if it is within a prosperous context. Paradoxically liberating oneself or a group from an oppressive freedom into a prosperous state of practical political powerlessness in a plutocracy seems to be the end of many contemporary political movements in the United States.

In the perfect ante-bellum slave economy Lebron James and Maxine Waters archetypes would have been of equal social worth. To the slave owner market the great athlete would have been more valuable perhaps than two or three breeders (maybe not though as fecundity meant field hands for agri-business). Because the wealth of the economy today is being concentrated through networking and 50% of the people of the U.S.A. already share fewer than 1/3rd of 1% of the national income, the value of archetype roles in entertainment value for the owner class has skyrocketed while breeder values have decreased. Worker drones of equal social worth without concern for objective and concatenated individual rights as voters in a sovereign democracy have withered away.

The difficulty in reforming U.S. economics to ecological economics with progressive taxation, strong boundary security, strong individual rights and requisites for all businesses to conform to pragmatic ecological sustainability criteria is just too much for democratic and liberal voters to work with. A good dopey slavery is an easier end for the masses, yet all would be equal.

Falling through a variety of political systems in the U.S.A. and formerly free world would be as transparent as a clear plastic drone sliding through the colors of a rainbow. Corporatism, socialism, Republic disenfranchised plebeians to a conditional oligarchy over proles; in the new world order a menu of franchised jobs would support a looser, more liberal, enslavement of the masses that would be free to work for some 1% franchise outlet or bureaucracy, be as dopey as they wish and experience virtual reality, virtually.