Those Jokes About Hilbert Space, Function Space and Complete Cellular Topology

Maybe there is nothing funny about the topology of infinite space and infinite dimensions. One might chuckle somewhat about an absolute volume of nothingness divided into some function space value sets and diss the locality of those values in comparison to a universal field prior to and more fundamental than all of the infinite dimensions and content-cubicles with n function variables. Plainly though initial substance or form singularity with zero dimension and zero entropy isn’t laughable or understandable for us non-mathematicians.

A zero-entropy state of absolute organization and certainty in zero dimensions is something to think about. One may assume it breaks down as matter and energy and space-time, dimensions etc., and that it may be regarded as having quantum composition as field phenomena, yet assumptions about the eternal null state no longer existing are somewhat arbitrary; the null state could emit a ghost universe of Hilbert space and function space content itself and remain central and omnipresent through all generated spaces.