Seahawks, Lebron James Just Say No to National Anthem and U.S. Loyalty

One might understand Carlos Kapernick and Steve Currie of San Francisco taking a knee in support of homosexual marriage. For LeBron James to call POTUS a bum and the NFL Commissioner to defend the right of players to moon the national anthem is something else. I defended Bill Clinton a little during the darkest of his lying about blow job impeachment days, though I never voted for him nor would not, simply because he was POTUS and should not be overly abused. Mr. James shows no respect for the office at all.

If any of the players or the commissioner had ever served in the nation’s military or received a purple heart their refusal to stand during the playing of the national anthem could be understood if not entirely respected. One must wonder if Ulysses S Grant or George Armstrong Custer’s brother, twice was awarded the medal of honor, had taken a knee during the national anthem of the day and not fought whole-heartedly for the Union because everything wasn’t perfect in the southern states, if life today would be the same.

The entire Seahawks team stayed in the locker room during the anthem in game against Tennessee. If anyone in the entire national football league has served in the armed forces I would be surprised. There are other ways to protest than to show disloyalty to the nation as a whole. It is simply not respectable- the players don’t deserve any respect any more than Kim Jong Un.

Black millionaire football and basketball players are some of the world’s most overpaid performers. Lebron James, playing a children’s game as a full grown man, is paid more than enough to provide food annually for 20,000 starving African families. It is no surprise that the most spolit are not loyal to the nation than supports their extravagant, non-productive lifestyles that are about as valuable, at best, as that of decadent rock and roll singers such as the beknighted Elton John.

After the cold war the national Democrat Party abandoned traditional party politics and moved toward Wall Street and voodoo economics. Wealth became concentrated after the Bush-Obama tax cuts even faster than before. Public debt rolled up and black millionaire, ignorant, sports stars move toward political leadership trough disloyalty to the U.S.A. completely satisfying globalists that plan to concentrate wealth for global plutocrats and downgrade the U.S.A. and its people to junk bond status.

The best way to secure better economic and legal rights defense for black Americans is in securing those economic rights for all Americans through adequate taxation of the rich, secure borders and a lawful labor market. Solid national public financing must needs occur if the social safety net for the masses of poor and middle class is not to collapse during the predictable economic crisis down the road that black millionaires will largely be exempt from. None of the black sports stars are taking a knee during the national anthem to protest their low tax rate.

The late NFL convicted murderer Aron Hernandez was found to have suffered severe brain trauma from football concussions perhaps explaining his tendency toward violence. Ok. So NFL players are brain damaged. What explains Lebron James and Steve Currie?

While attending Theology School in Houston during the 90s I bought a small motorcycle to drive to Alaska where I lived. I had a Honda Civic wagon with a rusted out floor that I wanted to store someplace in my absence, so I choose a garage-an old-fashioned one made of wood, not too far from where I lived, in El Campo Texas.

Parked and walked inside the rather dark and warm auto-repair shop toward the back where I found an office with the door open. Inside sitting at a desk was an Hispanic man of medium height. Behind him on a shelf was the sole item that caught my attention; a photo of the man with a medal of honor around his neck, in Army dress uniform, beside an American flag. A little taken aback I asked, is that what I think it is? He answered, yes.

Roy Benavidez was a humble and ordinary appearing gentleman entirely not puffed up after receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor. An auto mechanic in plain El Campo Texas, besides owning the modest auto shop. I looked up his award citation on the Internet and it read like a classic archetype, something like…

Sgt. Benavidez had a glorious day. He had the day off while his green beret team were on a mission a dozen miles away. They were attacked by 1000 N.V.A. and along with other soldiers were taking heavy casualties. Sgt Benevidez boarded with the rescue helicopters to go and extract the team/

Sgt Benavidez having landed repeatedly took the wounded aboard the evac choppers and returned to fight the attacking Viet Cong. He was shot and stabbed and engaged in hand to hand combat then continued to load team members and other soldiers aboard evac helicopters, making sure he was the last one out.

Sgt. Benavidez was exceptional in another respect. He returned his medal of honor to congress because he did not like the way the nation’s poor are treated. He did not take a knee or something similar to show disrespect to the nation during the national anthem though.

The poor and increasingly the middle class too are endangered in the nation today by the careless attitudes about public affairs proven by the most rich. Unstable federal financing will be balanced during emergency times not by increasing social security as F.D.R. did during the depression. Today the rich globalists will just let the house of cards collapse and focus on their foreign investments. Of course black ultra-millionaires that are sports celebrities can fan the flames of racism easier than comprehend economic reforms required to bring the poor up to a productive standard of living, so they work on that, taking the nation’s attention. In a nation they never fought for and may have less loyalty to than their race.