The Unaffordable Care Act Should Be Scrapped Now

At the end of the cold war the Democratic Party sought to hide its leftist history and become blue rather than red state supporters of the rich. Their leaders supported unlimited Wall Street expansion and annexation to the west of areas of Russia that were also within the Soviet Union such as Ukraine and Crimea. That led to the sabotage and subversion of post-cold war foreign policy. Domestic policy was subverted with tax cuts for the rich (Obama), piling on public debt and finally, the affordable Care Act known as Obamacare.

Make no mistake- Obamacare is unaffordable for a nation with 20 trillion dollars of public debt and a trillion a year (approximately) federal finance gap. Obamacare is a result of Democrat Party cowardice. That party took up a Nixon era health care plan and abandoned the quest for plain public medical service operated by the government.

Obamacare is corporatism pure and simple. All Americans are required to buy a product from the corporate world and provide them with personal medical information. Therein is the Democrat Party cowardice of abandoning rational policy and opting to follow Hitler’s socialist party way toward the corporate state.

The reasonable and affordable way to provide health coverage for the poor is to expand the V.A. hospital system and unite its services with community health care structures that treat the poor and just not charge anyone qualified (certifiably poor) that walk through the doors.

The government cannot afford to buy health insurance for everyone that can’t afford it, and it is just plain wrong to go about it that way-in a most inefficient manner possible.

The sole group that might reasonably receive federal help would be those people with serious, debilitating illnesses that cannot afford health insurance or for who the benefits but not the illness have expired. They should be given permission to enter the poor peoples health service that charges nothing.

Maybe 70% of Americans don’t need federal insurance support. States are no longer laboratories for political experimentation because of broadcast media pressures to conform to what they believe is correct- and the broadcast media generally is owned by the 1%. Even so a system of free public health service for the poor should be tried in some state instead of the Unaffordable Health care Act.