NFL Training Youth to Disrespect the U.S. National Anthem

Players of the national football league have been exploiting the national anthem during football games for political purposes recently. They take a knee to protest either the way black Americans are treated by American police forces in the states or President Donald Trump. In either case the nation nis not favored to have the gracious loyalty of such wonderful Americans as football stars. If war breaks out the NFL will perhaps not be people one can count on to go to basic training to be available for service after the war is ended. Well, they have a lot of money to count anyway.

The national football league acquiring an unsavory reputation as yippees loyal to the nation only if their political party wins or if it suits them are not helpful to the cause of nationalism. Nationalism is the right realm for the existence of democracy. Elites have been trying to give it a bad reputation ever since aristocracies lost power. Quite grudgingly I might add.

Elites and aristocracies are the traditional enemy against which democracy formed. Communism and a classless society is equally bad for it represses individualism and promotes elite dictatorial rulers and committees, besides usually being atheist. Aristocracies or their proxies-national socialist corporatists such as Hitler evolved or plutocrats dominating power through the extreme concentration of wealth, have always warred against democracy. Especially the American democracy. Keeping it free from global and international elites of any sort- imperial, communist , aristocratic or plutocratic is a never ending challenge.

Nations can support any sort of government. A geographic region is not the problem. The problem is the sort of government that is sovereign in it. In the era of aristocratic, royal nationalism kings warred against other kings. Nations did fight nations yet the nation was no more than an extension of the will to power of a monarch.

Europe has little history of large scale democracy. Aristocracy or communism-totalitarianism of some form or other is behind about every nation during its time. Athens had a limited democracy, and so did Holland with the Dewitt brothers before being torn apart, even so most of European history is one of elites ruling masses of inferiors, and that isn’t what then United States was supposed to be about.

So the NFL stars that support tribalism or globalism, Internationale communist songs or those were the days tunes and need to protest during the U.S. national anthem are doing a double disservice to the nation. Or make that triple.

1) They are bad role models training youth to hate the national anthem, sports or football players

2) They represent the word nation as disloyal, spoilt rich guys with head injuries

3) They seem too spaced to have particular issues to fix that might have some political remedy directly such as increasing taxes on the rich to pay for better police forces in the U.S.A., and must instead support anomie and chaos to help destroy U.S. democracy in order to benefit the rich