The Internet- A Tool for Democracy or Plutocrats?

Facebook fundamentally pays nothing to users for content provided by ‘consumers’ for nothing. The Internet itself is challenged to merge under financial and government pressure toward one of two paths; a divergence in communications force toward control by democratic individual producer-consumers or the usual plutocratic suspects of global concentrated wealth and power. Government lackeys and wealthy elites regard themselves as producers and the masses as consumers. That is an upgrade of the ancient feudal aristocracy and serf-peasant model so enjoyed by kiss-crasses of the most advantaged in the broadcast media.

Government and concentrated wealth would like to make the Internet a top-down structured entity resembling loosely a social ecosystem run by a tiny minority at the top. The Internet would be run by Wall Street and the Chinese Communist arty perhaps as adjuncts of plutonomy. ‘Consumers’ would be marginalized as producers in the new world order for the Internet.

I wonder how all of the present controversy about Internet advertising by foreigners sounds to the angels, or to God. The neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus described the information relation about questions and uncertainty that generate questions through incomplete information as not occurring to God. God had all the knowledge and answer to every possible question a priori. For which there is nothing unknown, nothing need be asked for clarification of uncertainty.

The fate of Internet freedom and access is unknown to those outside of the grand cabals of conspiracy and wealth management planning of the people of Earth. Busy halls of Harvard alumni seeking global power and enslavement of the people of the United States down the road who comprise fewer than 4% of world population and rock the boat too much for the pleasure of planetary plutocratic globalists. The physical theory of entropy and the principle of the conservation of energy bring us to believe that matter cannot be created or destroyed; it can only change form (including the convertibility of mass and energy e.g. m=mc2). The theory of Shanon entropy concerning the conservation of information implies that information can neither be created or destroyed. While it is easy to believe that all of the mass and energy of the Universe was contained in a singular timeless momentary state lasting nearly for eternity until something gave it a kick in the night to be off-balance and explode before wildly inflating for less than a second faster than light (before light existed), it is more challenging to believe that all of the information that was ever to exist already existed. Of course for an omniscient God containing all of the information that would ever exist, knowing every possible quantum state of uncertainty in the probabilistic quantum field of any given Universe, the incredible is not only believable, it is known.

Each human life and history in all of its quantum configurations within the unified temporal field are pre-known and never lost. What is the human soul; its information and comprising composition is known and never lost to God.

The day of judgment too is pre-destined. So were hearings in Congress about Facebook, Twitter, Google and other Internet companies that received pay for commercial advertising by Russians. Any reasonable CEO of an Internet company knew that Russians were banned from commercial advertising on the Internet; same as anyone else. Further, Americans know that American companies neve3r advertise abroad in any way nor try to influence foreign elections. In Syria the U.S. government just drops bombs and pays for mercenaries to influence politics. Thankfully God can sort out truth and falsehood without the trouble that they have in congress.