Apparently the Clintons Did Corrupt DNC Primary Finances

Hillary Clinton’s campaign apparently made an agreement with teh Democrat national Committe in 2015 that let the Clinton campaign have control of a substantial portion of DNC campaign finance. Former DNC Chairwoman donna Brazil reveals the secret protocol in her new book

The Clinton have basically stopped anyone else from getting the nomination too long. In a democracy there should be hundreds or thousands of people able to be President instead of neo-royal cults like that of the Clintons. A president needs to be a likable personality these days, a good communicator and play a good game of golf. He or she should have several real and solid fine political refrm ideas before running, and be able to sign off on or veto legislation. It is the congress that is supposed t make laws; not the President.

Being Chief Executive officer of the United States means making several political appointments and managing the execution of affairs of government through delegated authority rather smootlly if possible. The President can be a leader in new directions of course, yet that isn’t required, and over-use of executive orders to force personal political gambits temporarily means that there won’t be popular support not uncommonly.

Arresting the financial decline of the United States that has been rather steady the past half century may not be possible for any President using conventional economic means. Globalism absolutely wopn’t create a reversal for the U.S. financial outlook to the positive unless it is just a device used in support for a new U.S. alternative energy and space development industry with full employment, guarantteed minimum income and secure borders. The U.S.A. is just 4% of world population and in the era of equalization the income of Americans probably will shrink to just 4% of world income (except for the most rich of course). The Clintons were a devastating blindfold on Democrat party economic reason; basically, they lost it.