Wall Street Weaponized, AI and Robots

Robots that are life-like with artificial intelligence making them brighter than the average human is at most semi-skilled and even skilled tasks may appear in the job place within a decade. If one considers the intelligence multi-tasking ans subconscious memory depths and lexicons of humans and compares that to artificial intelligence plainly the challenge for computer scientists in modeling algorithms that perform job tasks equally well or better than human beings isn’t too great. Robots with good AI will have the edge in the brave new world of corporate business and finance.


A.I. can be far more multi-lingual than human beings and plugged in to network resources. Face recognitions scanners and vast d-base resources along with advanced martial arts and weapons training will permit safe arrests of anyone wanted. Judgment bots would have the entire legal historical database of the world to draw on to make good decisions, and never again would a wise-cracking store checker have the opportunity to dis a customer processing through the line. In the brave new world of A.I when humans are free to abuse opioids and smoke marijuana all day on communist party paychecks, when work is better expedited by artificial intelligence the last people to be working outside government may be in the radio and broadcast news business where it is nearly impossible to make A.I. systems with use-truths, half-truths and untruth word spice to pack a little true news content in.

Some believe that quantitative trading programs have brought Wall Street to be used as a weaponized economic tool for global conquest. Gone are the days of nice capitalism when making things better and faster than rivals was the main activity. In the days when individuals patented new items (A.I. inventing will drive the rich to invent their own inventing artificial intelligence system golden gooses to provide golden eggs from an inexhaustible cornucopia) the entire free market and corporate world was not yet networked and opened by a tight group of investors. The media and politicians were not yet generals seeking economic conquest of the world through financial perfidy. Media pressure and sundry forms of sanctions, subterfuge and actual military war. Governments have always had leadership seeking expansion and conquest of new lands for natural resource acquisition. Today though when the cold war has ended, and with the world and markets networking and reducing to plutonomy, the actual global output is just one total number that can’t actually be increased by conquest of itself.

One regional set of actors may be able to conquer another region with violence and intimidation of course, yet that might actually reduce global output of wealth and total wealth. Thus war through weaponized syncretistic market finance seems to be a preferred application for the most greedy M.B.A. types without a clue about the fundamental problems that arise with one global market, little social communications isolation and a demographic equilibrium moving to end inequality geographically and reduce it to rational levels regarding classes. A sort of universal economic suffrage being recognized as an essential attribute of a human society, the idea is yet regarded as one f the important pan-human planks (along with global warming remediation and the stop-loss of eco-diversity, bio-diversity and eco-habitat). Those exploiting Wall Street and other global markets as a weaponized tool for conquest fundamentally expedite abstract redistributionist goals of the communist party of Trotsky,Lenin , Mao and others. With China owning at least 51% of foreign investments and so much of the world population being subject to it, along with investments in other nations, China logically should end up owning most of Wall Street too through its entanglements with the corporate elite.

Communist China will have world rule thrust upon it by the greed of those weaponizing Wall Street ironically, instead of through any desire of its own. Human-like robots with artificial intelligence at low cost to producers; even public domain A.I. regarded as safe to co-exist with, will become ubiquitous globally and of course off-world even as various cliques with material fetishes seek to enslave humanity to the clock to compel rent paying, and while propaganda is mass produced to prevent politically independent thought amidst humans.