AI Robots and Federal Budget Reduction

AI Robots and the Federal Budget

State and Federal governments have a lot of bureaucratic positions that probably will be downsized in the near future (3-10 years) with the increasing ability of artificial intelligence programs to perform bureaucratic functions. As the appearance of comp0uters replaced so many typing and secretarial jobs,l bureaucrats processing data in one form or another will be replaced by hyper-efficient artificial intelligence programs in robot-bodies. One AI system could probably replace a dozen humans.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Consider human thought and how it works in a bureaucratic job performing regulatory tasks. It evaluates data and sorts it according to content. It stores data or adds value to it. Ideas pass through a mind in recognition of data requirements for process. All of that an A.I. program can probably do quite a bit better.

If one went into a government office with a piece of business to transact, an A.I. system that looks human could scan data with eyes and ears, process it and send it through an entire process as quickly as the human provides the data-business. The receptionist would be the typist, file clerk, supervisor and adjudicator all in one in addition to sending material to archives. The government would have no hourly wage to pay the AI robot, neither would it pay for employee health benefits, vacation pay or retirement. At some level of government a human might look at appeals or become involved if, as in the case with some automated phone systems, the categories don’t fit a human situation accurately.

Consider the way automated phone systems often work with a hundred branching questions for a user to sort through before discovering that there isn’t a correct option to select, or that after exhausting options one must wait on hold. An AI system could just say hi how can I help, understand every human language and understand human speech and queries.

There is a danger with making AI too smart. Maybe the IQ should be limited to 110. They are specialized rather than general intellects unlike humans. They can reduce the operating cost of government orders of magnitude, and that is good for people paying for government. Probably there should be a national guaranteed minimum income so people don’t need to work as public employees any way. Yet maybe public radio will include Rush Limbaugh for some of their programming to get a different opinion than Democrat and homosexual.