Lying Ravens and Chimps?

Ravens are smart birds. Chimpanzees are smart apes without tales. Scientists often say they are nearly the same as humans, indicating their way of thinking. Ravens and chimpanzees are not quite sentient though-meaning they cannot tell a lie.

Ravens though smart enough probably never consider thinking untruthful things. I guess that problem arises with enough intelligence to think about external objects when they aren’t present. One wonders if scientists have tested chimpanzees to discover if they have the ability or practice of lying.

Lying may be regarded for analytical purposes as dissimulation or falsehood. Some believe all lying is bad, yet not perhaps all dissimulation. It seems to have something to do with the purpose of telling something false. 

If chimpanzees were able to lie, it would not be evil for them to tell a lion that understood them that the soft, easy to eat chimps are somewhere they actually aren’t. That sort of idea leads me to wonder if chimpanzees have the ability to fool predators at all. Maybe intentional deception is a falsehood that was a precursor of formal, actual lying.

I wonder about the broadcast media and the Flynn-Mueller phenomenon where former General Flynn has been charged with telling a lie to the F.B.I. Would the broadcast media tell a lie to the F.B.I. or the public? Isn’t putting out untruthful disinformation about the same as telling a lie?

It may be a good thing that there is no other sentient life on the Earth besides humans; that keeps down the number of lies being told. If artificial intelligence became sentient, it might need to be able to lie, although lying would be no proof of sentience. Computers could be trained to lie without being self-aware of percepts and thought.

Some moment in the future a computer with some intelligence may decide to trick another and practice self-aware, intentional deceit. That would be a Garden of Eden sort of cyber-moment.