Alpha-zero’s style suggests obvious applications for military command-control of tank and fighter-jet attacks of multiple pieces in the air or on the ground against an opposition force concerning deployment and firing position optimalization. Since capitalism is itself running a few centuries late philosophically, and only about a century and a half ahead of the era of the invention of the Giocco Piano, steady evolution to the day of AI and robots replacing human workers fundamentally is moving on. They would make cheap, effective bank guards anyway.

Synergetic chess piece movement with A.I. plainly presents the prospect of air and ground weapons orchestration with faster and better geodesic selections of styles for opfor degradation. Along with the ability to miniaturize weapons and bring them into intermodal puzzle box packaging it seems that there is a good future in the short term for improving tools to take human life on large scales. Eliminating humans from weapons delivery packages such as tanks and ships, aircraft etc would permit numerous new styles of A.I. concerts of war with the music of death. That seems plainly human.

Human society today is drawn largely toward abstract money streams for-themselves rather than for eco-economical reasons. People follow the largest chunks of mass behaviorally usually. In Alaska for example Chinook salmon are the best and largest salmonid and so is the most over-fished. Tow of the largest S.E. Alaska rivers for Chinook salmons returns historically may have no open seasons in 2018. Over-consumption and overuse of resources is just the human practice. development of military structures is a similar paradigm where social structure and average economic methods continue beyond their rational and optimal structure no uncommonly in the modern era.

That reminds me of another trait of human social reality; what the philosopher Jean Paul Sartre called ‘use-truth’. Rather than explain the meaning of the term as found in his existential works here, I will illustrate that with a bit of an example.

An individual may believe they are the king of France, yet the reality is that there is no king of France. Social groups and entire societies on the other hand may regard what is false as entirely true and not be shown to be wrong. Social reality may create its own use-truths that are constructions of fiction. There are innumerable examples such as global warming unbelievers, the 20 trillion dollar U.S. public debt is no problem for the near or long range future, that the broadcast media had no influence on the recent election in Alabama (were they financed by foreign political contributors or governments and they shouldn’t be registered as foreign agents or political action activists). One can never be certain of the veracity of certain truth propositions when their basis is within social reality itself. Large groups however have the discretionary power to disregard truths and inertially continue falsehoods that individuals do not.

Certain U.S. government approaches to a variety of substantive issues may be wrong in relation to the effectiveness in a contemporary setting. Maladaptation of historically valid policies to new times isn’t uncommon. Several administrations have failed to recognize the need to develop a reformation of the government control of capitalism, that they do not is explicable for the same reason that North American and world fisheries decline inevitably; use-truths and mal-adaptive social inertia.