Does Gov. Business Leadership Just Make the Rich Swell and Trash the Ecosphere?

Business Leadership in Government- Low Quality Upgrades?

Does business leadership in government provide low quality upgrades to infrastructure and so forth as it seeks way to increase profits for friends and others in contracting etc? If profit is the primary concern rather than quality or what is good for the people and ecosphere then it is possible that the public gets shoddy goods and services for what they pay, instead of anything good or leading.

Business leaders in government may be concerned about just buying items that work for the best cost and from their favorite suppliers that can return some benefits rather than seeking to find some way to understand what it is that society needs and what new technologies and ecospheric synthesis could best accomplish that.

It is interesting that Mussolini’s PhD thesis was on corporatism. When government is taken over by corporations public interests may just wither as concentrated wealth and power pursues its own ends.

Unfortunately the alternative to corporatism is as misunderstood as is corporatism that too many mistake for capitalism. Capitalism can use reform such that it is made to serve democracy rather than vice versa.

I hope we shall take warning from the example of England and crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our Government to trial, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”-Thomas Jefferson

Ralph nadir published a good book on the problem of corporatism in 2016 .

Since the end of the cold war some of supported unlimited expansion of capitalism rather than a deliberate, sober, thoughtful approach to governing the nation’s public affairs. Plainly socialism is regarded as the sole alternative and is an excuse for letting a minority of investors take over the government of the United States. Socialism is also an inappropriate form of government for the United States as it also represses individualism and individual enterprise. The correct approach is to reform capitalism such that it serves the people well from the bottom up.

I have written elsewhere about the value of reforming capitalism in order that none are excluded from prosperity. The IRS can hold everyone to account individually, as does Obamacare, yet government cannot individualism employment security such that each citizen actually has work when they seek it. Laws could be made that would provide tax cuts for hiring those longest unemployed or most often fired or laid off that would create practical employment instead of unemployment. Patent periods could be reduced to three years with 10% royalties to the inventors after exclusivity elapses. Tax incentives could be made for ecological and efficient tech infrastructure and business development etc Investors could be limited to owning shares in no more than three corporations and so forth to have a more deliberate approach to investment.