Alaska Senate- How the World Was Lost

The End Game of Earth Economics

Human demographics show increase of population over time. The world has finite surface area, ecosphere and natural resources hence economists like Malthus and Ricardo foresaw problems. That paradigm hasn’t gone away though the misguided space operas with faster-than-light ships trivialize the reality of Earth. The present generation may be said to be forging the end game of Earth.

It is a tale with two primary outcomes; one is of sound and fury signifying nothing and the other is a reasoned stabilization at a level of maximum productive stability. Leaders of Alaska such as Alaska Republican Senate Majority leader Pete Kelly rely on oil to fund government and oppose even a 1% income tax to let the people own government finance a little. They believe that development should continue irresponsibly as if they were in a child’s playground of delights with sweets of light crude oil under every wildlife refuge for ever. There’s is a tale told by an idiot signifying dystopia, deforestation and the death of most species of mammals on Earth.

Every generation that has a 1% annual rate of economic or population growth at the end of 30 years has about a 33% per generation increase. The law of accumulation is ignored by the ignorant. Over a century the increase is thousands, and that law of accumulation applies to demographics as well. Thousands of times of increase on the Earth with a capacity to provide even a fraction of the natural resources.

Economic history since 1700 shows that growth eventually settles down to 1%. nations that lag behind development want to catch up the the global average and then they too settle down, and populations tend toward that also. Whatever life standard is the highest normal-say the U.S.A. is the level everyone else wants to achieve yet it is already known that not all could live as Americans. If equalization of the planet’s masses were at a sustainable level with a lower population and elites not being too much better off and education was free and fine universally then humanity might be able to exist within a sustainable ecosphere with fewer people for quite a while within their maximum sustainable ecospheric footprint. Otherwise the rich can get richer and the masses ca get poorer and more populous creating a likelihood of some future revolution to cut off the extremely wealthy from being. Yet the world would still be already f’d up as the unsustainable economics had consumed every resource and eliminated the prospects for a healthy ecosphere. Probably chaos would result in general social civil dysfunction-and unfortunately some misguided theologians believe in Christianity and Islam that the Revelation of John indicates a tribulation ahead for all of humanity equivalent to the Norse Ragnarök. Actually the tribulation already happened in the first century as Jesus said it would, and the slow build up of the kingdom of God is the live event that will continue until the age of the Gentiles is fulfilled.

To those living inside carpeted worlds the numbers of abstract yet in the real outdoors and empirical world the facts are hard. The greatest mass die off of species in millions of years is underway, Instead of keeping life on Earth alive as humans should if they master the art, they kill it as dumb animals themselves blind to the action. Building life on lifeless worlds may be the main reason humanity was selected by God as a preferred species according to the Bible. Mankind was favored yet disappointed God. The Lord intervened to provide another chance.

When the age of the gentiles is fulfilled the human race may have expanded its construction of living ecospheres as if they were meta-terrariums in a myriad of forms throughout the solar system’s moons and planets wherever possible and across the 100 thousand light year in diameter galaxy. There is no pre-tribulation eschatology that is valid unless humans force their own disaster That could be possible with advances in understanding of quantum mechanics and dimensions rather than with dilithium crystals needed to keep obsessive manic depressives somewhat calm. Senate Majority leader Pete Kelly might even mock such individual sufferers if not able to rely in the media to do so, as Senator Eagleton was cast out of the 1972 Vice Presidential campaign post. The venal political method of destructive economics is like a precis of the national future; continuity of economic ways of being appropriate for centuries past, because of absolute greed and a lack of human understanding and concern for the future of Americans. The philosophy of personal egoism drives forward proximate short term advantage for a minority even over the existence of everyone.

Homeless people with psychiatric challenges may find no shelter from incessant ice-cold rain and ice except the state capitol steps and porch with nothing to look to but entasis of dark marble lofting so high while legislators are free to receive kickbacks from global oil in Baranov suites with starlights glimmering in Four Seasons of dining soirées with lobbyists, national parks and refuges will be looted and accounts fattened for the crooked who ultimately will convert the Federal Reserve bank to The Federal Reserve Bank of Wall Street Permanent Fund Source

t is quite possible that without a state income tax psychiatric treatment in Alaska will be underfunded, and that individuals in Juneau and Anchorage will be required to kow tow to a barrel of oil and genuflect if they want a miracle of cure and then be tossed into Cook Inlet on January first. Fairbanks is mostly too cold for that. The glory of oil is a sheen upon political waters that remains for ages, even on Prince William Sound, that makes the life of the most rich and powerful stimulating.

World population need be stopped from growing, with just one child per family, until it is stable and the population can begin to decline slowly as it has in Europe. Populations cannot achieve zpg then experience a flood of immigrants to replace them without causing more damage to social infrastructure and the ecosphere. With a calm draw-down of population growth while technology and education of the masses increases Earth’s ecosphere could be directed to recover and new opportunities for building off-world ecospheres explored. It is important to begin building terrarium ecospheres with as much wildlife from Earth as possible to improve the art. Innovative ideas for the moon and planets can bring new ways of letting life flourish including new human populations intelligently designed to be in appropriate numbers for the new ecospheres.

Adroit political management rather than coercion need be the political method for stabilizing human population on Earth as it bides its time before increasing again in new ecospheric regions it learns to build. Those ecospheres should be as robust and teeming with life as that God gave unto mankind rather than depleted of it. There is a time to grow a population and a time to hold fast or even decrease. Manic f*ing growth isn’t always the best policy for either economics or population. Sometimes, fortunately rarely for politicians, conservative, sober rectitude is requisite for species survival.

If mankind is too be successful at expanding into the solar system it will need to have sustainable economic polices and calculus of demographic and economics that find sustainable solutions rather than phenomenal, disposable answers satisfactory. Practicing rational economics and demographics on Earth is required too.

I knew a college professor that had a book titled Irrational Man with a tall walking figure on the cover (I also got a book from the same professor titled The Art of Reasoning). Watching legislatures repeat the same mistakes forever because of sustainable corruption or ignorance is a frustrating view of irrational politics.