Stone Rules (poem)

Stone Rules

A bird was heard to say

toward the end of a long day

when asked the execrable question

of why he rested

pausing to stir fragments of a cracker with the small feat

scratching for meaning

that of the truth nothing could be known

not shown to evident senses

through the paradox of everything evolved

with nothing of meaning ever solved

never morality, not even of genes

nothing has meaning, not even dreams

He could confirm that

a cat with an IQ of 390 said so

nothing has meaning, not even a taste

don’t fly away bird, let me sample thy taste

with a wing flap and a last bite

flying yonder a chirp sounded high

singing of God’s infinite field

and IQ as high as the sky

with round space-times attracted to central standard time

branched away near the top of a talus slope

crumbled down

nothingness fornever on the other side

backing up somethingness now

multiplying space with pieces of ate

shattering events in symmetry breaking logic-packets

the way the wind blows

cold winter’s snow

over waves of phenomenality

close on the shorelines of rhyme

like stone tools and stone rules

laws of God are written on hearts and minds.