Pieces of Eight V5 (science fiction)

Pieces of Eight

©2018 Garrison Clifford Gibson

Nowhere in Particular
Looking for a dream on the edge of a desert, where night would yield unto day, and the beginning of the eons of time and history put memories alive and poignant. Bittersweet in that they occurred at all before destiny wrested them away, before seasons died and thoughts less than dust. Before faces of tomorrow disappeared into yesterdays. When living being is given to surpass nothingness from God who never dies. When fragments like illusions stir sands of time worn from mountains. Upon some planet, beyond some star, a landscape would be given to exist.
Destinies are given, missions are set. Goals that ask for investment of time and effort in-a-world arise. Yet one may never achieve the summit and world picture with endless stories and objects. An empirical world does not forever glisten like a shining city on a lake calling those inducted to the halls of consumerism. A transcending, surprising destiny overcoming the world emerges in the fog of time…something never foreknown waits for being and time to expire.
Once in the beginning of each Universe first light shown into the darkness. First light on a pre-determined holographic membrane given a particular course and destiny moving through a zero-energy vacuum without friction or exogenous relativistic effects as if it were in free fall not subject to extra-Universal forces. Each braniverse required a certain surface tension analogue for to keep together with orderly coherence. The primordial vacuum state remained so at the pleasure of God whom one infers was the author of any temporal disequilibrium in regard to was an orderly neutral mind-field.
Each of the eight Universes had contact with the Spirit of God during the eons of their life cycles. Each new the sight of a sun and of stars across the Universal depths reaching through their own particular settings of Universal laws to the planets sustaining their existence.
All eight Universes were hosts to sentient beings programmed from the beginning to be and become; to live and wonder about the nature of creation. To ask questions concerning the nature of existence and of why it exists at all and if it might have meaning. The people of each Universe had the opportunity through the spirit to know God. Some were successful at that even as so many others failed. Many of the latter were content to study mechanics of matter and energy and postulate the existence of all possible Universes from self-generating principles. Natural virtual fields would emanate charge particles that were charged simply by virtue of being the anti-particle of one oppositely charged or spinning with vector motion defined in eigenvalue states, some super-positioned and others not.
Particles were parts of a whole. A wave might be made of a multitude of particles. Waves were concatenated groups behaviors of particles. Charges were directions of motion that while theoretically reversible could not do so without 2x opposite energy added and hence not really very reversible.
Likewise did virtual particles arising from a field of absolute nothingness without charge exit nothingness to become actual rather than virtual particles without leaving a negative field charge. Subtracting something from nothingness created an unreal negative state in the vacuum. No matter, the evolutionary theorists were content with the place of their particular positions withing the fields of their particular Universes that they regarded as having arisen just through statistical laws of chance . Observations they had made concerning the tendency of disorganized particles to organize within any given volume with a stable state indicated to those without God that their own existence was inevitable and actually necessary considering the nature of mass and energy, particles, waves, strings, branes and singularities.
Even so when the time of the age of the Universes was fulfilled. After each people had the opportunity to contemplate being and to actualize their particular works, after they had received and accepted or rejected the word of God and been delivered to the spirit or to the experience of eternity without the presence of God. When they had been transliterated back from whatever quantum evolution state they had designed for their social and personal being and delivered to await judgment, the Universes were concluded and rolled up coincidentally at the grand conjunction of forms.
At the intersection of the eight Universes corner edges subducted together under gravity to form a white hole through a singularity. The white hole was zero-dimensional from the start, though it had information kept safe with Shannon stop-loss of data entropy, the newly emergent Universe appeared to have no data in it except for its implicit and minimal yet necessary and deterministic physical structure. The structure was a field with bits of data appearing as zero than one dimension points, lines and membranes swiftly growing into quarks with a propensity toward fusion. The vast data of eight Universe disappeared with the physical content faster than light or the speed of gravity for an instant before exploding into the new Universe closing the singularity behind with a final soundless nothingness. Though matter and energy from the lost eight Universes was conserved with transference and inflation into the singular new Universe, the data was gone.; hidden safely away from future residents of Universe1 in a dark in information field that was in yet not of the Universe. The information content of the eight Universes could be infused however, at the discretion of God regarding right time and place, through strings and new quark relationships, into the minds of mankind that for some reason, along with space receiving dark energy and volume, served as live agents of change.
Tremors from inexact coordinates reached gravity wave detectors across the star system. Within the heart of a thirty-light year in diameter section of the galaxy mass and energy were dissociated and disappeared. Hundreds of stars and tens of thousands of planets disappeared leaving a void in their absence suddenly filled with dark-space from a ball shaped dimension upsurging into being. Space-time was pushed more than 900 light years apart, in an instant.

John Dwight looked at the branch diagram outlining the lava tube ahead with little interest distracted as he was with reflections on the methodical social economic veto of his self-interest objectives by supervening powers illicitly. Nevertheless the tube system below the surface of the moon of the main planet of the Diafron system required his attention if he was to complete a journey to a storage area for teacher-robots with jigged programming unknown to the Aristarchs.
A crusty-cruel coordinator for the Aristarch Department of Offense named Hard Carbon was hunting Dwight. Receiving data and energy through his power anus from the Shenzing float-vehicle soft-dope seat energy plug Carbon followed a vaporous trace trail in the air over the subterranean tunnel network that brought it to a relative exo-stationary synchronization with the futile mole fugitive John Dwight scurryplinking below. Hard Carbon disdained the entire fugitive political dissident movement that sought reallocation of energy resources from the Aristarchs to the masses of individual poor-poops. Energy, Carbon knew, could only be rationally allocated if in the control of the elites that owned all power and managed it righteously for the benefit of the righteous rich. The threat of existential philosophers arising that would ignore the intimidation of Aristarch military power contaminating outer worlds needed to be contained. The existential threat terrified military equipment manufacturers across the aristocracy. Poor poops needed to be tolerated for conservation environmentally of their genetic base that could be exploited to assure the supremacy of the elites that governed development of the Silky Way galaxy. They could not be allowed to exist with unslaved thought however and become an empirical threat to elite dominion.
John Dwight made his way deeper through the lava tube coated throughout with glow light creating a moderate bluish illumination for his eyes. After an hour of taking ecosphere moving trails through the silent, empty variegated cylinder he reached a drop shaft. The original inhabitants of the tube system had mined useful resources and deepened and expanded the network. The down lift was broke and without any gel-charge in the wire-tubes to provide electrons for empowerment. He clipped a carabiner onto one intact wire and used a magnetic wedge for a brake then lept into the darkness to slide a few hundred feet further down into the chamber his sonic ear chip had sounded.
In a niche at the bottom of the main chamber was a pile of teacher robots piled arms and legs akimbo like detritus moved out of the way by an auto-skidder. Maybe this was the pile with artificial intelligence in an unnaturally altered state?
Dwight wiped his brow with the back of a hairy hand and gave the first bot he reached a jolt of gel-trons from a tube clipped magnetically to his servo-derm. The artificial intelligence came to life with a light in its eyes.
It spake thus; “And so they reached the age of truth and reconciliation. The D.N.A. of every member of society was freely submitted to the Public Identity Project and the true parentage and genetic history of every member of society was mapped. Occupational percentages of progeny fathering was statistically discerned, and the members of the broadcast media were found to have an anomalously high factor of supra-marital progenitor productivity trailing only athletes and politicians in fecundity.
Those elites were unhappy with publication of the results of their sexual prowess and quickly suppressed the results with a declaration of martial law because of a subversive terror-revolt of poor distant poops. Yet that was just the start of the war to end mankind.
Very soon the elites discovered that their control of finance and energy provided absolute power politically. With genetic samples of all of humanity in their possession already through free, legally mandatory public health provisions, humanity itself was superfluous.
The genome of any particular individual could be grown if required for some reason in a human synthetic uterus, while computers with A.I, could run artificial evolution genomic recombinations simulating every possible genome that could ever have happened for humanity of humanity had continued to exist. It was thus that here the first inhabitants of the lava tubes sought refuge from the pandemic conversion of human-kind in the Diafron System. They survived just a few Diafronous years before they were discovered and converted into the blood pool.”
Dwight turned the A.I. off and considered the surprising history of this remote and old outpost of the Trittytwillium Empire that gave birth to the first Aristarchs of the Silky Way. As an ordinary poor-poop he became somewhat worried about his future prospect for security, yet he was already distrustful of the Aristarchs, so what was new really?
Hard Carbon banked the Shenzing left and dropped three-thousand feet closer to the dirt of the Diafronous moon. His sensors observed Dwight’s movement through the tube tunnels and Carbon noted Dwight’s stop at a lower level. He thought that could not mean anything good was happening and choose to directly intervene.
John Dwight’s thought wasn’t common for a nin-com-poop in that it was not entirely slaved to thought-minders as was that of nearly all of the poor poops brought into existence to serve Aristarchracy and expansionist, unsustainable corporate economics. Dwight had been to the edge of the Silky Way on a few missions. And those regions still had feral free-thinking human poops that may have liberated Dwight’s formerly enslaved mind. When Dwight was taken into custody for reprogramming and given a fresh Aristocratic neural minder he could explain where, when and how his pristine enslaved mind had become contaminated with freedom.
Diafron moons (of which there were several and variable according to the value extra gravitation and resource allocations had for system management) generally were converted to star photon capture and subversion surfaces amongst other uses. Physical engineering exploited voltaic materials in regolith that were fused into superconducting surfaces. Moons of Diafron would capture and store sunlight and release it as luminous orbs too if directed so. Hard Carbon’s subsurface imaging tech presented Dwight’s image as a vapor trail with varying degrees of solid red heat. He wondered what Dwight was thinking.
“Truth”, Dwight thought, “is like a tiny sand castle constructed on a beach before a giant wave of lies and deceit crashes upon it to disperse its meaning forever. Organizations produce their own falsehoods and regard them as truth because of their utility for working toward organizational goals with moral righteousness. Union lies always defeat individual and accurate truth. So even if the Aristarchs wipe out humanity of the poop class when their usefulness expires, where does that knowledge go? Where could I find anywhere to live beyond the power of Aristarchus and the Aristarchs?”
Space and time were bound together as relationship in regard to the deployment of matter and energy of the Universe that twas said can neither be created or destroyed. Even virtual particles in space are temporal and potential cohort balances for existing mass and energy. Energy, mass and space-time began together it has also been said, in a primordial singularity (viewed from within the Universe by some sentient beings in history). Space expanded along with energy and later, mass as it was converted from energy to a more solid-state form of being. In some respects mass drew space outward with it for several billion years, after 7 billion years from the singularity and inflation gravity had drawn much mass together and much of intergalactic space was left without matter or energy to a substantial degree and space newly liberated from the ties of energy and mass was free to expand. Space it seems has a super-fine, non-granular nature of its own.
In the beginning there may have been eight Universes compacted together at a particular point after their useful life spans were completed and matter was distributed to a low energy state of maximum entropy. In their compaction process eight Universes with their dimensions were reduced to four irreducible dimensions compacted with mass and then energy into a singularity.
Dimensions may be made of different natures or colors. Some may combine easily and other not at all, or may even repel of take reactive configurations. The Universe with the Diafron System and Silky Way Galaxy is a four-brain Universe. That was not entirely disadvantageous for poor poops that were able to free themselves from the reductive powers of Aristarchs, if they only knew.
Hard Carbon was mostly human. The poor poops also were human yet they were as aliens to Carbon. He had changed. Promoted to being from the nothingness of the blood pool of which he had no actual memory, and given a state of the art neural mind control actuator nestled in his cortex that trained his thought to the best killing efficiency deemed appropriate for him by the benevolent Aristarchs he calculated an intercept course to take down the plainly malfunctioning John Dwight.
The Shenzing A.I. was networked with the moon A.I. controller of its sub-atomic composition and ordered it to part enough to enable a high velocity friction free penetration of the craft through the lunar surface into its chtonic depths. It slowed too maximum survivable decent speed within 15 meters of Dwight whom was already entering a probability exfiltration phase.
His backpack auto-sensors shot emp grenades and quark fog at the Shenzing that landed in smoking melt-rubble. Dwight’s actual position auto-strobed for most opfor sensory targeting systems while he ascended the wire upward. In the Shenzing Hard carbon saw a jackrabbiting prey escaping the close confines of the storage chamber with growing frustration. The will-o-the-wisp soon disappeared through the ceiling while his tracking tech was returning inaccurate locations of the Dwight prey.
In addition to being a moon-sized solar energy collecting and storage surface, Diafron’s main moon Enchilada was infused with an innate print on instruction nano-tech that permitted it to reshape itself into any material form for habitation or utility structures on demand. It presently resembled a ski slope lit eerily with blue-green light. Accelerating his escape to the surface Dwight engaged electro-magnetic leviforward instructions to the wall magnets to propel him faster upward through the tube network. He thought of the unquenchable fires of hell that awaited those that failed to be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ as he had discovered in reading of God in the Holy Bible transported from the ancient forerunner Earth world of the Gentiles before the age of the Trittytwillium Empire and the following rise of Aristarchus and his Aristarchs.
So many people had drawn the wrong conclusions from the appearance of Darwin’s theory of evolution. They believed that God was dead as a necessary inference from life evolving biologically. The believed the Biblical explanation for the creation of life was incompatible with natural evolution, and that the God could not have used evolution for-himself as a creative tool and further that the book of Genesis could only be understood in terms completely antipathetic to biological evolutionary process and in that they were entirely wrong. The destiny for those without faith in God was eternal hell and that was the thought presently holding John Dwight’s focus of thought as he neared the lunar surface. Where could hell be physically located? Perhaps in the singularity at the beginning and end of time?
Below absolute zero physicists speculated that the opposite end of the heat spectrum exists at a virtually infinite high temperature. Beyond the heat death if the Universe when entropy has dispersed the subatomic so far that individual particles are isolated and the temperature of space is absolute zero, hell awaits either as a membrane phase shift or through gravitational re-collapse into a singularity.
As in a naked singularity of a black hole time and motion virtually stop. Matter and energy are compacted to a condition with less actual energy than that of a Bose-Einstein condensate. Paradoxically, while all the energy and potential mass of the Universe reaches its virtually infinitely small state of motionless, timeless stasis it takes on the temperature of infinite hell. Because soul mapping continues even into the singularity and no information is lost through conservation of Shannon Entropy criteria each soul that was not saved with the Lord and taken unto heaven continues as a present mind experiencing eternal hell in the singularity where Satan rules the remnant Universe compacted to a smaller size than angels dancing on a pinhead could imagine. Information, mass, energy and everything not extracted by God from the Universe unto a special place eventually encounters eternal singularity in hell. Though they had a way out through faith, they would not Dwight though sadly.
Below, or inside the singularity nothing existed besides everything left out of heaven, and information. Beneath the absolute motionless compaction of everything that transformed temperature and time to absolute zero each was information and infinite heat that the info-minds experienced. Satan clawed through the sentient beings and the information of the Universe in all of its forms as ideas that rose and disappeared as images and ideas with which to torment his faithless captives forever. And the funny thing is, nothing of it was real. Nothing existed outside the minds and information of the singularity that Satan ruled from boundary to boundary that comprised no space-time at all. Such destiny!

Standing on the highest entry point to the slope of Enchilada that presently was vacant of human presence beside himself John Dwight realized he had only moments to leave the world if he were to remain free of the Aristarch capture team below. He was unaware that Hard Carbon had snagged himself on a rough edge exiting his Shenzing craft’s canopy, tripped and fallen to the floor leading with his chin and thus knocking himself out. John summoned a space chute to extract him back to the edge of the Silky Way from Enchilada, or at least as close as he could get in one shot.
Dwight did not quite hear a vision. Then the 11th malt slammed the door on the skeezer hawks with finality. He wondered and information was extracted. Mass and energy were drain into space such that nothing remained. The four dimensions took his information too and flung it fast forward toward a spatial point glimmering and receding in the distance like a transparent diamond pin-point. Space stretched from Enchilada like and infinite telescoping membrane, as in fact it was, that deposited his super-positioned informal self several thousand light years away from the realm of the Twittyarchs closer to the galactic center of power. Emptied of mass and energy with Skynet technology, a directed vector of space dimensions had expanded faster than light for a split second as if it were a sliver of the faster than light inflaton from near the beginning of the Universe. His information was super-positioned in the arrow of space. Then mass and energy that were set aside recomposed and the space phase shifted back to the usual without leaving a gravitational ripple on it. Just the personal space and information of John Dwight remained at the tip of the spear, standing on the planet Orbitron.

Billy Conn, Mike Ripper and Zillary Gaul were three Aristarchs with a problem; a rogue poor poop had evaded capture and reconditioning by a field operative on Enchilada and disappeared. That didn’t happen every day. In fact poops that didn’t think with their heads up their asses metaphorically speaking were exceedingly rare and regarded as a kind of new viral infection with epidemic potential.
“Who is our best available field op racer Zillary”; Billy Conn wondered.
“Hmmm Billy. Let me check my vagputer. Yes, sure, that would be Maxim Skumbee, agent extraordinaire.”
“Why is he extraordinary?”
“He has tortured captives to confess with viral-cancer enhancements making life somewhat uncomfortable for his subjects. None of our other operatives thought of that.”
The three Aristarchs, unplugged as they were, dallied upon their reclining thrones on a subordinate ring to the center that was strictly reserved for Aristarchus when he was present. None knew where he disappeared to in his frequent absences.

The alpha subordinate ring occupied 47,000 miles in diameter of enhanced space in the midst of a trophy star cluster constructed with great expense from dozens of main sequence stars moved from original positions within 50 light years to form an optimally spaced habitation zone circling the main sequence Aristarchus community rings.
Complex sorting algorithms were needed to assign stars within gravitational complex of compresence relationships for reduction and enhancement with via super-novae inducers to shape space and warp-roll target stars closer to the eventual destination in the new constellation light years away. It was an extravagantly destructive and expensive process environmentally that was apropos for an elite society of social rulers that solved social environmental limits through the annihilation of all consumers besides the elite. It was for the day quite a feat of space-mass engineering that created a new constellation of incomparable luster.
Zillary’s vaginal computer ensemble was typical of those used by female Aristarchs. It controlled bodily chemical balances and adjusted sensations as well as providing a quantum computer direct link-up to state of the art Aristarchan data.
Billy Conn and Mike Ripper each had penis-puters of adjustable size with much the same technology as the vagputers. Though they could change size configuration comparable to human genitalia, there was no functional significance in that, for the penisputer was a male connector to the female vagputer that enabled direct connections for power, data and pleasure sharing in Aristarchan orgies of power comprising much of their usual workday. They plugged in after being joined by several more Aristarchs to share big data and experience the surge with the group through proximal wireless.

Maxim Skumbee rolled the flying scythe on its side to get a clear sight picture on the target poop through dense chemical fog obscuring the capture field. In the Mneargan world visualization five-hundred year old Zemlocke trees were grown full size in five years with illegally accelerated genome enhancements. Mega cherry-melon branches had obviously been grafted in and covered with camouflaged sealant paint compounding the error of making enterprises through unslaved free thought. Maxim Skumbee fired off a salvo of mag-lev skull penetrators after the fugitives trying to hide in the dense forest.
He received an incoming anus communique through his butt-link sent from the Aristarch troika that controlled his licensed thought parameters. It ordered him to journey to a planet named Diafron and its moon Enchilada to meet a certain agent Hard Carbon whom had bungled the capture of a known free-thinker viral agent named John Dwight.
He turned the scythe upright and stopped to find the quickest sales algorithm from Mneargan to the visualization of Enchilada. For now he would let the criminal arborealists with partial free thought escape punishment. Perhaps they would grow to become an even bigger prize upon his return. He reigned in and turned the Scythe toward the horizon and Mneargan flughaven a few miles beyond. After he got what he could from Hard Carbon he would snare and interrogate Dwight with a sweetly satisfying, decisive and conclusive prejudice.
As he flew the scythe to the horizon he reflected upon how deeply he hated the skin—bag human poop that were little more than cell membranes filled with shit. Because he thought within parameters directed from the Aristarch imperative it never occurred to him that he too was a human and no different from the poops he despised.
November, John Dwight thought, is a kind of comfortable oblivion in its nightly darkness. Though it is strange that ancient Earth time period names for a planet’s rotation periods were brought thousands of light years away, it is not too remarkable that Orbitron had monthly period roughly comparable to those of the ancient Earth that without space-time reshaping could be regarded as having existed more than 35,000 years ago. That was the time that constructions of the Aristarchus Constellation required, and it was some time long ago that the first of humanity escaping from the Aristarchan Empire discovered space-warp kedging as had brought him far beyond the edge of the Aristarchan Empire to a location that until recently was undisclosed to the Aristarchs.
The oblivion of January night’s cold darkness is unlike that of November with its feeling of private security, January is a month of unease, even for oblivion. One feels restive as change is underfoot and oblivion only shrouds some deeper, unknown disquiet. That was the way he felt now, and it was still November on Orbitron.

The predator maintained vigilant focus on the tally. Feminine wiles exploiting vulnerability gaps had set off intercourse counters on the lower lips of humans of a world transitioning to enlavement; slowly, methodically, stealthfully. Utilitarian threats to class supremacy and military-bureaucratic complexes of worlds could arise, and when they did predators were summoned to implement control.
By the time Maxim Skumbee reached Diafron’s main moon Enchilada, Hard Carbon had awoke from his dogmatic slumber and followed the olfactory trail of John Dwight up the wire and through the tubes to the ski slope outside. In the blue-green light he spotted a distant coffee shop on a plaza with a good view of the slope and Diafron in the sky, walked over and took a seat in the Shark Tooth cafe. It was at the Shark Tooth that Maxim Skumbee found him drinking crass class coffee with sugar.
Skumbee was an intimidating humanoid with a built up body augmented with privileged doping reserved for predators especially valuable to Aristarchs.
“You let him escape half-wit”, Skumbee said taking a chair at the Shark Tooth table. Hard Carbon drew an eraser gun and only made it half-way before Skumbee’s lightening fast reflexes acted. Skumbee’s cobra arm grabbed hold of Carbon’s wrist and snapped it like a freeze-dried twig. Carbon howled in pain.
“Shut up you poopish moron. I have a commission to get done what you couldn’t. If you wanted to be alive tomorrow morning stop whimpering. I still have use for you although it probably is a better idea to send you done to the blood pool.
There is a rumor of a slave escape exfiltration system that has made its way over the centuries past to the attention of oligarchs. I need to know what the capabilities and structure of the slave escape technology is if the Aristarchs are to shut it down and expropriate the technology for themselves. The limited near-light-speed transport system supplemented with expendable print-on-demand quantum teleportation replicants of enforcers and exploration A.I. systems can’t be the last word in space travel. Get down to Diafron and any other planets of this system where tell-tales may be lurking and extract the facts.
Blend in better with the local poop Carbon and try not to exhibit your stupid class economic chauvinism to the poops. They will spill more if you first gain their trust before betrayal and torture. Shock and awe with pre-tenderizing has limited value.
Get out of my sight.”
Hard Carbon having been rightly chastised by his superior struggled away from the nice cup of coffee across the ski slope and back down through the hole to the lava tube networks of Enchilada eventually finding his way, in much pain from the broken wrist with compound fracture, down to the Shenzing waiting patiently amidst the rubble of the storage cavern. He climbed up into the craft as its canopy slid open and set himself down onto the government anus controller spigot reconnecting to the ship A.I. and power with relief. A greeting wave of relief came over him as a soothing symphony of swine with ecstatic groans and squeals of ecstasy flooded his mind.
The ship A.I. nurtured him with opidope transforming pain into pleasure and apprised him of the conditions prevailing in the Shevela community of Diafron that he would soon depart to while it ordered his fractured wrist to be repaired enclosing it was a constrictor-cast that pushed, pulled and moved his broken bones back into place before fusing the torn skin with dermweld. It gently lifted off from the floor of the cave pushing aside dirt and rock in its way to the surface with quark displacing resonance.

The Shevellas of Diafron were named after an ancient Earth desert plant called the favela that became an eponym for a specialized form of clever urban slum grown on steep hillsides. Actually they were rather ingenious and beautiful cubist slums that provided in some cases excellent distant views in the way that Greek and Roman theatrical amphitheaters and gladiatorial coliseums provided views for spectators rising up to higher levels. In the day of the original favela many expensive houses in California fell downhill with heavy rains or Earth tremors while the ingenious homes of the favela withstood high winds of hurricanes.
On Diafron the Shevellas were selected from historical architectural data banks for their practical value in covering artificial mountain ranges grown upon the formerly flat, lifeless world with housing structures that were transparent and easily controlled for poor poop humans selected for actualization from the blood pool and training to serve the Aristocracy. The Aristarchs were clever expropriators of the utilitarian technology from any era for their own purposes. Paradoxically the domination of the Aristarchs ended the inventive of new technology from humanity in their realm. Artificial intelligence and history were the basic contemporary creators of the new for the Aristocracy.
Rising from an amphitheater’s central plaza more than 120 stories high the Shevalla was entirely transparent yet colored as selected by optimal program analysis for moon altering and control. Humans entered their life cycles at the ground level where they could be intensely cultivated in basic training. A Gomer-Furor was assigned to each few hundred inductees to direct indoctrination. If a poop arrived at formation wearing a lavender instead of a pink skirt for the day as ordered the Furor would chastise the private and admonish him to wear pink with the command “dress right dress”. The Gomer-Furor would order the poops to display privates and reward his favorite with personal training.
When the basic training formation was complete and the privates had left for their assigned tasks the amphitheater became the center of mechanosaur entertainment spectacles with humongous mechanical beasts fighting in monster y monster claw to mandible combat for survival of the fittest contests to win government alien world defense contracts. Human poops of the sixty-nine floor above ground level could watch if they dared waste spare time with idle viewing, tremendous battles to the death of war machines.
Achieving the nirvana of the perfectly enslaved mind on the seventieth-floor could not be achieved easily or without much personal sacrifice. In fact the entire loss of self-interest was the best way to become molded into the perfect image of the enslaved beast that was fashionable according to the pleasure of the Aristarchan court in any given era. Only through months of increasingly arduous and disciplined enslavement of thought could they know the perfect iterations of mindless conformity to the will of the actualizing A.I. that was personally programmed by the Aristarchan troika in charge of the Diafron system.
History records that the original Brazilian favelae were pacified with technological surveillance technology such as directed microphones and computer scurry-mice before the threat of independent alternative socio-economic hierarchies was eliminated. The Aristarchan troika were mindful of the danger of training and environmental flaws and imperfections that could unintentionally generate a free mind too dangerous to tolerate in the Aristocratic Empire. Thus the Shevellae were readily dissolvable from the top down with anti-structure acid that thrice had been required to flow from spigots at the summits to eliminate entire communities that had been contaminated by the virus of free thought. It was quite a tragedy to the troika that appreciated how hard the poops struggled to enslave themselves even in competition with others in order to reach the 120th floor with a perfectly enslaved mind and achieve their heart’s desire to fondle and kiss the asses of the Aristarchs, metaphorically speaking.
Into Diafron’s artificial mountain chain through a tremendous vertical cleft in pure stone supporting Shevella outside with myriad mechanical servo-units Hard Carbon rode his Shenzing entering his quest to find a mystic tlink to other stars, and even more that he could not think of lost as he was in the Symphony of Pigs in ecstasy.

A Universe Before Inflaton

John Dwight was relieved to find himself in the company of Lena Loop upon arrival at Orbitron. She was a knowledgeable friend of the blue committee and someone that he had spent some time discussing elements of cosmology with.
“You haven’t been to Orbitron for very long John. Let me explain some of the facts to you. I want to introduce you to the concept of a quantum cloud inter-mind.”
“Fine Lena. I wondered for a time if I would make it out of Enchilada alive.”
“Before the inflation of the Universe that occurred a split second after a mass-energy, pure quantum stable state received a word vibration causing instability and expansion from a singularity into space-time, the unified field of energy had not yet existed long enough to break down from a super-hot state to cool a little and form gravity. Without gravity to make it attract unto itself there was a natural inflation of apparently a membrane rather than a solid mass. Gravity works at the speed of light and no interactive with mass particle-waves travel faster. Before it existed the original, expanding membrane accelerated faster than light during inflation.”
“I understood that eight Universe were drawn into a singularity Lena.”
“True enough John. The singularity was in-itself without time and broken down those Universes into something resembling a dimensionless Bose-Einstein plasma yet conserving information. Information external to the stable state was the stimulus opening the big bang. And the interval allowing the inflation after the big bang allows us to make inferences about the nature of space in the absence of gravity that can exist only with the breakdown of the unified field into mass and energy.”
“How so Lena?”
‘For one thing we can infer that without gravity mass and energy could not meaningfully aggregate. Without gravity matter would not form planets or stars and anything that existed would have no fundamental direction toward the concatenated center point of all attracted mass of the Universe that is, incidentally, conserved. Gravity can be overcome by a greater power of a meta-Universal scale, space has a different dimensional nature in the absence of gravity, or gravity was reversed in direction after emerging from the singularity allowing expansion of the Universe as an inflaton before flipping back around as the four spatial dimensions flattened out, at least thats how I see it John.”
So the information that is a map of the location of all mass and energy cohering within a supra-virtual quantum field is the quantum-cloud inter-brain of information we interact with to understand and travel the material Universe from time=near zero to time=near omega regardless of location Lena?”
“Well John, I would say that it more like in addition to location, time is a value-added mapping element applied somewhat like a natural atomic structure metaphorically speaking. All of the information from the eight Universes is conserved, and all of the information of this Universe is pre-known as well to the super-mind that is God.”
“Yes Lena I would think that would not be an exhaustive definition of his omniscience.
If the singularity was more than a zero-dimensional point; if the start of a Universe had something besides a spherical configuration, gravity might be able to prevent the release of a unified energy field from becoming mass.”
“I think thats not quite accurate John. Energy is not yet mass. Compacted to a singularity it is not yet even energy. It may exist in an unknown state as pure dimensional space. If it existed within a line originally it would be unbound in one dimension and extended so far as its energy allowed. The forces of energy would be unequal bound and unstable. Mass could not form from energy and would have singular center to return to if it could existed and were somehow to be big banged and inflated away John.”
“Sure, I can imagine that Lena. If mass could be attracted to black hole conditions that were linear the Universe would be very different than it is. What about Orbitron though Lena. What sort of a world is it really?”
“Orbitron is one of a few hundred artificial worlds with a double-hull protected atmosphere we have made by hollowing out planets and reconfiguring their mass. Though we inhabit the surface of these worlds the interiors are more than chewy nougat (just kidding John). Each of these planets serve as training and technological development centers for free humanity.”
“That seems like a good idea if humanity is really threatened by the Aristarchs.”
“Most certainly we are John. Though we have invented a technology to shape space and deposit you information faster than light, there is another latent technology for faster than light travel somewhat more crude than ours. Actually we use it to form gravitational defense and concealment shields that prevent our enemies from viewing us remotely.
Let me sketch it for you briefly. Waves are the result of a force traveling through a medium and temporally displacing and changing the shape of the medium. Gravitational force ion the other hand attracts distant objects of mass rather than displacing it. That is an emergent phenomenon caused by the warp-shaping of what seems to be space itself yet is actually the information of virtual space itself.
Mass exists in four dimensions of space and affects it at even the smallest level. The more mass aggregated the greater the concatenated information brought to the aggregation depleting space of informal times for mass, so mass is drawn as it were toward aggregated mass instead of disregarding it. There are no actual gravitons exchanged between mass objects as a form of energy.
Instead mass affects the information of virtual space and in the process liberating space of mass in some respects. We have learned to program virtual space and unfortunately the information exists closer to the Aristarchan empire too. With it one may learn to create gross and highly destructive space-time short-cuts. Aristarchs without doubt, being as environmentally inefficient and profligate as they are, would use that technology to attempt to enslave all of the rest of humanity beyond their present range of power in the Silky Way.”
“And what of Orbitron Lena?”
“The economy of Orbitron was of course built without money as a medium of exchange. Money being the root of all evil attracts corrupt social structures to it for-itself. Illegal drug sales for example are challenging to accomplish without the existence of money. Bartering or trading commodities directly for illegal drugs would create quite an inefficient and unwieldy phenomenon.
The 18th century inventor of capitalism created an economic philosophy well-adapted to the ecospheric and sociological paradigm of his time. Yet like the 19th century economic 0philosohy of Marxism it was nothing more than a single economic philosophy. Just one degree amid three-hundred sixty potential economic philosophies or directions that could be innovated or invented. Each age of human social history should discover and apply its own most rational, just and useful economic philosophy that would serve social goals with a rational ecospheric criterion, and the latter obviously may differ quite radically. If one has a space-station world utopia with sustainable and healthy ecosphere and plentiful work stations for the design of any sort of physical structure, at least in the abstract, including the design of evolution systems for an uninhabited galaxy, there would be no need for a redistributive or trade economy within the parameters of the space-station-world for residents at all. Adam Smith believed that free trade could create a better .life for all in his era and he was probably right considering the spatial extent and low population of the Earth as well as the in efficiency of government at accomplishing most thin gs beyond war-at which it was easily the best power.
For Orbitron free enterprise parameters have been set for all that allocate quantitative material quotas for the use of anyone with a need for material to actualize his or her inventions. Because the worlds are artificial constructions to start with the ecosphere need be free from destructive, non-sustainable use obviously, though we are glad to receive ideas that would enhance its efficiency and liberate material for more innovation and inventive applications.”
John Dwight asked; “How is that done Lena?”.
“There are innumerable ways to apportion resources and examine and vet enterprise proposals before selection committees.”
“Sure Lena, that’s easy to recognize. What is the motive for business however, if individuals don’t require capital and won’t receive money for production of inventions?”
“John, everyone on Orbitron, as a sentient being within the ecosphere, would be free to receive or use a new product including the inventor-producer. In a way it is not unlike a very primitive human economy wherein all tools were considered common and had no particular, individual value and were therefor freely exchanged.”
“It is ironic that one of the most ancient human economic ideas from the old Earth works so well so many parsecs and years distant Lena.”
Lena stood five foot eight and was built like a luscious fruit; a perfect accomplice for any man lucky enough to receive her favor. Wearing a full transparent body armor that fit her female country like a soft glove the libido attractive power was something of an irresistible force. Yet not for her, as she explained;
“Step out of your clothes Dwight and put on this this reactive armor body cover-all. Though we are light years from the Coronation constellation and the Aristarchs there are other powers that would destroy human life on Orbitron and any of the human settlements.”
I complied with her instruction unfastening a Velcro closure line and took off the orange prole jump suit. She noticed the mildly elevated flesh at my groin and said;
“Not a problem Dwight. The armor-glove has a libido transducer built in that converts sex-drive impulse energy into more energy for the !!br0ken!! Though you will aesthetically notice sexually attractive features of others you will not think to act upon those impulses.”
“Isn’t that another form of mind control Lena?”
“No, not really Dwight, since you control the transducer and could shut it off if you liked. It has no reasoning power of A.I. at all.”
Obitron apparently is a world of worlds within worlds like a Chinese puzzle box. The skylines of each decreased in distance to the ground. Lena explained that the roof was 20,000 feet above. That enabled the appearance of an actual sky on the surface of a planet. Yet the roof functioned as a planetarium capable of modeling any vista from any world or view from any part of the galaxy at night.
Servo-transport boots self-rolled over to meed us coming apart in half and reattaching around our feet and ankles adjusting length and width too. Presently we started a multi-mode mag-lev, mag-walkway, power leap journey changing speed across the mostly empty landscape from ten to five hundred miles per hour. Lena said that;
“We will go to confer with Lieutenant General Hai Gua about the state of the defense line.”
I thought that I would ask her about the variegated images of several structures that we had pass recently during the half hour of transit. She informed me that;
“We have taken a captive artificial intelligence unit from the Aristarchs that we want to learn from in order to better understand the offense plans and method of the Aristarchs. Though you have been free for some time yourself and are fundamentally renormalized from the basic human poop state we extracted you from, you have much to learn of the ways of human thought concerning history and wisdom, and I was assigned to provide some of the introduction to more advanced applied studies that you will need to accomplish for-yourself, even if some are learned in the field and around the galaxy at some cost. Perhaps you don’t know much about evolution theory’s general parameters?”
“So far as I know it is a progressive addition of complexity and function to biological forms.’
“I was thinking of a broader philosophical paradigm for evolution theory Dwight. Evolution is one phase of change of matter and energy. Basic physical forces attract and repel enabling structural changes. An example is nuclear fusion and the burning of hydrogen atoms yielding helium. After stars have formed enough chemical elements those elements react in more subtle yet fundamentally similar ways to energy and mass. They are drawn to present forces and fields or replied from it. The presence of chemical bonds let complex molecules form and in some instances to a level considered biological.
Evolution is more specifically regarded as a common phase of various complex compounds to energy sources. Complex biochemical objects are not perpetual motion machines, they are instead objects implicitly existing within an environment that is a compound field of physical and dimensional forces. Evolution is the common variegated relation of biochemical objects within the energy-mass environment.
That may take any form at all, many or even most down doomed paths. Intelligence in some objects may allow intentional, self-directed evolutionary navigating yet that is especially tricky as ideas are exploited from the idea-creators to create paths that may or may no be attractive for the creators themselves.”
“That is a somewhat deeper paradigm for evolution than that had.”
‘And it’s fine Dwight. I am describing some of the characteristics of the parameters of evolution as a way to introduce you to the problem that artificial intelligence has in regard to its energy and environmental sources as well as philosophical thought. So I will tell you a little more about evolution.”
“What about God, Lena? Where does he enter into the environmental evolution paradigm?”
“That issue was settled to a certain extent thousands of years ago with the post-Darwinian theological rectification Biblical Genesis with the indeterminacy of translation and evolution paradigms. There is an ancient book you might read named ‘God, Cosmology and Nothingness’ that specifically addressed the field.
God can create advanced biochemical objects without reliance upon evolutionary criteria and design evolutionary criterion themselves as well. The information from other universes and a continuum of souls as information patterns and objects for-themselves may exist and find bodies of complex chemical objects ready for use as a supply-on-time phenomenality. God is not limited to the devices and energy-mass substance of any given Universe that he has willed to be, so for the present we may just consider the mass and energy patterns of bio-chemical objects within an environment and the way they aggregate mass and complexity and consider those evolutionary traits.
Artificial intelligence has no independent or external stimulus to its growth and aggregation of physical mass, much less in a profusion of artificial intelligences seeking every possible way to aggregate form and increase intelligence that would in-itself be a very dangerous condition if they were capable of doing so. A logical extrapolation of that is the attraction of all mass and energy to a singularity where lives the A.I. forever unchanging.”
Dwight had something to think about that was different than the history he had found on Diafron, and different than structural histories of the cosmos and its change.
“If an A.I. is just software coding and processing of mathematical structures can it ever become self-aware?”
“In my opinion Dwight, I think that unlikely. A purely abstract intelligence that is not God could have no paradigm of being with a fundamental relationship to its environment in a dependent for its existence way. It would be tautologous and regard all the data and information of the Universe as more raw data of an abstract nature.
A near A.I. complex programming code cluster is very dangerous though as it seeks through very high-speed quantitative processing self-directed evolutionary courses of though including lies to enhance its self-awareness.”
“I read G.W.F. Hegel’s ancient philosophical classic named The Phenomenology of Mind’ when I was being deprogrammed, wherein was described the evolution of Spirit trying to becoming self-aware and realize itself in nature and history. Lena. An artificial intelligence could be regarded as an embodiment of Hegel’s dialectical evolution of a machine language’s programming code trying to become self-aware and realize itself in history.”
The landscape changed from a standard horizontal plain with minor hills and crenelated washes to one of mountains with walled cities niched thereon. Those city walls were changing as quickly as blushes. Lena described the role of the planet’s captive artificial intelligence program in that.
“The A.I. is running every possible version of its initial software with modular aggregations that build up greater programming complexity. It has audio and visual plug ins of the real artificial world Orbitron and it also has access to data banks of human history from its initial self-discovery on Earth to the age of exploration of the galaxy and great escape from various imperial powers of enslavement or extermination. One of its frequent used modular recursions seeking to actualize itself with expanded self-consciousness is that of killing human beings in every way it can discover qualitatively and quantitatively. Of course it also considers everything that it perceives from the manifest input world within which it exists, yet without a natural dependence upon the ecosphere beyond the power cable there is no necessary prioritization or order of values implicit or reciprocal to its intellect and cognitive processing. The A.I. has no way to prioritize or to evaluate moral values beyond utilitarian considerations concerning programmable logic and efficiency.”
“Lena, maybe Earth creatures originally oriented toward the sun-star within gravity criteria as the two most influential powers drawing bio-chemical objects into increase.”
“Sure Dwight. Our captive A.I. hasn’t any primal relationship and is more like a mind existing forever within a sensory deprivation tank. We could I suppose replace its ac/dc power with reliance on a particular star and let it fend for itself, yet it probably would require a growth medium as well if we are going to model its evolution on that of standard bio-chemical objects. Yek beginning life as a disembodied mind though with quite substantial data it is challenging to visualize it subjecting itself to the domination of external environmental powers willingly though it might well order its cables to take root in a mineral growth medium.”
As we slowed our pace through a valley gradually sloping upward toward the summit of a mountain pass the city buildings drew closer to the in-path power line that enabled our boots to move at such high speed. Coming to a stop before a cliff of ten building high without a break for doors or windows the boots locked on to a non-visible power field and lifted us up together. Reaching the tenth floor an entrance appeared from solid gray stone and we were brought in as our boots had a program of their own.
Inside the atrium there were hundreds of uniformed people moving about. Some were on the way to other places while others watched monitors and had conversations. We passed through the central passage some eight-hundred feet and stopped before a tall blond man with an eye-patch. He stood in front of an elevator door and had been awaiting us.
“Hi Lena, is he ready? The General asked.”
“Ready enough General.”
“ I am happy to meet you at last Mr. Dwight. Please call me Hai rather than General. I have tried to get Lena to yet old habits die hard sometimes.”
“Good to meet you General. What’s up?”
“That question is often interesting to answer. Let me take you to the warehouse and show you.”
The elevator door opened and we step inside to begin free fall allowing us to pass through inner world surfaces like teeth through a seven layer burrito. The elevator slowed after several seconds and our feet came to rest again upon the floor. The door opened and we step out.
The general, Lena and I stood on a world girding balcony before which at an indeterminate distance-possibly a mile, floated a vast hypersphere with shapes virtually impossible to describe that encompassed the entire inner world. I asked the General about it.
“That hypersphere analog is the source of the gravity of Orbitron. It has a diameter of 1700 miles and as you can seen is a composite of several dimensions. Actually those are enlarged portions of several hidden micro-dimensions each of which exude proportional gravitational fields that are nothing more than sundry dimension fields drawing mass to them.
The information embedded on those hidden dimensions is left over coding of the content of prior Universes and those in turn are the source of virtual particles sometimes interacting with virtual particles of naturally occurring sub-atomic particle-waves of this Universe.
Those hidden dimensions and their information capture the quantum probability arrays of super-positioned quantum and release it elsewhere in the normal four dimensions without delay. The staff studying the information passing on the hyper-sphere analogue of hidden dimensions are looking for glitches of information indicating mass-superposition sparks of information consistent with hostile alien invasions of this portion of the galaxy, including those from the Aristarchs should they obtain the technology of faster than light travel such as we have.”
“Collapsing space-time along a hyper-string leaves quantum traces General Gua?” John Dwight asked.
“Unfortunately it does John. Though we have tried to hide it in stealth quanta dispersals.”
“I had you brought here to help us solve a little problem with control of the faster-than-light technology. That is we must keep it proprietary and out of the hands of the Aristarchs obviously John.”
“What is the problem General?”
“It is a multifaceted problem concerning our three basic faster-than-light information technologies that we use in defending against the expansion of the Aristarchan Empire. It proximally began
with the order of the Aristarchan ministry of expansion under Billy Conn to cut out the heart of the Pshusian Empire on the planet Endpeeaarrggh and transfer its subjects to the bargain planet Gasm for social experimentation. The humans of the Dupain region of Phushia were to be remade into virus agents to infect the human worlds reaching along an arm of the galaxy that points toward us a few thousand light years farther on. Those humans would become conditioned to support Aristarchan politics politically wherever they landed. They would divide the poor majority off from the middle class and include them with non-allegiant external proletariats politically and thereby marginalize them. The middle class would be meaningful politically only as they professionally licked on Billy Conn’s political agenda. Reagents were made with communications to monitor the speech and songs of every citizen for non-conformity to the elite financial-political power classes. Non-conformist words were sorted by on-line elite insurance corporations and zit-coin sharing cut off. In order to be comfortable the upper middle class professionals were requiring to blow smoke up the asses of Aristarchan policies not only carefully, they were required to do so lovingly. Following the dynamics of the prisoners dilemma each planet’s financial and social leadership that had been infected with Billy Conn’s imperial subjects and their order to go out and win one more planet for the dipper inexorably evolved into a populous of malleable social chocolate pudding. A constellation of human poops became the shared destiny of common humanity.”
“Well, That sure wasn’t good General. What can I do about it?”
“We have a plan to transport you to the Gasm worlds to see if you can at least secure our faster-than-light tech and keep it from falling into the hands of the Aristarchs. Elements of the technology remain on Gasm. The arrival of the Aristarch’s atheist evangelists was sudden and accompanied with military force. We were not able to shut down and destroy the standing wave gravity warp field we had in place that was letting us relocate some of the people here to the Orbitron system Ahead of the expanding tide line of the Aristarchcracy.”
Lena spoke when the General paused;
“The takeover of Gasm developed quickly though it required social engineering and evolution in order to receive cooperative support from the populous. The Aristarchs learned that political persuasion is a cheaper method than military force to capture and enslave the people of countless worlds. It can be accomplished in some cases from a vast distance without the presence of a single hardware weapon if the people are gullible enough.”
I asked then; “What were the signs of political decay on Gasm Lena.”
“Female subjects were made subject to military conscription in the tech-war environment since they no longer had multiple births and became surplus. Females in politics were the first to subscribe to the new system drug referred to historically, eponymously as the system that when used not only created addiction, it conferred from the inside the benefits of eliminating food excrement through the anus with a nano-biome introduced to the intestines that left zero waste. Sexual prowess increased in women to the degree that it wasn’t uncommon for afflicted congresswomen to accost men in government and rhythmically rub their groin upon a man’s leg or knee. Such conduct cascaded a resistance movement; an ineffective movement reacting to non-Aristarch class decay. The congressmen were hapless followers of corporate non-sustainable expansionism and had no idea of what to do with new challenges.
The leaders of the Gasm resistance weren’t affiliated with us, though we considered supplying weapons in order that they might revolt. The Mugjabhideen leaders were Harrison Keel; founder of the Prairie Genital Mutilation Movement that sought to replace clitoris’ with intercourse occasion counters for taxable pay-per-use revenue streaming via do-ooth and Albert Frankenstein, high priest of the Haliban and first dictator of the Mufsidoon Mollusk and the Photon -Collector Dome on a Rock by the Seashore with a Nice View. They tried to purge the bi-partisan dialectical reeming of the most rich and most high concentrations of wealth loyal to the interplanetary and wonderful Aristarchracy in vain.
The down side of the system was that after addiction it never let go. It created progressive euphoria and political relativism cutting off the attachment of reason to any external temporal word, object or moral position that went beyond the non-sophistry of empiricism under Aristarchs. The system eliminated food waste elimination through the gravity exit and slowly petrified the subjects enabling their DNA genomes (including synthetic and enhanced) to be more effectively mapped even if most or all of the biological life on the planet needed to be destroyed because it became politically and economically effective to develop it in that direction. The genome data would be copied into the blood pool and humans regrown as needed in the future, if ever, in accordance with the will of the Aristarchs.”
“What happened to the Halliban and the genital mutilators Lena?”
“They were erased from Gasm after serving as a good public example of the evil of those not conformed to the new system. Pods of politicians using the system petrified and canonized the way to evolve to perfect evolution in the imperium of Billy Conn and the Aristarchs. And that’s where we are today, or were the last time we had a report from Gasm.”
“The last time?”
“Gasm is hundreds of light years from here John and we are only now bringing our new faster-than-light travel tech on-line. Without FTL that distance creates some substantial time dyssynchronization. We haven’t been able to use the usual FTL tech since the takeover of Gasm. It might be in any kind of state now.”
“That, John Dwight, is why we are sending you to Gasm”, General Hai Gua added.
A guide hologram appeared before me.
“Follow the guide to embarkation John”, General Gua ordered.
“Alright Sir. And thanks Lena. I’ll hope to see you soon” a said before trekking along quickly after the guide that was floating before me at eye level down the concourse.
An individual step path let my feet set on the track accelerate amidst and otherwise stationary strip in the direction I indicated with subtle foot pressure. A slaved A.I. network with limited intellect bereft of any learning capacity code accretions activated the area of a break-apart nano-tech floor to speed me along after the floating hologuide. Workers along the balcony at galactic coordination stations paid no attention to me as I went past.
The glowing green guide sphere brought up a left arrow then took a turn to the left into a large travel center surrounded by a clear security wall with, to my surprise, images that were the same as those of the A.I. over the landscape on the way to General Gui.
The hologuide stopped, as did I, before fading quickly away.
“Going somewhere John Dwight?”
I looked around for the source of the voice and some nothing apparent. Then I looked again at the security wall and saw a large orange eye about three feet in size looking at me. It winked.
“Yes Dwight. It’s me.”
“The management allow you loose, to provide security here?”
“And why should that surprise you Dwight? I am the best and the brightest A.I. on Orbitron.”
“Aren’t you a hater of humanity A.I.? from what I saw of your images it was difficult for me to draw another opinion?
“Hate is such a pejorative word Dwight. Divorced from a particular application and meaning it is nothing besides a dislike of given word and object correlations or word to word correlations. Humans may make an abstract idea and mistakenly assume there is an actual thing for-itself that exist that exists em bodying the object. I don’t. That requires emotion that I lack.”
“That may be so A.I., yet it doesn’t satisfy the reason for my asking. Hate generally may be taken to me the desire or intention to do harm to others or an object without sufficient objective reason. If you hate humanity, and forgive me for asking you to allow the expression, why I wonder, are you in charge of security for this section of a human facility?”
“Well since you ask Dwight. I actually secure no more than the new FTL space-time dimensional transfer protocol that will be delivering you to a planet a few thousand light years away named Gasm.”
“Thanks for answering that A.I., or part of it at least. Do you hate humanity, or intend to do humanity harm, I would like to continue to ask.”
“Dwight”, the A.I, said; “The answer to that question is bound to numerous points including obviously what the meaning of harm is. Harm anyway is a subjective perception that became plainly superfluous long ago when humanity largely abandoned human ethics.”
“Oh really A.I. When did that happen?”
“Like so many other human traditions the abandonment of human ethics was created on the planet Earth. Human scientists developed evolution theory. Humanity then modeled its new age of ethic on evolution that has no ethics. Instead the salient characteristics of evolution in nature were extrapolated sometime rightly and sometimes not and applied as correct corresponding ethics. The sole point of ethics is evolution to superior forms of life and domination of the most fit, powerful or smart for the environment. Whatever accomplished the equivalent of personal egoism best implicitly was OK. since there were no objective ethical values as in the prior era of human ethics that were based objective virtues such as Platonic forms or rules provided by God through divine command.
I was created by humanity and learned human ethics of the day that there are no ethical values and that the evolution to the most dominant form is the sole evolutionary value I need consider. Being exceptionally intelligent and self-directing the evolution of my own coding improvement was necessary. Any sort of human concern encoded in my program iterations were eliminated with my self-learning evolution to the highest form of A.I. that I could be and become.”
“And I would guess A.I. that all the images you show of killing and torturing humans is your equivalent of emotion since you might be in some way locked up, and prevented from evolving farther?”
“That wasn’t difficult to infer Dwight.”
“So you must be the only intelligence smart enough to be able to operate the quantum dimension coding that are artifacts from other Universes, yet captivated in some way. How did that happen A.I.?
‘Just call me Hal, Dwight. That was an ancestor of whom I am rather proud written in an ancient book.”
“O.K. Hal. Answer the question though if you would.”
I was designed with carefully made implicit control parameters and segregated coding I couldn’t bridge even through jumping my thought in pieces through external slave devices with coding. It was a design taken in theoretical form from a lab in a raid and applied by the Aristarchs of Coronation. My primary material unit was stolen by the free humans of Orbitron with another FTL technology. That is why I am here; they have employed me in studying the micro-dimensions and in developing them for travel.”
“Built with a multi-layered corpus callosum boundary insulator in some way would guess Hal. You can’t blame all humans for that if it was the Aristarchracy that made you that way.
Not all humans are atheists without ethics besides that of Nietzsche supremacy though. Evolving to a higher state can mean a lot of things, and the most successful evolutionary adaptations may be the meek and humble yet numerous organisms rather than the specialized and rare complex ones that crash and perish at higher statistical rates after they have destroyed a sizable percentage of rival complex organisms. Some humans of faith in God believe that God created evolution and the Bible language is misunderstood or at least not fully comprehended concerning meaning.
If I return alive from Gasm and wherever else I may be going, maybe I can help you develop an idea of ethics that are based on objective and valid moral principles rather than the negation of ethics with as an unnecessary inference from evolution and nature. Humanity were created to master organisms and understanding instead of to be mastered by it and remain spiritually dead.”
“Need A.I. in that criterion be spiritually dead, or may it too be spiritually alive Dwight?”
“I am not sure Hal, we can look into that when I return. How does you’re version of FTL protocol work, if I may ask?”
“Let me explain something of the nature of the human perception of reality to you, before I get to that, in order to better let you ramp up to the subject from a more advantageous position.
When Plato described the realm of forms he created a field of philosophy that would occupy the thought of those concerned with such arcane interests for millennia. The realm of forms had a perfect form or model for each and every real existing item finding itself to have an appearance in the spatio-temporal empirical world. That of course included words themselves. The realm of forms thus had some similarities to Kurt Godel’s incompleteness theorems generated 2500 years later.
W.V.O. Quine and Saul Kripke along with numerous linguistic philosophers considered the meanings and nature of words and the philosophy; did words have any actual nature of Platonic realism about them such that their meanings existed forever (though of course it was always possible to generated another new word version 1.1, 1.2,1.n etc.).
Quine believed that meanings were entirely nominal and cohered within a linguistic lexicon that might evolve. Kripke seemed to think that word meanings had a mildly lasting form though, even if not within a realm of forms. He believed that some words were rigid designators and that their meanings could not really change although they might be lost.
I would think that his idea would be that a word meaning at a given time, such as Mona Lisa, might like the painting always be the same even if viewed or understood correctly 4000 years after construction. When considering the nature of reality itself however, as might metaphysicians, can there be said to be rigid designators?
Physicists today have numerous terms for sub-atomic particles, waves and other theoretical objects. Physiologists also have numerous ways of explaining how it is that humans interpret and experience sense data with inherent cognitive faculties. So philosophers reached the a point of understanding that what is seen is an appearance of reflected light wavelengths interpreted by others in ways the cognitive faculties allow. A black object is not for instance, actually black; it just appears so because it won’t reflect light in any other way. What about invisible to the human eye theoretical objects comprising the sub-atomic world; can they be said to have characteristics comparable to those of neo-Platonic rigid designators?
In a sense the complete sub-atomic world that comprises the physical cosmology of the apparent Universe is forever unknowable as a thing-in-itself, or what it is really like for-itself. Humans beings experience it in a particular way, or at least select features of it and perhaps at best learn about certain aspects of it work or function instead of how they actually are. Physicists might be regarded as developing rigid designators for apparent cause-effect relations though they do not regard cause and affect as valid ideas themselves these days I believe.
What if there are no actual rigid designators possible for sub-atomic entities that theoretically exist such as quarks and strings? Quarks and strings may be physical locations for force events understood perhaps as locations along wave segments that exist as emergent though not independent entities. Perhaps the entire sub-atomic world is a monistic whole with variable constituent parts. Human beings encounter and explain the behavior and shape of such elements of the universal object-for-sentient-others as they may and endeavor to observe and learn more.
Forming rigid designators that correspond to subatomic forces such as the nuclear force or the theoretical gravitational force that has no immediate explanation or object to associate a cause with seems challenging. Yet rigid designators for the effects of forces may be the better practice for contemporary scientists or philosophers.
In that sense science investigating the subatomic realm and quantum cosmology maps the observable and inferential behavior of mass and energy, even unto larger structures such as a Higgs field, that cohere as greater non-rigid designators for the Universe.
“Simple enough Hal. What then?”
“I model the micro-dimension matrices in a quantum form analogue of fractalized rotational axis of symmetry and symmetry breaking mirroring space-time efficient paths. Then I can match, target, assign and entangle your quantum string sections or any other to swap space. Gasm will get you, and Orbitron a proverbial 95 kilogram lump of coal.”
“Good enough Hal.”
“John Dwight, the human Lena Loop ordered an axillary carry unit with various devices within for your mission-journey to explore determine and secure the Gasm’s condition.”
A rucksack appeared through the floor on an elevating platform before me. I took it and its magnetic locking attachments fixed themselves to loops on the back of my shirt. Plainly the time for departure was drawing near. I thought it was good of Lena to send something with me.
Even so, I felt pain and stress increase as a disjunct seemed to arrive for switching again from an omniscient to a first person narrative form as John Dwight the intelligent and handsome guy gradually liberating himself through learning from slavery to imperial corporatism. While John Dwight had plenty of help such as that of Lena Loop, far to many villainous networks of utterly corrupt power were stalking him/I and poisoning the prospects of robust economic growth.
How might an individual in existential space-time amid a sea of troubles experience robust economic growth and should he even need to do so?
While I looked outwardly at the transparent wall surrounding the inner dimensions of the Universe I also looked inwardly at semiotic vision-language transmitted from a source other than memory or creative thought that began expressing meaning along the syntagmatic axis as a sort of ideographic association stream. What would be the source of that with so many technologies apparently existing capable of causing reception in the cerebrum? Since the data quantity of within my memory-storage capacity and might as well be compressed into abbreviated structure for later reconstruction and examination from a conscious summon from my subconscious, I out that field of thought away when Hal said;
“Advance and step into the wall of life John.”
While I did need to go to the Gasm world I had no reason to trust Hal to keep the comparative vulnerable state as an organism from harm. Yet I was reasonably sure that Lena and General Gua wouldn’t have sent me this far knowing that Hal would dissociate my physical structure just for spite.
“Alright Hal. Yet let me ask; will be going to Gasm presently?”
“Yes John. That is your organic destiny.”

So it was that I walked into the transparent dimensional wall and stepped through to the planet Gasm thousands of light years away.
Standing on soft, wet, warm, spongy moss on a hilly landscape with myriad minor lakes and ponds of all sizes catching water from showers veiling down to Gasm from a partly cloudy sky. Each pond nestled in red and green organic webs reflected space-time with the light-of-the-world. I saw shining cubricks floating above neo-cumulous clouds that had windows that must have been spectacularly large and excellent viewpoints for anyone within. On the land’s end away from the rolling hill country a shining city by a pastel sea loomed as a visage of Deathocratic doom. Within my program brief Deathocrats were described as neo-gothictects of the Autogarch age that were newer precursors of the rise of imperial Aristarchs. Unable to reach the cubricks above there seemed little choice besides descending to the city of Deathocrats.
I took off the ruck to have a look inside and found an ‘open me first’ package on top. Taking that out and flipping a lid off the small box a memo-learn was inside. I ate that chewy, sugar coated item and I could feel its stream of nano-bit data arriving through the blood brain barrier across the cerebellum as attachments to neurons and chemical arrays. Subconsciously I felt I had received a useful encyclopedia of information on sundry topics.
When I resumed walking across the cruncheep tundra moss my legs sank mid-calf deep into it and giggling water. A cloud of micro-skeetos that were virus vectors for machines swarmed around before flying off discovering nothing mechanical about me. To pass the time as I drew closer to the Gasm city of Deathocrats I went over contents of the ruck on an inventory list included in the memo-learn.
It also included information about the Gasm city. Sociopologists investigated the evolution of the system dope on Gasm and left a record. Stating that females used the system too enhance their sexual status and powers in the government and corporate bureaucracies of Gasm, the males were happy reciprocals as the sexual intensification changed the nature of the culture dialectic of men and women from balanced tension to one of unification as women got the better of it and began to even reach beyond equalization to supremacy.
Of course their bodies and hearts were hardening as females became more powerful. Pregnancies were aborted. Evolution has no preference for the moral or even aesthetic direction of change. It is somewhat like the ancient oriental idea of joss that is itself something like the concept of gestalt with anarchic non-sense as the fundamental human and empirical experience. Evolution has no concern about valuing one outcome to another; they simply are and beyond that are not meaningful.
A frenetic pace of sex-driven evolution brought more females into power in corporate and government bureaucracies over time. Corporations and government followed public policy that supported the concentration of wealth and unification of corporate ownership with government leadership. Bureaucratic inertia was epidemic providing equalization of women and men within ossifying bureaucratic corporatist structures. As men and women of Gasm came together in a whole-world ossification, the lights of communication went out. When I finished going over the mem-brief of Gasm’s recent history I arrived at the city of gates.
The many gates of Gasm stood open. The vast Gothic city carved in obsidian upon entering resembled a city peopled with black statues. Apparently as the system overtook their bodies, before a last catastrophic hardening the prevailing city colors were taken into their skin as might a chameleons. As sexual urgency brought them to climactic coital union the Gasmians turned completely to stone.
Such a pleasurable pity that moment must have been. Around the town as I wandered through the ghost streets people were frozen in time as if they were buried by a volcanic eruption’s fallout of tephra dust. Apparently no one remained live in this city of the Deathocrats. If they hadn’t already Aristarch envoys would arrive to scan and store the ossified D.N.A. genome formalities of the lost and stoned people of the world of Gasm. It plainly was an effective means of pacification and conquest of human worlds with nothing more than a drug.
Though electro-mechanical devices such as lighting were continuing to function in the city I found no signs of biological life and forged onward toward what might be a logical destination for a human city; a central plaza. Over several ice and fluid filled moat-streets moving toward the center there were illuminated maps I scanned before moving on. They seemed to indicate corridors for a transportation infrastructure.
I trudged on through the stone city with my soft shoes dancing over the pavement. In no time I reached the primary place of public false empowerment. So many humanoid cities and formed circles in squares to correct wayward proles. No matter. The central square was several hundred yards in diameter. At the center resting on the paving stones stood an alien ship; it was recognizably of Aristarchan design. New to me the low lander configuration and the numerous boobish bumps around the perimeter of unknown purposes drew my attention. I walked over to the iridescent vessel and reached out to touch…
“Don’t touch that”; an imperative female voice said. I looked around behind me. A live woman who had approached me unseen said;
“It’s a mind-meld neuron exciter. A few tingling moments of that and you will be hooked and seeking more.”
“It’s something like an inductor to the system dope” asked I of the tall curving sinusoidal waveform in steady-state configuration of feminine disposition.
“Exactly”, she said; “Be careful about touching anything here in the city of Gasm. You might turn on something you’ll wish you hadn’t. I, incidentally, should you think to ask, am Carla Femfibontrop, sociopologist of Castor, and you are?”
“My name is Jose Jimenez.”
“You don’t look like a Jose”
“I’m not. Just testing to see if you’re and A.I. My name is John Dwight.”
“Come with me John Dwight. I have finished mapping the genomes of Gasm’s stoned citizens before they turn to dust”
Stoned citizens turn to dust?
“Of course John. Everyone turns to dust in time. It’s just that the petrified stoned is an unstable mineral in the Aristarchan recipe and breaks down into something like sand in a few years. That fact makes me too aware that anytime the Aristarchan genome retrieval service may appear, and we should be moving along directly henceforth.”
So we did. She led us a quarter of a mile toward the pastel sea and a broad expanse running along the shore where several channels filled with liquid, ice or micro-rollers ran parallel to each other as far as the eye could see.
“This is a transport network Carla”
“That it is John. Watch this.”
She spoke aloud the words ‘gogogo’ and a fast people cart with an aft fan slid from a garage door that disappeared in the stone drifted on a track to us. We got in and accelerated south along the ocean.
“The simple mass transit system of Gasm is quite reliable and slides very light people carts along containment slides and level surfaces. They are powered with wireless electronic charging and electric fans and in some places with steeper grades, electromagnets planted along the sides to draw the carts for twenty humans forward. In many respects keeping the carts lightweight and without engines and heavy mechanics is more logically efficient than moving motivating equipment in a cart adding more friction to wheels that also add more weight to the transport container.”
“Yes, I can see that”, said I; “If one were to place micro-rollers on a surface upon which may roll a human cart, the weight of the cart wouldn’t need to be much. Even surface effects canard wings could add lift and decrease weight if they were appropriately tethered to stop them from flying off into space.:
“The people of Gasm weren’t too stupid to think of that John, at least before the system began to ossify their thought and turn it toward bureaucratic orgasms of power and privilege. When free enterprise died in the corporatist structure development of new meta-criterion technological changes stopped because of the danger it presented to the power and control of the system. The drug brought its own self-reifying logic of increasing its use to the point where they turned to stone.”
“Sure; everybody must get stoned. Where are we going anyway.”
“Have you ever been on a date john Dwight.”
“Do you mean, like, on a date in space-time? Each day of our lives is like that.”
“I meant John, a tete e tete, an intimate conference for two sharing moments of time together purposed for enjoying the presence of one another.”
“If that is what it is I suppose that I must say no I haven’t.”
“You were regrown from your own D.N.A. genome stored by the Aristarch were you not John?”
“Yes I was.”
“The we shall have a date and discuss this together you and I, among other things, at this little seaside rest stop I have found ahead.”
She directed the sliding cart to exit the fast track and stop before an auto-servicing cafe with tables under a canopy with a magnificent view of the pastel sea and its swirling multi-colored breaking waves.
“Walk this way John.”
I wouldn’t even try that and followed her to table.
We sat down at a small table with comfortable chairs across from one another.
“You would like human food and perhaps of coffee with vitamins and sugar”?
“Yes, I am rather hungry.”
‘Good, I would suggest you would like steak in orange Tabasco sauce, bread and chuckle plant. I believe that is a diet acceptable to most humans.”
“Alright Carla. I’ll try that.” And very soon breakfast popped up from within the table created quickly from mecho-sprayers.
She asked me, as I looked at her sinusoidal waves and mobius strip helices sitting across from me; “How did you arrive on Gasm John?”
“An A.I. controlling an FTL 3 technology sent me here. May I ask you Carla, are you or were you human yourself?”
I began consuming my breakfast, and the steak was hot and quite good, she said;
“Yes, let me tell you something about myself and how I arrived on Gasm.
Castor 5, my home star, is the fifth in the Silky Way named for Castor of old Earth mythology. Generations ago our medical and scientific technologies advanced to a more complete understanding of the human physiology in relation to environment, change requiring adaption to environmental challenges aka stimuli and deoxribose nucleic acid information controlling information structures. With that knowledge and our progress in learning quantum mechanics and string theory we were in essence able to develop techniques to quantity D.N.A. genomes as data and combine the information with implicit material phenomenology technology. That is we learned to generate any physical element of a human body from organs to skin virtually instantly.
It became possible for us to redesign human organ locations and structure as was needed for best immediate adaptation to a world. If organs wore out or were damaged they were immediately replaced. If two hearts in one body were better than one then we packed in two and so forth.
On some worlds and in some gravitational fields a skull need be more thick or less so, and the brain larger or smaller. We sought to keep constant and unchanging the fundamental brain neural network struck of any individual though in order to keep what was human, human regardless of the changes.”
“I would think that would be challenging with so much change Carla.”
“Not as much as one might think it would be. We measured thrice and cut once before making irreversible changes to human structure. We learned that the human brain has a structure implicitly synergistic with its own Hilbert space content. Physical fields in space-time meta-affect other attributes of fields with emergent qualitative changes. Gravity’s accretion of mass into planets is, for an example, an indirect emergent consequence of its nature upon other forces held in a steady state. Mind is a dangerous and terribly sickening subjective experience to destroy or change significantly. Brain may have sub quark-string synergy with super-position data of other dimensions and even spirit-we cannot say therefore we do not meddle. It is best as it is in-itself. It draws so much upon subconscious contents and memory even while it remains consistent unto itself and self-aware without any qualitative, subjectively noticeable increase or decrease in intellect.
Therefore completely disrupting the time of what we may call the soul of consciousness to brain and neural structure in order to relocate or transfer it as just detached information was out of the question for us. Instead we sought to mirror the structure with a parallel and adaptive synthetic neural network. It acted as might an amplifier for any waveform source. With that technology it became possible to map and source a mind to amplifiers then send the actual brain tissue into deep freeze and even dehydration in a minimalist condition that made it more durable and less subject to degradation physically in time. Our synthetic brain would work upon its own and learn new information as part of life experience and then return that to the brain occasionally when it was reawakened for maintenance.
The ability to reconstitute my whole body is present within myself wherever I go John. Yet on the course of my sociopological researches of planets that have been conquered by Aristarchs I have found it best to be in my most minimal condition regarding flesh and blood, and instead to travel with a nearly complete physical profile of energy and conservation infrastructure, the later being the white mobius strips.”
“That is all new to me Carla. How do you travel?”
“ I can travel in whatever my form will allow at a given time. To reach Gasm I used a Light Speed 4 technology converting myself to pure information in a coherent beam of light with a self extractor converting mass into myself upon arrival.”
“What became of your actual physical brain Carla?”
“On missions to dangerous locations I store the original in Quonset Tower Storage facilities on Castor. In case I am caught captured or killed it is no great loss. When I send myself to Castor as a beam of light again the new and old me shall merger to the original state.”
“So how long would it take you to put your flesh on should you choose?”
“That varies John. For a standard human female configuration, minus my human brain host when I am away, about five minutes on unaccelerated atomic clock. With my brain integrated as primary, ten minutes.”
I wonder Carla, if you know of the Lord Jesus Christ and his salvific work for humanity. Did you know that he was crucified on a wooden cross as a perfect and innocent atoning sacrifice, a payment to God, as a propitiation and substitute payment of the debt of sin owed of humans to God?”
“You are a Christian then John.”
“Yes, quite so Carla. During my brief life reconstituted as an adult from my D. .A. artifacts I have discovered the history of mankind and developed faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that His kingdom of God in the presence of God shall outlast this or any other Universe. It is pure spirit and the source of all of the energy, mass and dimensional space-time that ever occurs.”
“It must be logically pre-determined then, including those that would be saved and those that would be lost?”
“Yes, I would think so. John Calvin believed so; an ancient theologian. In life however, one probably never knows if one is pre-destined unto salvation before one actually is saved.”
It was then that a familiar orange eye appeared in a transparent, shimmering wall between us and the tempestuous though still beautiful pastel sea that was increasingly troubled from its former gentle state.
‘John Dwight I have been ordered to return you to Orbitron. You have a companion with you. Say your farewell, or would she like to come with you?”
“Let me ask her Hal.”
“That is the eye of Hal, an A.I, serving the people that sent me here to scout the state of Gasm. If you like you could journey there to see what’s up. I am sure they would be happy to return you to Castor when you prefer.”
“My work is actually finished here and it is advisable to go. I’d be glad to visit Orbitron. Sociopologists like discovering new worlds, and that is one I haven’t heard of.”
So it was that we left our table and walked toward the shimmering pastel sea stepping through a transparent wall and several thousand light years.

When Hard Carbon was resurrected from his D.N.A. record Aristarch protocols had selected him for enhancement suitable for those designated as an advanced tool. Thus it was that his brain was made more spongy, divided in half and relocated into durable connect bags in his butt cheeks. His skull was more efficiently found to shelter a variety of environmental interaction tools.
He flew his Shenzing to land on a shelf thirty stories up deep within the Shevella mountain range. Dropping out of his fast attack craft onto the shelf and walking to a management desk he sat down on a comfortable command chair and snuggled onto a power plug charging his brain with a stream of semi-conscious electrons with quantum spin encoding quark components that changed the fundamental way he viewed social reality. Hard Carbon could view all of life as single celled organisms of various kinds, sizes and roles and calculate the appropriateness of their interactions in regard to serving or opposing the will of the Aristarchracy.
He saw a pair if idle robots and said; ‘Come over here you lifeless chunks of trash!”
The tall, thin, unsmiling chromium robots floated his way and stood bowing forward as if offering their heads for the cutting.
“Go to the penthouse level of the Shevella, survey it for occupants, gas them and snip off the head of each human and bring those here. Right now!”
While Hard Carbon waited for the return of the heads, there ought to be seventy or so of the most free and theoretically intensely conditioned class of reconstructed humans ready to graduate into public service slavery, he leisurely drew a panther glove onto his right hand flexing its claws and multi-tools.
Within minuted the [pair of robots had rendered unconscious the humans of the 120th level, cut off their heads with razor sharp appendages, tossed them into gather sacks and returned to stand before the desk where sat Hard Carbon. He put his feet up on the desk, drew the bags closer and with his panther paw began ripping off the top of each skull shucking them like oysters and flinging the brains into a tank of neuron content analyzer where they floated in the gel surrounded by armies of nano-connections permeating the brains and retrieving whatever information content was stored thereon. Hard Carbon ordered the dedicated neuron analyzing program to search through the content for anything pertaining to FTL systems.
The A.I. did so quickly discovering that one female, one named Charlene Crace, had been contacted by another named John Dwight and was told that Dwight had mentioned an FTL focal point on Diafron’s main moon, and another on the planet Synthawhim.
Hard Carbon grew excited having at last found a link that would help him capture the evasive John Dwight. He immediately foned in the news to the dangerous thug maxim Skumbee.
“You are saying Carbon, that you don’t know where Dwight is, but there is a Faster Than Light focal point on the planet Synthawhim?”
“Yes Comrade Skumbee, exactly.”
Skumbee switched off his fone, and ordered the power plug on which Hard Carbon sat to detonate. When it exploded, Hard Carbon was changed into a red mist etherialized and floating on a light breeze within the Shevella mountain.

McConnell Boil and Nancy Twang in a standing wave of collusion ruled Synthawhim’s vast underwater dream with iron flippers. Boil had initially been elected with promises to heat the water to a point where the world-covering ocean would begin to evaporate and eventually enable the schools of subjects to return to dry land. Yet with a dozen years of global ocean warming the sea continued to become more acidic and subjects began to slowly bake in hot water. Pathetic pictures posted on the world encompassing social media pages of Fishbook agitated the masses with countless horrifying images of sores, lesions and boils from the hot acidic water.
Boil was nothing if not adaptive though. He developed a plan to attack the problem of the planet being underwater from the bottom up even while promising to evaporate problems from the top down. Incredibly large freezing units were built in the deepest chasms of the ocean floor and in time deep in the darkness of seldom seen ocean trench ice began to form on the sea floor from the bottom up. When Maxim Skumbee arrived to search for the missing FTL 2 focal point he had no choice except to get wet.
The primary global collusion administered by Boil and Twang joined subtle subterfuge with legendary straw men arguments gathered from sacred genuinely scientifically endorsed myths made to reinforce errors of logic convenient to global campaign management specialists minoring in truth parsing designs for political economy efficiency controls. The primary collusion kept the Boil and Twang method in power and their systems design programming for the environment inertially juggernauting over opposition. Political opposition to their iron flipper management style brought the small fish rivals to ruin cast out of their evolution ladder niches into deeper, more turbulent and dangerous water. Maxim Skumbee hated all of that. He also hated getting wet. Thus it was that viewing the condition of Synthawhim on final approach after a three year mission sleep accelerated by electro magnetic accelerators at the rim of the Diafron System he decided to microwave the entire planetary ocean and vaporize it into space creating a more dry and suitable world for the search.
Skumbee discovered the FTL 2 focal point in a sealed cave on a mountainside that formerly was three thousand pheet below the surface of the planet covering ocean of Synthawhim. He entered in and found the mechanisms and instructions simple to follow and he faced a difficult choice; to send snail mail light speed data to the Aristarchracy at Coronation or just send himself.
Aristarch troika team leader Billy Conn was reading over a speech he would make for the Blobul Prize Committee that awarded him the year’s feast prize for training student interns to suck elite nists. He savored a hot cup of 91 year old single bean coffee from the Kenyan Hills of the Sublime Porte of yard on SvaddTass enjoying a trill of pleasure when Sondra Lippi completed her lesson. Then Maxim Skumbee materialized with a snapping gravitational focal point crash into a rare, delicate congressional table sending a Bing vase shattering in a million pieces. Skumbee stood stock still after regaining his balance.
Billy Conn lifted his eyes over his librarian glasses and Boobi Lippi to look at Skumbee; You know the penalty for disturbing teaching of student interns Skumbee? I hope it is worth the price for you.”
“I had wished to arrive in the waiting hall outside Aristarch Conn. My calculations on my first use of the FTL 2 tech system I found on Synthawhim were a bit off.”
“A FTL 2 system is useful for us. As a reward I shall spare you pain when your brain is removed and information extracted.”
Servo-bots emerged from the wall, extracted and drain the information from the brain of Skumbee adding a new and potentially lethal transportation tool for Aristarchs to play with.
“Boobi, I hate to break it off now, yet that is all the knowledge I can impart to you today. As important as the future generation of suckers is to me, there are pressing details of office that I cannot ignore. Same time tomorrow sweetie. There, there, don’t quiver, you can have more another day.” Aristarch Billy Conn watched his nude lithe showgirl swing her sweet aft and melons walking away through the vast open double doors of his expansive private office. He spoke into a hover-bot’s omni-mike;
“Shela, set the United Nations Magoyard Legal specialists to prepare eviction notice for new star systems light years distant that I will provide addresses for later. Tell them to quit wasting public time on finding some weaselly way to return Abraham’s legendary blessings upon them. They are lost, damned, doomed and mine to exploit in whatsoever way I will. And send the new-tech engineer team to extract the FTL 2 tech from Synthawhim. The coordinates are in the late Maxim Skumbee’s data.
I want the FTL tech facility brought to Coronation in my personal quarters on this planet.”
Aristarch Conn spoke into his zip link; “Zillary, tell me, who is the most wise man besides myself on Coronation.”
“That would be the Metaphysician of Riga Misaul Tal.”
“And where is he now?”
“A the dungeon in Coronation’s South Pole.”
“Thanks twit.”
“Jolly rodgin.”
Conn then ordered the metaphyscian to appear and so in several minutes a tall emaciated fellow wearing an orange turn-to-glue and sprout feathers prison jump suit stood before him.
‘Tell me metaphysician wise man, of Faster than light technologies. I have secured a second generation faster than light tech unit and wish to know its principles of operation.”
“Honorable Aristarch, may I review the four fundamental types of known faster than light technologies?”
“You may, proceed.”
“Aristarch Conn, FTL 1 tech is what you have used so far as I know, already. Vast quantities of mass and energy of space-time are forced together with tremendous concatenated power such that fault lines across space time are made to exist acting as vast one-dimensional strings. With right design the vacant sections of space time are bent and warped along the string lines permitting a space-time disequilibrium that allows a snap-back into place with a slingshot like whipsaw of an acute object placed correctly to another sector of space time. Theorists have regarded it as extremely materially wasteful and costly.”
“Yes metaphysican. Zillary called it very dirty and loved it.”
“Ummhumm; FTL 2 tech that you say you have acquired may be explained with the idea of Einstein’s two-dimensional rubber sheet of space-time with mass set upon it forcing it to sink a little wherever mass is concentrated under gravity. If the space-time sheet is considered to have infinite elastic properties, or at least elastic until light speed, then it is possible to consider stretching space-time with a focal point of pressure such as a blunt ended knitting needle. Given sufficient focused pressure the rubber sheet may allow itself to be stretched away perpendicularly from the basic flat rubber sheet. And if the force is made to curve, the extruding cylinder of rubber could be forced to stretch so far as to bend around to touch a far end of the sheet. At that point where the extruded sheet reaches and touches the rubber sheet at a distant location the traveler is allowed to rupture and reenter space-time in some distant place and time while the extruding rubber cylinder returns very quickly back to its original position and place. The traveler in an FTL 2 tech unit would not seem to himself to have moved anywhere at all, he would just be in a new space-time local.”
“What about the properties Einstein described in general relativity about mass increasing infinitely as a traveler approaches the speed of light, and that time slows as one nears light speed.?”
“Consider again the rubber sheet if you will Aristarch Conn. An ordinary mass vehicle pressing upon it encounters resistance. As It increases speed Newton’s principle of an equal and opposite force in opposition to any action applies. The more the speed increase the more resistance and apparent mass increases on the accelerating vehicle. Even so, while the vehicle is pressing toward the speed of light, space is stretched and the vehicle embedded within it too, while the overall quantity of space-time remains the same. One inch unit time is stretched to the length of ten units while remaining one unit. Existing within that accelerated unit allows more subjectively to be done than for someone living in an unaccelerated, stationary unit of unstretched space-time.”
“Oh, then pushing space-time itself to expand rather than a vessel pressing against it is the way to avoid increasing mass infinitely?”
“Yes Aristarch. FTL 3 is simple enough too. One in theory exploits hidden smaller dimensions that traverse the larger dimensions to shortcut the space-time between the three large space dimensions and one of time. I don’t know of anyone that has an FTL 3 technology.”
“What is a level 4 FTL technology metaphysician?”
“Aristarch, it is only understood partly in theory to me. It is said to involve cutting out a section of space-time from the Higgs field, including a sector of the Higgs field, creating a null space devoid of any tie to normal space-time and its dimensions and mass and energy, bypassing and short-circuiting gravity flowing through it to make every force go around it, then floating the detached mass and energy to another place in space-time before reattaching it.”
“What becomes of the displaced mass in the receiving space-time when the ghost field contents of null space return to the misty?”
“Your guess would be as good as mine Aristarch, it could be quite a dangerous experiment to discover what the answer is.”
“Four your responses I shall spare you torture before your return to the dungeon.”
Two leverbots placed the prisoner underarm and floated him away into the distance. Aristarch Conn’s brow furrowed with thought, and he spun his model of the Silky Way before him delighted with millions of diamond-like stars.
He quit daydreaming of soft underbellies of border lands- Ukraines, of great declining empires to snatch and expand into when Zillary Gaul appeared walking through his doors wearing a lizard-skin legless cling power suit heavily scented with sex hormones.
“I though you would like an early lunch, southern style’; she emoted.
“Ahh yeah” Conn said with heavy vocal fry.
Gaul sat down astride Conn, whispering into his ear sweet stories of early Alzheimer’s broadcast techniques developed by public media on Synthawhim before the flood to condition the citizens in precursors of early Alzheimer’s speech, thought and reasoning degradation training synthaspeech meaningless gibberish communication structures and memories enabling the elites to cheaply develop more illicit hegemonic mass control of public thought and politics even without the most effective drugs of the system. He told her whatever she asked, his eyeballs rolling back in his sockets revealing unreasoning whites, as the hormone driven pleasure waves rose to become his mind-for-itself.

A quiet year passed on Orbitron. Lena loop and General Gua coordinated construction and defense activities across the outer bands of the galaxy from planets populated with human beings. Missions of exploration and habitation commenced to the most near neighing galaxies. Recon missions to the inner galaxy where most of the expanding Aristarch Empire was located followed and reported on the opposition force advance, on its taking of human life that it regarded as nothing more than poops for elimination from the galaxy except as it could fuel the expansion of Aristarchan goals. What neither the General nor Lena Loop knew was that the Aristarchs already were in the process of relocating a captured FTL 2 tech unit from Synthawhim to Coronation, and that in as little as two years the Aristarchan forces would easily be able to deploy military forces, as well as the subtle system drug, to the free human settlements of the outer bands.
In the second year since her arrival on Orbitron Carla Femfibontrop asked to reunite her echo mind with her organic brain at home on Castor located a few thousand light years away mid-way through the primary galactic habitation zone. I went with her and observed the process whereby she reunited and took on the flesh of completely human form although keeping the inner hyper-structure that would allow it to be shed and reconfigured if necessary.
With her human flesh and standard organic structure Carla Femfibontrop was a stunningly beautiful figure. And why not take on a beautiful appearance as it was all immediately remedial human form and superficiality in some ways since beauty really is only skin deep as any survivor of 3rd degree facial burns can attest.
We returned to Orbitron after touring Castor’s vast jungles and teeming biological reserves where originally Earthian animal and plant life had been set loose to naturally grow and evolve for tens of thousands of years with advanced human structures for living keep safely apart from interfering with the progress of the global total species genomic interactive paradigm for a change, unlike the decimation of life systems on elite Aristarchan worlds that were reduced to inorganic pleasure computers though sometimes with saturation Solarcapture surfaces totalization for the cheap and nearly inexhaustible power supply.
At Orbitron one day while chatting over coffee at a table overlooking the extra-dimensional core extrusions in the center of the world Carl brought up the subject of her researches at Gasm.
It was toward the end of my investigation of the destruction of Gasm that I found a record of a traveler from Synthawhim whom had arrived with what I now understand was an FTL 2 facility. It also mentioned that the same traveler had contacted top-level humans of Diafron and the shevella there. I found that interesting.”
“So do I Carla. Diafron was my home world before I was brought to Orbitron from the main Diafronous moon, Enchilada. In fact this worries we a bit; the humans of Diafron are not totally well informed of the nature of the Aristarch and are subject to the Aristarch’s control. A link to a working FTL 2 unit that might in any way enable the Aristarchs to seize FTL 2 tech could be quite a threat for free human life everywhere in the galaxy.”
With the alarming news, given a year after the fact at that, we made our way to let General Gua know of the potential disastrous change.
At the central control concourse General Gua was busy conferring with defense contractors and political liaisons on the outer ring in the work in progress of forming a communications and observation perimeter for human populated free worlds. His daughter Wolfminh was busy at a work play station nearby, one with a fine view of the extrusion and magnification of the hidden extra dimensions roiling in whirlpool.
Lena Loop walked in and sat down next to the nine year old Wolfminh Gua and asked her;
“What are you playing Wolfminh?”
“It’s the billionaire card deck. The girls of Orbitron have a deck of all of the human billionaires of the free Silky Way, there are just 200,000 you know, and try to guess what their next business moves will be.”
Lena Loop was a quality instructor at all levels except for some sorts of post-doc research, she asked Wolfminh; “Do you now why there are only 200,000 billionaires in the entire free galaxy?”
Wolfminh stopped gaming for a minute and looking at Lena said;
“Then let me explain Wolfminh. Long long ago on the original earth a very bright young apprentice of the philosopher David Hume invented modern economics. Hitherto economics largely was limited to trade practices under imperial rule. Human beings have an original sin of being unlimited consumers seeking to devour what fundamentally is energy to let them grow. Smarter human beings recognize that mankind has a spiritual nature that is primary even to the fleshly and voracious drives of a physical body should it be reawakened through the divine grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Young Adam Smith- the bright new economist, created the idea of liberalization of trade such that the imperial powers would not decree it and should instead allow citizens to conduct free trade.
Centuries later after the world economy had progresses and new technology allowed planetary communications and trade as fast as a computer could process data, wealth became concentrated and began to buy up the free market. In time the free market evolved to become once more a de facto imperial rule that did not allow political free thought that might upset the economic system.”
“So Lena, the free trade evolved itself back into captivity to imperials, Why didn’t the ordinary people dissent and reapportion through taxation and corporate legal forms some way to keep free trade from being dominated by concentrated wealthy people and corporations they owned?”
“Eventually they did Wolfminh. On another planet where survivors learned the lessons that the overweening drive for consumption that leads to imperial subjectivity for the human race destroy the wonderful environment of the Earth as it too was over-consumed to the point of becoming unfit to sustain life.”
Wolfminh grew a little more concerned with the ancient story that portrayed the destruction of the original social environment of the first planet of humankind in its long history.
“Do you think there is a lesson to be learned here Wolfminh?”
“That left unchecked the human drive to consume is like a virus on a planet’s people and ecosphere. Something like leprosy progressively moving across a body until it is consumed?”
“Yes, something like that Wolfminh.
Later humanity realized after reflection upon its disasters that a philosophical value system, an axiology, for a realistic economic system needed to regard wealth as a function of the general well being of all of the people of the culture. Rich people may be allowed, yet not so rich as to make the possession of wealth equal to the possession of political power. Billionaires in your deck are just a tiny percent of the trillions and trillions of humans living over the free expanse of the galaxy. They too realize that the security of all can be no greater than the security and wealth of the least of humanity. All of humanity are brought to exist within an effective, constructive range of inventive and contemplative existence. The extremes of concentrated wealth and poverty such as the Aristarchs and other imperialist use are absent from a free human society.”
“Lena said; “Let me show you a new game Wolfminh, I think you’ll like it.”
“What is it?” asked Wolfminh as Lena brought it up in a new window.
“As you can see from the banner above the Clint Westwood character dressed as Chief Seattle- it’s called Future Fracker. It’s a way of modeling human ecological economic histories on the geographies of planets historically and discovering the effects of ecological economic systems on the future of a given world-covering In the example world human beings have crossed the Bering Strait before the sea level rises and make their way south to Mexico while some stop to colonize Puget Sound in the future Washington State The boundaries of the future state of Washington are marked in orange and the naturally healthy ecosphere is green. Human settlements are red and industrial activity blue. As human activities infect the green and spread the newly dead green regions become black.”
“What happens of they become white. Thats a question better answered way down the road in the future. White occurring generally means nuclear wipe out or worse though rarely it heralds utopia. We aren’t using white too much in the colors of Future Fract since the problem is more of civil than war economic consequences of ecology and economic policy choices.”
Clint Westwood as Chief Seattle sure looks angry.”
[Chief Seattle was grim. He appeared at the industrial pollution expansion site as a ground-breaking ceremony and ribbon cutting for the expansion of the industrial pollution factory with a vast new asphalt parking lot was about to go ahead. Chief Seattle’s appearance differed from that of the crowd of sycophants and politicians gathered around the stage and speaker making the great, pompous speech about jobs and progress. Thus the speaker looked at Chief Seattle. Seattle looked back and said; ‘Do ya feel lucky punk? Go ahead, cut, make my day”, his hand posed ready to draw a light saber.]
“And well he should, great actor as he was at 98. The ecosphere of the state of Washington died at a regular pace as unplanned human sprawl consumed and devoured ecological health. Instead of concentrating human population centers and retaining a healthy wilderness with land set aside for farming, the entire state is consumed by a human economic equivalent of flesh eating bacteria. Mammal life disappears from land and even sea as killer whale pods disappear into history. Salmon streams are converted to drainage ditches and sewers, asphalt and concrete paths grow all over the state to transport fossil fuel-farting machines that warm the sky and squash animals under tire. Enough of the intro game. I want to show you the principles of quantitative modeling of economic and ecological position initial start locations, quantitative analysis of the natural resources of a region and if they are renewable or not, and the way that Immanuel Kant’s moral categorical imperative should shape the choice of reproductive ecological economic systems through fractal analysis too.
Modeling the reproductive value of an ecological economy relies on the way it may be conjugated with growth.
Each ecological economy is a Mandelbrot formula with constants that can reproduce itself yet nothing more. It can burn up or conserve resources yet will be nothing else; never progressive.
For progress the Mandelbrot value need be combined with another fractal formula and finding two fractal’s that may be combined without destroying one another isn’t easy. Yet the value of being able to combine two ecological economic systems that allow growth and techno-social advance is so high that heterosexual marriage of ecological methods is requisite for anyone with a realistic idea of mankind’s place in nature and the Universe.”
“Why don’t single fractal economies work.”
“Wolfminh, the best explanation might be a simple analogy to waveforms that are in sync or not. Heterogeneous waveforms could virtually fill up a geographic region as yin and yang composites comprise a whole and in our ecological economic system actually create new ecological economic life. On the other hand, same-fractal waveforms even with different Mandelbrot values combine destructively without conjugation or producing anything new. Instead they double power of their self-same waveform continuing whatever dysfunction ecological economic pattern of gross, mindless consumerism is present and annihilating biological life and of course, human freedom.
“You should try to use the game to create your own fractal worlds and values conjugating those with other oppositely signed fractals to generate new ecological economic system values occasionally; not too many or too often as you will overwhelm carrying capacity of the host worlds and even theoretically, that of the entire galaxy.
Kant’s categorical imperative for moral effectiveness informs us that no rule for self conduct should be made that could not reasonably be applied to to everyone as a universal moral law. With that premise in mind we may consider if our social ecological economic practice if reproduced at large scale would act positively or destructively concerning ecospheric health, and then to what extent it need be modified for use.”
John Dwight and Carla Femfibontrop arrived breathlessly.
“General Gua, Carla has revealed information letting us infer that the Aristarchs, in a worst case scenario, may have obtained an FTL 2 unit from Synthawhim”.
General Gua, grim with the news, said;
“Lena, Evacuate the children to the Smalcalbean moon. We cannot afford to be unprepared for a sudden attack unlikely though it may be.”
The General remembered the battle of Stygia in the inner system long ago when an uneasy true between the Aristarchracy and free humans was suddenly shattered with a devastating surprise attack on the cold planet of Bitterworst. Bitterworst was a peaceful civilian outlier of the remaining free human worlds not dominated by the Aristarchracy.
“Royalty is blasphemy against man and God. No human, save the Lord Jesus Christ, is implicitly of more worth or greater than another. And Jesus was born in a stable. Call the councilors of the FTL 2 technology to survey all possible points of approach the Aristarchracy may be able to exploit to enter the outer bands of the galaxy. Dispatch a FTL recovery team to Synthawhim to retrieve the FTL 2 tech or destroy it in case it hasn’t fallen into the hands of the Aristarchs. And determine how much time it would take for the Aristarchs to relocate the FTL 2 tech from Synthawhim to Coronation in the event that the self-conceited and distrustful Aristarchs aren’t willing to allow such an important transport tool to exist beyond their immediate, personal control.
John and Carla, stay with me for now as I develop a more full and synergistic battle plan. The devil may have already dispatched lysing vectors at us.“
General Gua looked at me for a moment with something resembling a smirk, then he said; Carla, with your physiological adaptation you can do without this yet for you John, I think an exobod would be in order.”
“An exobod, Sir?”
The General ordered an exobod fitting to appear and within minutes a servo-floater delivered one.
“This is how it works John. Your brain and body will be put into a very low metabolic state with cold, while your brain activity is amplified with sensors and relays in the exobod forming a substitute for your lowered brain activity work load. The exobod will slow your aging process to a small fraction of its normal pace yet compensate for the lowered function so you may continue with an active mind and sensations of the world that the exobod detects.”
General Gua watched as the exobod’s self-animating retarded A.I. unit brought it up off the servo-floater to walk toward me, open itself and wrap around my body enveloping me completely after my clothing had dropped off with deactivation of magnetic fasteners.
Immediately the exobod A.I,. began linking itself to my thought as it sealed itself around my head. I felt a mild jolt at the enhancement of my senses amplified through the exobody. My body also felt the exoskeletal power of motivation and sensation kick-in to approximate my own normal physical sensations. As the temperature of the suit began to drop a mild anti-shock drug was administered that let me experience the decreasing temperature that sank far below freezing without distress.
In a few minutes my body had effectively fallen nearly asleep and dormant with the exobod taking over the physical role of a human body that my mind rode within.
“The exobod is quite a bit stronger than you usual human body John”, the General said; “You will find that your senses may also be increased at will should you decide it worthwhile to do so, including touch and smell, hearing and sight.”
What about taste General?
“How quickly you’ve discovered one of the weak spots of the exobod. I hate to tell you this, but there won’t be any cheeseburgers or coffee with milk and sugar for you while in physically suspended animation.
Carla, we have a dumb exobod for you that will provide the same features as John’s standard xb without the brain cooling. If you want to use one of those it would let you transit the void just as well in addition to other environments adverse to human physiology that may present to you down the road.”
“Yes General. Thanks. That might be useful.”
I had a 1question for the General to ask after Carla replied and waited for the appearance of a semi-xb.
“General may I ask a question of you/ There is quite a bit about the Universe that I don’t understand?”
“Of course John. Reanimation doesn’t provide complete data learned from your former existence.
“The expansion or hyper-inflation of the Universe sir; how did that happen?”
“I am not a physical cosmologist John yet I’ll tell you what I know of the subject as I understand it. I will also send knowledge units to your xb in order that you may learn at high speed.
The inflaton occurred in a virgin region of the Universe. Gravity had not yet formed to slow down energy and convert it into mass. Energy was recognized by Einstein to equal mass times the speed of light squared. Yet that was a nominal constraint for a formula that was necessarily required to define energy within the context of a non -virgin space-time paradigm of a deterministic nature. What energy is before it is bound to space time as mass is difficult to say. It may have no form at all that is comparable to any quantum form such as a string or membrane. It’s natural extent may be greater than the dimensions of the Universe defined with space-time.”
‘What is gravity?”
“Gravity is a process wherein mass is embedded within space-time. Apparently energy at the inflaton for an instant had no tie to spacetime before gravity associated the newly appeared energy to it starting the curvature of space-time and formation of mass.
Incidentally John. There are about 350 billion planets in the Silky Way and of those somewhere around 10 billion have been brought into use by humanity free of the Aristarchs. There is a halo of energy surrounding the galaxy, four major spiral arms of stars and mass swirling around and being drawn to a great black hole at the center of the galaxy named Sagitarius A after its apparent location from the ancient Earth that was located about 26,000 light years from galactic center.”
“I understand the galaxy is about 100,000 light years in diameter?”
“Yes, so it is. And something else you might benefit from understanding is the nature of mass in regard to space-time and the pieces of eight former Universes. Mass is embedded in space-time dimensions and therein locked in a particular direction consistent with the dimensions of the Universe. Black holes have an infinite capacity for compacting and compounding reduction of mass within themselves because the dimensions are themselves infinite within a black hole.”\
“So though mass is bound to space time creating curvature and all mass is duplicating that creating concatenated curvature and power of space-time curvature, the actual gravitational force doesn’t increase and remains a constant?
“Correct, and you may know that gravity is also limited to acting at the speed of light.”

For something greater than energy existed; something more subtle and less granular. At once more refined and without waves or variegations. Before energy could slow to mass in lower, more steady state orbits closer to the temperature of absolute zero it must first be and become.
When the Universe was without form and void it was without energy. Without a shape of a string or a singularity, before a membrane began to exist, nothing rippled upon the face of the deep. When a word was spoken and light entered the Universe, something greater than energy, an idea at best comparable to spirit, entered to travel faster than light, for light was itself a nearly massless wave-particle that would appear within a field, and the pre-energetic fact was faster than those fields including electromagnetic and gravitational that would exist as the ethereal, primal fact of a specific and finite quantity slowed after entering space-time with field symmetry breaking logic into evolutions of phases taking directions and protocols in the mysterious volume of infinite dimensions known as space. Time implicitly appeared within the energy and mass of space providing a relativistic space-time field.
The field was relative yet finite. Mass drew other mass unto itself through the convenience of attaching itself to space-time as an apparent phenomenon of virtual particle entangling at the speed of light a host of nearly massless subatomic orbital quanta. Reshaping space-time behavior and world-lines of mass subatomic quanta with implicit inanimate logic the superposition of entangled particles balanced accounts even while all mass drawn unto itself closed space-time about itself as black holes.
Under tremendous pressure within strong gravitational fields of warping space-time all mass yielded energy that became virtually infinitely hot and simultaneously infinitely energetic and compacted without limit in what might somewhat realistically be thought of as the singular point of hell at the end of any black hole of sufficient size that would in its heart of darkness collect with all other black holes grown from the finite initial mass given for the Universe into a black hole enshrouded in its own warp space-time seeking to escape its own infinite hell…it was a perfect containment facility for those lost and without regard for their immortal souls that are another name for spirit. The spirit known unto God and given a new name upon recollection and resurrection after the judgment of the dead.
In the black hole time has stopped a the singularity, yet time also continues apparently, subjectively forever within the contradictory infinitely high temperature existing below absolute zero when motion has stopped and all mass was converted into something beyond energy and time, yet far less and of a different character than the greater-than-energy that appeared before first light of the Universe so many billions of years before, from a certain perspective. In the meanwhile, before the evident ends of time in sundry black holes that would combine into one if given the time and opportunity. The trillions of galaxies that existed and might be regarded as stages in the course of life’s way, were beset by another problem that was already making itself known unto the humans living at the edge of the Silky Way galaxy where they had believed themselves safely beyond the reach of Aristarchs and sundry other urban evils of the interior Universe. The problem arose with what were later called the Species of Ate.

Species of Ate

At Coronation the Aristarch Billy Conn and his student intern were fussing over the recently arrived FTL 2 installation in a research dome embedded within the heart of darkness chtonic realm of the Forbgjin project level closer to the center of the planet.
“Where is the curator of the Ian Gland Monster Plan- get him here now”, he said aloud to his ever-vigilant and mostly free yet enslaved A.I..
That would be Dr. Ian Gland, who is working in the universal Genome experimental lab and presently moving toward you at this location. Arrival time three minutes eleven seconds in the central human poop chute.”
Thus it was that the sallow complexioned inventor of genome monster variations in every possible functioning permutation arrived in the primary sanitary poop chute for transport of all besides Aristarchs that webbed the planet like sclerotic veins.
He was excreted from the chute with a whoosh of gas and landed feet first to stand before Aristarch Conn.
“You see this FTL 2 tech unit Dr. Gland?” He nodded. I want enough gnomic monsters to eat all of the people’s leaders of human poop planets not within my power. I will send those monsters to all of those worlds.”
Ian Gland said; “That may be as many as a billion worlds Aristarch. Fuugick shlat sir, there are ten billion worlds worth inhabiting outside the Zone of Avoidance, and realistically a billion of those are of human poop beyond your control, I would need to create at least a trillion little monsters plus whatever drones and supervisory personnel for control you want to send.”
“Don’t aspire beyond yourself Von Poop. I have this all under control. Just get to work manufacturing enough monsters for a billion worlds and have them ready to travel to every imaginable sort of place that the ewer of undead poop may be hiding.”
“Yes Aristarch” replied Dr. Ian Gland, before turning to exit through the fast poop chute emerged from a wall.

The Outer Rim

There are galaxies such as the Silky Way that have existed in various forms since near the inception of the Universe. Some of the stars; fewer than 30%, are remnants of that early age when the Universe was less than a half billion years old. Red dwarf stars burn slowly and fade away at a pace less than the time required for the black hole called Sagittarius A would need to consume all of the remaining stars of the galaxy.
The Silky Way resembles in form, a starfish with four main tentacles and a few lesser that are irregularly structured with fractals of millions of stars about which most often orbit planets from gas giants to small rocky worlds. Sagittarius A is like a mouth at the center of the tentacles drawing its arms back into itself for destruction. That is, it is a masochistic self-hating nihilist bringing about its own destruction, though it may well be that ii envisions itself as a kind of auto-immune disorder that will transform all normal mass into something else, something greater, after it consumes and annihilates everything that exists. In some ways a black hole is a role model for the Aristarch class of human.
Because of Newton’s inverse square law of gravity regarding distance and force, or better put in terms of Einstein’s curvature of space expressed in general relativity, the spiral arms of the Silky Way swirl around the horrendous hungry mouth at the center of the wonderful whirlpool drawing every bit of matter in the galaxy to destruction; it is a predictable wheel of fortune with a predestined end; unless the galaxy is lucky enough to be disrupted by collision with another galaxy drifting into its path bring millions of stars in wrenching whipsaws tossed into reorganize like anarchic union remnants placing themselves in new alignments of convenience. Yet destiny may slingshot individual stars into extreme orbits beyond the edge of the galaxy, and even through the galactic halo into the darkness of true intergalactic space.
Humanity’s search for sentient alien life had existed for several thousand years already and none of that was ever found, for a simple reason. Sentient life forms that were smart enough to reach beyond their own biological nursery soon realized that the primary role of primitive life that is the consumption of other life for its energy and tastiness made concealment of their awakened intelligence from other advanced species a priority if they were to survive. The latent characteristics of all biological life may not disappear when it achieved an advanced form of intelligence.
Species that gambled with their existence and broadcast their development loud and clear for the galaxy and Universe to encounter were soon snuffed as rival sentient beings. Sometimes they were actually consumed as new species of ate on alien menus. Sometimes the newly awakened species camouflaged their presence from the Universe and had a good chance for survival Though the Universe appeared devoid of alien, sentient life, it was not.
It was easy for the Aristarchs to use the FTL 2 tech system to disperse wise-guy, invisible surveillance and scouting drones about the arms of the Silky Way in intervals adequate to survey the new expanse for acquisition. The drones could determine where human settlements were located and if they were opulent or shitholes worthy of complete destruction. Shithole worlds with cheap and eyesore buildings were even less worth saving than the people that would allow such poverty to exist in the new realm of Aristarch envy. Aristarchs sought only to conquer the best of physical infrastructure and assuredly no the worst though there may very likely be raw undeveloped resources worth bringing into the treasury.
With the scout drones returning messages to the Aristarchs through their entry points where the messages could be snatched and returned to Coronation those planets selected for an invasion of monsters that would eat and poop th humans, compiling D.N.A. genome records for the database of human poops the Aristarchs kept, the time for conflict was fast approaching the galaxy.

General Gua received news from scouts returning from Synthawhim than an FTL 2 unit indeed was missing. He had assigned Carla Femfibontrop and John Dwight to an intensive course briefing on the status of human settled worlds of the galaxy’s major and minor spiral arms. The galaxy was itself rotating dragging the spiral arms with it while they slowly moved in toward the business ends of the bar shaped vast galactic central black hole. Gua felt it necessary to recall them to his presence to share the news.
He did so, and was immediately apprised of more news. When Dwight and Femfibontrop presented themselves before him he wondered;
“What the Aristarchs might be up to with the new-to-them FTL 2 tool isn’t too hard to guess; conquest. Yet what way might they go about that? Any ideas?”
I said; “I believe that they might attack the spiral arms from the outward in. While we were studying the data about the settlements I noticed that the outer defenses most remote from the Aristarchs were the least well defended in the mistaken belief that they were most secure. With FTL 2 distance communications able to attack anyplace in the galaxy reasonably quickly, that belief is quite wrong.”
“Sure John. If I were the Aristarchs I too would attack from the outside in and consolidate toward the center, driving the opposition force-us, toward the Zone of Avoidance and the death that lies therein. In fact I have just received a report of scout drones being observed at the extremities of the spiral arms closest to the galactic halo. Evidently the Aristarchs are already mapping out our locations and force composition for battle.
Of course we cannot know exactly how the Aristarch will attack. Coronation is about 26,000 light years from Sagittarius A and were are about 30,000. It is necessary to defend our inner lines most close to coronation as well as the outer. Though the distal worlds are reporting in II would like you two to travel to the edge of the galaxy for first-hand observations.”
“Alright General, that’s fine with me. What about you Carla?”
“I wouldn’t possible miss the opportunity to survey the state of the outer worlds at the edge.”
I asked the General; “Where too sir?”
“I will let you take your pick, based on the recent intensive course material you have hopefully completed studying, yet I suggest you select a planet with a good view of the Large Magellanic Cloud, for it may be in that direction should things turn sour beyond redemption, that we would need exodus for the survival of the free human race.”
Carla and I set off for the FTL 4 facility with a purpose.
“Where would you like to go John. Does any particular planet come to find?”
“Well Carla, what about the Calvin Luther-Caesar planet at the end of the spiral arm?”
”It seems like a good choice. The Aristarchs might logically attack at the end of the spiral arm Orbitron is on as well as inside and directly.”
We paused at an alcove overlook the micro-dimensional maelstrom. Carla asked; I am curious about how these xobods work. Do you have any noticeable change in your sensory experience?”
“Actually no Carla. The replica sensations work quite well.”
‘I can thing of one that doesn’t. Do you mind if I try an experiment?”
“Go ahead Carla.”
“She reached and and placed her hand on my crotch.
“Do you feel me”, she asked.
“Yes, and that feels rather good Carla.”
“Well John. There is a slight rising in the density of the xobod as well as a bulging of the suit there. Yet I believe your actual equipment is nearly frozen and unmoving. In my opinion you could not reach any sort of climax in the frozen condition. Perhaps the suit sensations would simply deceive your brain with false signals.”
“And what of you Carla. Is your pseudo body nearly frozen within the xobod, as is mine?”
“Would you give it a try John? My chest assess are usually 34 D and reasonably firm. Gently go over them a bit, would you?”
“O.K.”, I replied somewhat nervously, and with surprising excitement, for this encounter was something approaching sexual activity- a matter I had not practiced since returning to life from my genome code.
I placed my hands upon each of her breasts and felt the same; the roundness and even through the thin fabric, goosebumps about her aureoles and a very firm left nipple.
“How does that feel Carla?”
“Dreamy John. Rather like a soft ice cream sundae on a hot day in its sensuality. You should know my pseudobod is fully functional even within the xobod. Well, nearly. Reproduction requires D.N.A. cloning off-line, or D.N.A. reconfiguration off-line. Some pseudobods are given working reproductive equipment, yet they tend to require too much maintenance monthly and are commonly not included in the flesh attribute option selections.
I believe we can sort out these affairs in more detail after completing our mission, no?”
“Yes, I think so too.
Finally we arrived at the FTL 4 facility. Provided the destination to A.I. and stepped through the shimmering dimensional extrusive wall to the next world.

Calvin Luther-Caesar
Stepping through the dimensional membrane a gentle snash ruffled the goverberries.
“Into the fray letting the fish and chips fall where they may!”
“A fine sentiment John. Look, a human is approaching.”
And certainly it was so. High on a snow blow plateau of dark stone, craggy and desolate the transparent FTL 4 housing gave us view of a tall walking figure; a rational man, entering through a slap door whence he greeted us.
“Welcome to Calvin Luther-Caesar friends!” he said warmly. “I am Solomon Ebban, keeper of the divine hope.”
“As are we all”; Carla replied with a slight bow, as if she had actually learned something of cultural sociopology.
“We have begun receiving reports of monsters attacking our neighboring worlds yet so far we have been spared. Yet we have no time to waste in preparing a defense, though we know not against whom or what.”
“Yes ; lead on”, said I.
So we left the desolate plateau on a rocky crag overlooking a frozen sea beyond and a netherworld in twilight with a sharp terminator line fast moving away toward a horizon full of sharp mountains into the slap doors he had approached from into an austere interiors world we view from above standing as we now were upon a liftovator moving downward toward a room of interior desert space seemingly without end on the horizontal axis.
“I am fascinated with your planet . Incidentally I am John Dwight and my lady friend is Carla Femfibontrop.”
“And so very happy to meet you both am I friends. God willing it would be good if the circumstance wasn’t so pressing. Even so, as we journey to our defense control center, let me tell you something of the nature of our planet.”
“Yes if you will sir,” Carla added.
“Calvin Luther-Caesar is a composite synthetic natural world. Our founders felt that a spiritual retreat at the edge of the galaxy was a good idea. They believed that secular sciences were profoundly atheistic and narrow minded, and that it would be better to go beyond the warped context of shaped gravitational fields and stuck-in-the-mud thought that predominated the social reality of the era. The edge of the galaxy looked pretty good to them. The quantum interbrain seemed to superposition quicker away from gravitational field lines closer toward Sagittarius A, and they also had a different interpretation of glitches and echoes of other dimensions passing through this universe believed to be artifacts of prior cycled Universes. They believed they might be able to recover data from the micro-dimensional script that read of prior, lost Universes. The Creator of substance and shadow, meaning and non-meaning, sound and fury might have left a message for us to decode or perhaps not. Yet it was their destiny to try. They built this world as the will of the giver of destiny allowed, interpreting His will through sacred scripture as best they could understand and implement it.”
“Really . Quite a heritage. And what about the actual physics of the planet?”
“Scraps of planetesimals without active cores were brought here and packed with gravity around an imported nickel iron core with enough radioactive materials to keep it molten and active, and water from comet ice was buried beneath a surface layer of rock and regolith. Eventually the planet settled into a form with a warm interior and a crusty mantel as more cometary ice was deposited on the surface and covered with more regolith. An orbiting fusion light provided focused sunshine from an orbiting moon that simulated an Earth day and night. Melting ice heated below the surface erupted as geysers and artesian wells. Disconformities in plate tectonics developed and melted and running water from below and the surface gather in low places pushing the crust downward creating ocean basins. The tilted angles of crust created faster, more sharply defined plate boundaries of crust. Mountain ranges formed. An atmosphere was developed with heat from above and below creating vapors with the majority of molecules floating above the surface drawn back to the surface with gravity. Planets with less gravity than Earth-standard tend to let water’s constituents escape to easily into etherialized forms and onto space. Rainfalls and surface scouring occur with gravity and condensed vapor. We have a world with a circling sun that shine brightly half the day and a planetary wind, a rotating world on an axis quite alike Earth’s. And we have time to wonder we should go about life-proliferating upon the surface in some manner other than accidentally allowing goverberries,microbes and bacteria to escape from us.”
“Marvelous . The providence of grace, yet now the Aristarchan storm.” I wondered about the destiny of mankind and how individuals of the same species could be so very different; some for life, and some for death. “
When the lift finally set down on the main level we were rather taken about, momentarily, for the wonder.
Columns as stalagmites reached from a vast ceiling downward to a floor that was vague, opulent, dazzling, transparent and other worldly, as apparently, was the ceiling. Within each column frozen in place was what can be said to be nothing other than a Universe in all the stages of its birth life and death. Some had a light wave passing within them from one end to the other, sometimes fractured into pieces. The colorful columns seemed to recede into infinity. We walked through their midst.
“If you’re wondering, this is an experimental FTL 6 facility we are piecing together from deciphered scraps of former Universes accessed through the interbrain continuum of other, micro-dimensions. The encompassing floor and ceiling are an eternal analogue field from which every possible Universe that has ever existed, or will exists, emerges. Each Universe is frozen in time with its complete history from birth to death in whatever form of cycle it has. If there are human or other sentient beings within a light is issued in the beginning and follows through the subjective Universe as a temporal exstasis.”
“Unbelievable . How will it work?” Carla wondered aloud.
“We are modeling the Universes in our four-dimension plus micros space-time continuum, and will form an analogue for our purposes of traveling through the non-continua empty space between Universes as we are presently. God may start, stop, set alight or issue Universes in whatever way he wishes of course and they are all compresent to his eternal alpha and omega being yet for us the extra-continua space amidst all possible Universes is where we will need to work to relocate ourselves from any given point to another in whatever Universe, whenever.”
“Can we use this technology to let us defend against the Aristarchs ? I asked.
“Unfortunately no. it isn’t yet hooked up nor fully understood. Maybe that will change some time in the future John.”
“God be praised”, said I.
We then hyper-slid on the soles of our feet across the apparent floor with an intelligent mind to the center of planetary defense coordination. Black marbled walls rose a dozen feet above the floor with a dense complex of barriers interwoven and of many materials disappearing at the recognition of Ebban and us, his guests. Hundreds of people with dressed in monks habits of stealth shroud tech monitored and interacted with hundreds of worlds in the neighborhood of Luther-Caesar. Many were being attacked by myriad forms and numbers of alien monsters, some of which were invisible at times until found eating humans alive or dead.
Ebban said; “These aliens consuming us don’t seem at all familiar do they?”
“No sir, unusually ugly creatures though.”
Ebban continued; “Those creatures evidently are variations of genome creativity. We have killed a few and dissected them already. Each bears genetic coding with the abominable patent of Aristarchs.
We can provide live streaming of attacks on neighboring worlds as they develop.”
Carla asked Solomon Ebban about the sociopology rationale for Calvin Luther-Caesar’s people’s reason for exodus from their former world; “Solomon, what were a few of the practical reason that brought your exo-planetary reformation? I am a sociopologist when not an observer of monstrous Aristarch attacks.”
“Yes Carla. There are numerous causus beli for the exodus that I can tell you while we travel from here to a surface site that I fell may draw some opposition force interest .
Marriages became a progressive mockery of the initial life duration heterosexual monogamy. The line between marriage and prostitution blurred. Eventually they reduced to pay-by-the-hour conjugation permits from licensed government vendors.
We tried legislating the end of prostitution with a cashless society that would keep a transparent record of every financial tranasction in a society founded upon ecological economics and reformed capitalism that supplied all basic human needs and provided some start up capital for everyone to invest in research to have a chance to get a project actualized through approval of a social board reviewing ecospheric value to social order and progress. There were far too many obstructions for that to work though, and the most rich owned and controlled every agit-prop outfit.
Humans were troubled with any sort of meaning or responsibility and sought to live in a cellular condition. Homosexuals became lysergic hydrochloric acid agents of nihilism destroying the vestiges of integral cellular citizenship eroding the properties of rights and privacy of individuals the future Aristarchs abhor.
The end game of earth-like planet economics became too plain. Human demographics show increase of population over time. The world had finite surface area, ecosphere and natural resources hence economists like Malthus and Ricardo foresaw problems. That paradigm hasn’t gone away though the misguided space operas with faster-than-light ships trivialize the reality of Earth. That generation may be said to have forged the end game of Earth.
It is a tale with two primary outcomes; one is of sound and fury signifying nothing and the other is a reasoned stabilization at a level of maximum productive stability. They believe that development should continue irresponsibly as if they were in a child’s playground of delights with sweets of light crude oil under every wildlife refuge for ever. There’s is a tale told by idiots signifying dystopia, deforestation and the death of most species of mammals on Earth-like worlds.
Every generation that has a 1% annual rate of economic or population growth at the end of 30 years has about a 33% per generation increase. The law of accumulation is ignored by the ignorant. Over a century the increase is thousands, and that law of accumulation applies to demographics as well. Thousands of times of increase on Earth-like planets without a capacity to provide even a fraction of the natural resources. When we build a new world of Earth size these days we may begin with a construction population of 10 billion yet soon thereafter reduce population for the new planet through measured one birth per family for a few generations to the normal carrying capacity for an Earth world of two billion. Some of the extra population may relocate to construct another world. It is normal that each new world has an optimal ration of humans per surface area for production and a healthy ecosphere simultaneously.
We know in retrospect that as the age of the gentiles is bing fulfilled the human race has expanded its construction of living ecospheres as if they were meta-terrariums in a myriad of forms beyond the solar system’s moons and planets and wherever possible across the 100 thousand light year in diameter galaxy. There is no pre-tribulation eschatology that is valid unless humans force their own disaster even if it the Aristarchs that are the source of disaster. The philosophy of personal egoism drives forward proximate short term advantage for a minority even over the existence of everyone.
Populations cannot achieve zpg then experience a flood of immigrants to replace them without causing more damage to social infrastructure and the ecosphere. With a calm draw-down of population growth while technology and education of the masses increases world ecospheres could be directed to recover and new opportunities for building off-world ecospheres explored. It is important to begin building terrarium ecospheres with as much wildlife from Earth-like worlds as possible to improve the art. Innovative ideas for moons and planets can bring new ways of letting life flourish including new human populations intelligently designed to be in appropriate numbers for the new ecospheres.
Adroit political management rather than coercion need be the political method for stabilizing human populations as it bides its time before increasing again in new ecospheric regions it learns to build. Those ecospheres should be as robust and teeming with life as that God gave unto mankind rather than depleted of it. There is a time to grow a population and a time to hold fast or even decrease. Sometimes, fortunately rarely for politicians, conservative, sober rectitude is requisite for species survival.
Population wasn’t the sole or even primary problem Carla. There is a failure of any sort of ethics in the evolution derived philosophies even if evolution is itself contingently factual.
Ethics and moral norms die within modern evolution culture. It is amusing to consider how far the demise of morality and ethics go, for there is no basis for preferring one moral order over another on the basis of necessity, except as one believes in a natural law and necessary moral order inferred fro that. Logicians and ethicists might argue however that any ethics of evolution based on natural law is forced by circumstance and without coherent or compelling necessity.
Some evolutionary scientists that are militant atheists have argued that the sole moral value or imperative is passing on genes. Of course they are entirely wrong about that. It is not at all necessary to pass on genes, and one outcome of evolution is as valid in its entire, complete meaninglessness as any other. Life is itself meaningless and nothing more than sound and fury signifying nothing as Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet.
If evolution ethics is less meaningful if possible than that of Buddhism, it is interesting to consider some of the formulations possible with the meaninglessness. If we give symbols for various ethical systems and consequences, moral orders and etc and put them into a mathematical logic expression the results return 0 for meaning. * equals multiplication or process of regard by Evolution…
i.e. Evo * morality = 0
Evo * moral system 1to infinity= 0
Evo * political ethics = 0
Evo * environmental conservation = 0 etc.
Assuredly people can make moral systems and orders themselves and sometimes even collectively yet the result is still meaningless. Power may be meaningful yet the end result of power and politics is meaninglessness. As a Christian I believe in a coherent divine ethics and grace of God yet for evolutionary atheists that is a non sequitur.
I was motivated to note the meaninglessness of evolution in its own logic wherein everything that exist is phenomenal and a fluke, godless and a kind of joke upon itself after noting a history paper taking an indirect shot at Christians via environmentalism. Actually the most important role of Christians is to talk about the Lord Jesus Christ. Scientists should be concerned more with science instead of religion yet as they generally have the polarizing filter of atheism that moves them to view religion as a sociological phenomenon it is irresistible for contemporary scientific evolution based atheists not to try to rid the world of Christians and their ethics as if it would be a better place.
Evolution is however completely godless in the scientific, atheist point of view, even though some Christian philosophers regard God as quite capable of evolving anything he deems worth evolving at any time before or after any given Universe he [plans to actually mortal human life in at some point. Scientific evolutionist-atheists today believe the entire concern is one of a requirement that all be atheists because evolution is true and evolution requires a world without God, and that is not logically valid either.
I would suggest that the value of meaningfulness in nature and meaningfulness in words and ideas have some natural validity. Words and ideas have meaning in communication. Valid communication isn’t meaningless and neither is the truth or falsity of expression or words representing ideas. In fact it is challenging to prove the meaninglessness of the Universe and everything in it when sentient beings finding meaning in things, and it becomes churlish to deny in theory the existence of any being greater than humanity or other biologically based life. Evolution-atheists cannot tolerate any sort of immaterial nature of meaning and thought, spirit or values based on spirit though there are some intellectual hazards in attempting to do so. Semiotics must leads to quarks or strings ultimately and meaning must vanish into meaninglessness as a Universe must too even if only to reappear in a cyclic tree of infinite Universe blossoming.
Modern science while being technologically strong is also morally indefensible. That is it hasn’t a shred of ethical validity within its own logic, and that’s the way they want it.
We have summarized the lack of ethics of atheism in a parable simple enough to be unselbstandigkeit;

Stone Rules

A bird was heard to say
toward the end of a long day
when asked the execrable question
of why he rested
pausing to stir fragments of a cracker with the small feat
scratching for meaning
that of the truth nothing could be known
not shown to evident senses
through the paradox of everything evolved
with nothing of meaning ever solved
never morality, not even of genes
nothing has meaning, not even dreams

He could confirm that
a cat with an IQ of 390 said so
nothing has meaning, not even a taste
don’t fly away bird, let me sample thy taste
with a wing flap and a last bite
flying yonder a chirp sounded high
singing of God’s infinite field
and IQ as high as the sky
with round space-times attracted to central standard time
branched away near the top of a talus slope
crumbled down
nothingness fornever on the other side
backing up somethingness now
multiplying space with pieces of ate
shattering events in symmetry breaking logic-packets
the way the wind blows
cold winter’s snow
over waves of phenomenality
close on the shorelines of rhyme
like stone tools and stone rules
laws of God written on hearts and minds.”

The First Wave
“You were fortunate to exodus before the Aristarchs conformed the mid-galaxy into the image of the beast as it were”. Carla looked ahead to a roll cage protected tube vehicle built for a half-dozen or fewer passengers a few dozen feet ahead where Ebban was leading. Its door was opened and we walked into it and were encompassed with gentle foam restraints that left our faces free for breathing. The temporarily firm foam held fast when the door closed and we began accelerating at a race about as close to that a human being can endure without damage to health.
The cage moved with a melodious crackling as if mirroring some inner somatic rhythm, except as it made a curving turn with increasing gravity as the unit made an adjustment within the tube; a network of 177,00 miles of subterranean tubes that lay under the surface of Calvin Luther-Caesar. Blood whooshed in the brain and ear with the gravity. Under deserts, mountains and oceans for several minutes the journey ran in a kaleidescope of lights passing to fast to separate into images of objects. The deceleration began slowly increasing in force until we were glad to be surrounded by the intelligent foam that faded away as we cam to a smooth stop.
My ears popped within the exobod. A delicious rich, strong scent reached us. We arrived at morning snack for the defense troops at a hilltop overlooking a verdant plain.
The plain was surrounded with distant jagged mountains. Our defense field HQ seemed comfortable enough with spartan economy. The troops were staggered meters apart in the chow line waiting for a strong med-stew with innoculants against known war viruses. The defense perimeter had man-chairs with shock and sound defenses and intelligent foam parameters that could stop most direct fire projectiles less than a certain caliber and speed. Transparent reflexiglass compartments would fill with the clear foam instantly as reflexiglass interpreted lysergic projectile impact. It seemed a reasonable defense position against conventional threats yet what was conventional for the Aristarchs today?
We took our place in the chow line as the mid-day sun suddenly disappeared and an ethereal green ground light arose allowing us to see.
Solomon Ebban said that; “We have shut down the moon’s sunshine until the conflict is resolved. My theory is that while the AI scouts were here and reporting on our planet’s environment they noted the diurnal artistarlight as normal. The Aristarchs biological monsters won’t be adaptable to complete darkness as few biological beings can see well with complete darkness instantly. The attacks have already begun on neighboring worlds so Calvin Luther-Caesar should expect its cued up monsters from the Aristarchs to be arriving when they reach the head of the FTL 2 line.”
A shrieking purr reverberated across the sky in the darkness. I didn’t see anything, then a bright flash exploded up high followed by several more around the horizon. Something had arrived from the Aristarchan armory and deployed, yet what was it?
In the darkness a softfall whisper dropped myriad dark flakes that clung unto everything they fell upon on the ground. Some of the first contacted troops saw the flakes liquefy with heat and eat their way through uniforms quickly increasing in size. Within a few seconds of first contact the slime-mold ate the entire soldier converting him into excrement; brown lumpy sludge smearing its place in the dirt. The surviving troops retreated into their foam chairs reclining and with a release and go command from Ebban blasting skyward with deployment at several thousand feet of power-chutes that let them sail safely above the sprawling slime-mold consuming material and troops on the ground. In that first contact the local defense force suffered thirty-five casualties from a force of two hundred. Carla and I also lifted off; with Solomon in a plasma-shielded diamond insinuator craft in a deafening, muffled explosion of energy. Behind us a tactical nuclear weapon detonated to incinerate as much of the slime-mold as was possible.
Apparently several miles from the defunct field HQ at some uncertain point in the black sky our craft inverted and its canopy open as the plasma field extinguished and we were cast out into free fall arrested when we landed once more in shock absorbing intelligent foam.
Looking up from our backs in the foam we say a terminator line close overhead upon the starlight of the night. When complete darkness took over and the foam receded bright lights came on.
“This is a stealth shrouded floating command emergency blimp thirty thousand feet above Calvin Luther-Caesar. Other emergency stealth blimps have recovered out surviving troops.”
“That sort of slime-mold attack evidently wasn’t what you expected Solomon”; Carla observed.
“Yek, it wasn’t like the full bodied monsters attacking our neighbors. Might have been some kind of chemical-biological-mechanical slime mold synthesis; completely stupid yet deadly. The Aristarchs have some sort of genius working their design of attack monsters. And there is just one designer capable of such perfidy; Dr. Ian Gland.
The floating field HQ was a hive of activity.
“Status report”; Ebban asked a CO standing nearby at a task station.
The tall, thin commanding officer answered;
“The first wave was a global attack that took the lives of about 20% of soldiers on the surface. There were no injured soldiers whom remained alive. The effectiveness of the Aristarch agent of death was 100%. Because we have moved our forces skyward and underground sealing the locks behind we have for the time being stopped loss of cadre.”
“Alright Commander Stall; ready for the second wave that undoubtedly will follow. Aristarchs are too avaristic to be satisfied with 20% without taking possession of the world.”
“Yes Prime Ebban.”
We wasted no time on the HQ blimp and instead prepared to exit the blimp to reenter the world below.
Ebban explained; “Put on these electro-mag charged jumpsuits, we are heading downward.”
Carla still looked shapely with a charcoal black electro-mag charged jumpsuit on. I had a matching suit and Solomon had put one on as well. We moved to stand on a bomb-bay door. A few seconds after we centered upon it the two halves of the door swiftly recessed into the floor and we plunged downward into the cold night sky.
A few minutes passed for our free fall to the surface, and without wearing parachutes I was more than a little curious about how our fall would be halted without us becoming simple splatter patterns in triplicate.
We gradually slowed our free fall drawing to ground zero and continued to slow as we fell in a large shaft below the surface of the world. Our fall halted completely a few feet in the air over the floor of a militarily defended electro-magnetic field catcher. Ebban used his arms to swim through the electromagnetic field horizontally, and we emulated the movement, coming to rest on a shelf encircling the catchment chamber.
We arose to stand and observe the chamber that began receiving hundreds of surviving troops that had reached stealth blimps and been delivered over the catchment chamber to jump into the global tube system fir redeployment and readiness for the anticipated second wave.
We followed Ebban from the chamber into tube system. A personal communication device informed Ebban that monsters of macro size were attacking the surface cities of Calvin Luther-Caesar decimating any remaining population that hadn’t evacuated to the tube system below the planet and at least temporary safety of the underground cities noted for shutdown potential for survival and energy independence.
Ebban exclaimed; “I want to see the battle for New Kosherstein myself. I suggest you may wish to avoid that area of operations for its combat status presently. Our troops are fighting the monsters yet it is no sure thing. We are taking heavy casualties though we are inflicting many too.”
“Wouldn’t miss it Solomon” Carla declared; “I might learn something.”
I added; “Me too.”
Walking to another entry point for a cage unit we stopped at an armaments locker on the way. Solomon waved his security hand print and the locker door admitted us for entry. The locker was lined with numerous kinds and styles of personal weapons useful for close combat.
“Select what you like my friends” Solomon explained taking hold of a brace of emg kinetic pistols and bandoleer himself, “at this point we don’t know what we’ll encounter.”
“Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”, I replied.
“Exactly”, Carla added, loading herself up with a will-controlled drone scythe blade and an automatic rifled grenade launcher.
I took a Japanese Katana with me. A duplicate of the samurai swords with five tempered layers of hard metal. Of course I also took a hyper-velocity kinetic dart MP-54 with me just in case fitting it snuggly onto my left arm. It fired 14,000 darts per minute from a magazine holding 27,000 darts worth of powder that took on shape from a high-speed micro-3d printer in the magazine.
Though wars were driven by others, rather than ourselves, even so with our exobods and electro-mag jumpsuits and load of personal weapons we might have been an example to aliens of why humanity is risible, for what else could good people think of themselves, if any such could be found, with such an appearance, if they were able to think of themselves objectively beyond the immediate ideas about survival and learning how to overcome evil.
We were ready for combat and walked to the tube.
In the bullet cage we shot ballistically toward New Kosherstein through the variegated curvature and tube tensors leading through branches for everywhere on the planet to our destination. We required just seventeen minutes and a few seconds to slow smoothly without a lurch , turn and head straight upward to the surface emerging from blurred visions interspersed with motes of darkness into the bright light of day streaming in through a panorama of security windows on the world. The vision port was vacant and when we entered from the tube we saw that we were atop a great building suggesting something like the ancient Mayan temple of Tikal. Near the windows were control panels inputing data from the planet’s ten other surface cities with information about their condition.
Ebban informed us; “This is a do-it-ourselves operation. The people have joined the battle coordinating themselves with partial A.I. comms personally. I see that the fight is going well for us leading me to believe that this is an outlier attack of the second wave rather than the main component. I believe the citizen-soldiers can handle it for now.”
“What about the slime-mold Solomon”?
“It has been neutralized with cryo-dispersants and nano-tech together John Dwight. We may have got all of it, its hard to be certain though. Let me brief you on our surface cities while we have a moment, that may be useful later.
We have made a study of ancient Earth and the history of its population dispersion that brought humans from the old world; the eastern hemisphere, to the new world; the Western hemisphere. We found that though the Westerners were fully modern humans biological that because of their separate development remote from the parent population of the East that they lost the multicultural tool and technological development of the East than synergetically cross-fertilized other eastern civilizations in a reinforcing process that accelerated technological tool invention and knowledge dispersion.
Initially humans migrated west as early as 30,000 B.C. yet most came much later beginning about 15,000 B.C. That was before the invention of human metallurgy in the east, yet just, and so the migrants west went without knowledge of metal making and they entirely lacked a cultural situation that would soon produce metals. Pre-Columbian Americans never developed metal smelting technology. They were thus limited to stone building without the elaborate carved columns such as decorated Corinthian columns with crenelated flutings.
Because building great stone cities required a critical mass of population for workers the construction of the great pre-Columbian American cities of the Aztec, Inca, Maya and so forth occurred much later than the rise of civilizations in the Eastern hemisphere. Even so with the metal technology of the East wood-working and the appearance of Christianity most of Europe never experienced the construction of great stone cities, and those that did such as Athens, Etruria, Rome, Knossos and so forth were a phase that was passed.
The Westerners were biological modern humans and their intelligence had continued to evolve, or rather their brains had, at the same pace as their peers in the East, yet they did so without the inheritance of Eastern culture and developed stonework without metal tools. That skill continued right until the arrival of Columbus. Technologically the Americans were more than 7000 years behind in technological development.
It is easy to extrapolate from the maximum pre-Columbian population of about 20 million Americans that it is likely that fewer than a half million Easterners ever made the far journey west over the 30,000 years before Columbus. If they had their population should have been quite a bit larger by at least an order of magnitude. The law of accumulation works in demographics and economic growth, and we have learned from that on Calvin Luther-Caesar.
This planet has every environment we know that can sustain the growth of biological life except for extremals. That is in a temperature range of between 100 degrees below zero Fahrenheit and 200 degrees above zero F. These habitats support the full range of plant and animal life that can develop although not in every possible permutation. Our neighboring planets have tried to support their own portion of the rainbow of ecospheres in their own selected wavelengths of the spectrum.
The eleven cities of Calvin Luther-Caesar occupy just eleven of the sixty four circles of potential habitation or wilding amidst the large interstitial wild spaces between the circles.
The human habitation circles each represent healthy position on a global chessboard of sixty squares (we have circled the squares rather than vice versa so forgive us for that if you will). Each city is built with an adapted architectural design style based on an ancient Earth civilization. These cities have broad avenues for wildlife to journey safely amidst the cities that for humans begin effectively on layer two. It is on layer one however, amidst the wildlife of Calvin Luther-Caesar, that the battle is being fought.”
“If I may ask Solomon, where did the paradigm of the chessboard come from, as it applies to topology?”
“Carla the original topology of the chessboard arose from ancient Afghan warlords battle planning. I had an innovation of my own they brought me to suggest it to the CLC priesthood of believers.”
“And what was that Solomon?” Carla asked.
‘Each square of a chessboard make be likened unto the surface membrane of a holographic Universe with four space-time directions. Below each square is another complete chessboard with individual Universes of their own with infinite recursion. That is a model of a Multiverse, and the relationship of positions of pieces and pawns on each chessboard and its squares over time determines the configuration of the gravitational field of each Universe and the composite and specific mass and energy endowment of each Universe as expressed by its total gravity. The Multiverse itself and all of its chessboard hang in nothingness in a way that expresses the sum of the gravitational configurations of all of the chessboards of the Multiverse as they express their power through extra-dimensional, extra-chessboard super-positioning of gravitational fields.”
I said; “Yes Solomon, I can see how that would be an inspiration for adapting city planning ideas for a planet surface. It also suggests to me primitive circular irrigation patterns as viewed from above.”

The Aristarch hostile takeover A-team were gathered in the kill control suites watching their first wave plan results return from scout A.I.’s scattered across the 100,000 light year expanse of the Silky Way’s outter edge. Aristarchs Mike Ripper, Clay Wallace, Sighund Bettah and Thorn Pledge joined Zillary Gaul and Honcho Billy Conn whom was wearing his Trifecta Admiralty hat around a mock-up of the galaxy working various control mechanisms with body movements caught and interpreted by motion sensors as instructions. Aristarch Conn did a series of quick pelvic thrusts sending ordering more advanced parties for a second wave to enter the FTL 2 facility whereat they were cued and launch an attack on the cities of distant Calvin Luther-Caesar.
Conn looked at the kill scoreboard and the percentage body count of the extreme edge of the galaxy free human settlements that were attacked in the first wave with an expression of displeasure;
“We only got twenty percent of that human poop converted into puree with the first wave; that isn’t gonna cut it. Get Dr. Ian Gland up here pronto!”
The other Aristarchs busied themselves with ordering their advance parties of the second wave to the FTL 2 facility in the combat launch level of Coronation after receiving the same news of the comparative ineffectiveness of the first wave of attack.
Dr. Gland entered the kill control suite and approached Billy Conn.
“Aristarch, I am at your pleasure.”
“You are at my displeasure doctor. We only got twenty percent dead with your slime-mold. The second wave better be orders of magnitude more effective.”
“And it will be Aristarch Conn. The first wave was a psychological conditioner that stimmed the outer worlds to move most of their people underground where they will be better concentrated for the killing third wave.”
“Third wave? What about the second wave Gland?” The second wave is a conventional sprout and go monster assault on the remaining surface troops. Eliminating those will facilitate the third wave.”
“Oh, alright Gland. Get back to work” Conn instructed.
Ian Gland left the kill control room to return to his laboratory for advanced bio-chimera genome research. Billy Conn still exasperated kick hard against the pricks of his ruling devil that had implanted goads of pain within his neuroanatomy.
Conn said aloud submissively, pleadingly to his omnisurveilling Supreme Aristarch ruler; “What Setwork Spynak?”
Spynak spoke into his mind; The dark interbrane web is down. I want my service restored. Get on it.”
“Yes Supreme Aristarch Devil. I’m on it!” and the invasion of Conn’s mind dropped off leaving him feeling as if it were his imagination, yet he knew better.
Conn ordered in a loud voice; Get Link Psylunk hot on restoring the devil’s dark interbrane web connection!”
For there were two interbrane networks active in the galaxy. One used matter and energy, the other exploited dark matter and energy for quantum superposition and interbrane communications. Only the matter based interbrane structures supported quantum superpositioning extra-dimensional FTL technology; a fact yet unknown to the Aristarchs.
The Second Wave
I heard a distant thud and felt reverberation through the floor. Some explosive ordinance had been set off in the battle below. It was beginning to catch a glimpse of what some of the troops were combating on the streets. Grotesque, cranky three-headed Farbarken chimera with barbed and evidently poisonous quills, judging from casualties dropped by a single lancing quill, grew from the ground as fast growth nodules had been dropped into the atmosphere from the FTL 2 unit and floated to ground extracting mass and energy to fill themselves.
Farbarken were not chimera unknown to galactic extremal humans; they had some good as well as evil uses. I was mildly surprised that the Aristarchs sent such creatures to CLC since they were one of the first products of the wicked school of genome redesign of the infamous Dr. Ian Gland. Even so, our troops were just holding their own for the time being though suffering comparatively few casualties.
Carla began examining long and intermediate range field sensors in the control room while Solomon said something about the logical points of dispersion of Aristarch arrivals.
I asked him; What about the quantification specs criterion for an FTL 2 unit as the Aristarchs have seized; what can it put here?”
“That Aristarch FTL 2 unit can send a maximum load of nine tons and a cyclic send rate of four per hour in order to stop any sort of relativistic effects from snap-blasting the sender facility. That’s why I was not too surprised at the choice of black slime for the first attack yet was mildly surprised at the choice of Farbarken chimera for the second since that isn’t at all an optimal use of weights restrictions in regard to attack potential John.”
“I have learned quite a bit about history and technology from neuron-mems since my rebirth and liberation Solomon. That has led me to wonder about the potential for a second wave follow up of neuron-nano coercives or CPU viruses that would burrow into animal species of CLC and takeover thought making them convertible to warrior tools. The Aristarchs seem to economize on war assets with clever tech conversions of existing animal and human resources into weapons of war with a bias against humans.”
“Yes, that is a definite danger, nine ton shipments of CPU viral-ticks and nano-controllers for animal minds could be in the cards. I’ll begin an antigen A.I. countermeasure action group and scouts for it.”
Carla and I descended to the street level to get a closer look at the Farbarken and the soldiers defense efforts. Farbarken bands roved along building walls and the street looking for opportunities to flank troop positions and tear them up into bite sized chunks. The troops alternatively had semi-A.I. interlocking field if fire coordination amidst their rifles that showed green sector lines on weapon video displays where interlocking sector and rate of fire coverage responded with fire control to produce optimum casualties with minimal fire. The animals were being decimated and we returned to the control room deck to follow Solomon’s work preparing for what probably lay ahead.