Biases/Inequalities of Sex Harrassment

There is a difference in the polarity between the male and female genders of the United States that lead to one-sided claims of sex harassment. Men are a positive polarity seeking to impregnate the female negative polarity. Women seek to be attractive to males and males are naturally responsive. Women are of smaller stature making the male-female bonding even easier; humanity reproduces at quite a high rate when conditions are favorable. Yet modern economics and biomedical technology has changed all that.

Naturally one third of women are frigid, one third have single orgasms and one third are multiple orgasmic inclined. Males tend toward uniform and less complex orgasmic statics. The complications presented by women joined to the present social and economic circumstances produces a bewildering variety of expectations in men of what women want or expect.

Women encounter sex harassment; direct approaches by males for sex, in the workplace as they seek to take down higher wages and better living conditions for-themselves. Men alternatively experienced the movement of females into the workforce a factor of displacement for themselves through affirmative action and other vehicles that give females a workforce advantage. Women also present their own version of sex harassment to men, although it is passive and attractive rather than direct. As they present their immodestly clad bodies to the world they resemble natural pornography of hips and hanging fruit. For some reason aboriginal women in some societies go naked or nearly so and topless go without any social problems apparently, although I cannot say never having lived in such a social environment myself. I saw a topless women on a beach in France suckling a babe once; it was an overcast day and unremarkable.

Female anatomy is designed to be attractive sexually to men. Numerous biophysical cues draw men toward women. The more intimate females present themselves in the workforce and society the greater is the opportunity for sexual harassment as men follow nature’s inclinations. Muslims societies avoided the sex harassment of viewing the female form in public by requiring women to wear black potato sacks over themselves with a Halloween mask resembling a Darth Vader helmet covering their beautiful heads.

Some men are better at sublimating or transferring sexual attraction to non-harassment objects than others. There are men that are simply blunt and society in the U.S.A. in recent times has even encouraged that in show business. Men that are well, not sexually promiscuous in the acting business seem to be less stars at the box office, yet that is just a public perception perhaps.

The founders probably never envisioned an America where women would wear to work clothing that would have been scandalous in the bedroom of private homes in the 18th century. Celibacy and chaste is a more challenging role for men than women, yet men in today’s workplace are expected to have deportment in public as if they were entirely disinterested in their female coworkers sexually. Women with different physiologies about sex may present themselves as sensuous fruit teasing men into sex interest yet without the slightest interest in sex-and that is sex harassment. Even the female figure with a gap between her legs wearing pants and tight leather boots in cold weather may offer unintended sex harassment to men that need to act disinterested in women in the workplace. Female sexual harassment of men occurs naturally when they present themselves and their forms with all the pheromones in numerous social circumstances today.

I believe the right response for women that want to live as if they were on a nude beach and no degree of dress or undress in any way presented a danger of sexual harassment is simply technological. Women should wear electronic, non-removable surveillance chastity belts legally speaking, rather than actually, that monitor them in all circumstances including being doped by rohipnol with the data stream uploaded to the internet-possibly youtube. Women could adapt technology such that men could not actually harass or force women to have sex without it being monitored by a security firm and uploaded to legal authorities and the Internet if it is adjudged foul.

The default condition for men is to engage with women to start a sex relationships. For women the default is to attract potential mates, sort through them and discard the rest; creating a passive harassment infrastructure thereby.

There are of course numerous relationships between males and females that are not sexual in nature; parents and children, most siblings and cousins and more figures that have had deep social psychological conditioning. Even so, today’s work environment finds women using sex themselves for promotion – a fact the media does not report on much, and the media itself is not reluctant to abuse its tremendous communications power to victimize private individuals, Christians and others that it views as class enemies or useful victims for organizational interests. As the nation lives more intimately with a world full of people with political and personal philosophies antipathetic to U. S.national interests and democracy in addition to challenges from corporatism plutocracy from within and without it is important for women to pursue general economic interests of all citizens as well as female ‘empowerment’ within while disinterested in the state of the economic distribution of wealth in the United States.