Collusion in Troubled Waters

The buzz-word collusion has arisen to replace the overused word conspiracy in popular fiction. Collusion is better accomplished in elite political and economic circles than conspiracy, since collusion of two in marriage has accelerated with the Supremes preference for homosexual marriage. The Supremes enabled protection of homos at the top from spousal retro-viral testimony (full immunity) with a convenient legal fiction.

If there was some collusion of a conspiratorial nature among American elites to force homosexual marriage into law through Harvard courts during the Obama years to swiftly making a chess game farce of democracy corporate media were tag alongs too. They probably knew what collusions at the top wanted. Spouses can collude freely together, while a conspiracy of two seems prima fascia ridiculous for not having enough subscribers. Such a case occurred in a late great healthy marine ecosystem long, long ago and far far away, politically speaking.

Puget Sound was in its final era of experiencing wild salmon consume space in its important rivers networks that were vital for transporting street drain sewer and gutter run off away from farm and urban areas. There were ten salmon remaining that returned each year to spawn in rivers such as the Green river that later was famous for being streamlined into a drainage ditch and body dump for serial killers. The ten salmon were of the red salmon genus later also called dog salmon and locally known as humpies.

Some sort of collusion existed between developers of the kind that destroy waterfront and rivers for any use for salmon spawning, media and government officials that received campaign contributions from developers. Of course nothing was ever proven.

In the final year of the humpies, salmon commission officials determined that sufficient escapement for the healthy survival of the fishery was 10%. Commercial fisher-persons were allowed to catch eight humpies (80% of existential fish) and sports fisher-people one (10%). Sadly a killer whale, the last one after its relatives were sold into slavery for the circus (full disclosure- I worked three hours at the Barnum and Bailey Circus in Tampa before it went extinct), was determined to have ate 10% of the last salmon-the critical 10% required for escapement and replenishment of stock. That whale was later poisoned with PCBs and generic foreign toxic waste (polonium); some believed in retributive collusion by commercial fish-people for being a spiteful, hateful rival species that devastated humpies to extinction. The silver lining in the tragic collusion was the example provided to Alaska that later stimulated conservation legislation in Alaska that allowed marijuana farming along formerly wild rivers supporting better public imagination of what it was like when rivers were full of king salmon.

In the modern era politicians of Alaska have learned the lessons of Puget Sound and work to convert rivers such as the Taku and Stikine into prime examples of health industrial development. Following the lead of the Hudson River paradigm, developers seek to end the collusion between Russian President Vladimir Putin and wild rivers sheltering reds and humpies by any other name. With sufficient foreign control from Canadian and British mine developers, overfishing fro commercial fleets, development for real estate subdivisions upstream on wild rivers and toxic mine tailings run off Alaskan coastal regions may become another Puget Sound and end the problem of green runts seeking to conserve the nation’s only remaining healthy wild coastal areas for the enjoyment of Americans of future generations. Collusion is the nemesis behind every bush. Collusion is a gateway to foreign corporate, oligarch or communist tyrannies purposed for political control.Where have all the humpies gone?