Corporatism on the Left and Right

Left and right versions of corporatism each work for the establishment of a tyranny of Wall Street, and that is not really unusual or illogical when one considers it; since so many people are godless materialists in the U.S.A. these days with Democracy becoming more of a nominal sham sort of thing and candidates required to kow tow to corporate executive will if they are to have any reasonable chance of being elected. So many ordinary people tend to have rather anachronistic views about primary political theories in the U.S.A.. Ideas about socialism vs capitalism are as obsolete as Veblen’s Theory of the Leisure Class.

Corporatism was a design of Benito Mussolini yet in modern America it is a function of population density, the nature of human character tunning toward greed and mass consumerism; few people-definitely not a majority have the sense or capacity to dissent from the rule of the dollar. Concentrated wealth in preferred locations has a virtual gravitational power to draw in more power and capital. Democracy becomes nominal and morality declines.

Even science has been affected by corporatism yet in that case it isn’t such a bad thing, for the world has been studies a lot and it is probably becoming more difficult to discover anything new in science and nature, except of course at the farthest remove in mapping the Universe and in other areas of physics. Many scientists are not greatly original thinkers anyway- not Newton’s or Einsteins, yet they can work on technical science safely ensconced in pure materialism. So those scientists wishing something new to discover in some senses are required to synthesize matter and make something new. Materials science with its marvelous doping of materials and even the manufacture of new elements is scientific, yet it is inventions as much as science and that phenomena is part of the driving godless movement toward immorality that was familiar in Europe and the United States before the first and especially second world wars when people tended to view science and elites as Übermensch.

Not to say Jews should have any cause to worry; they are few in number globally and fundamentally these days only the severely historically and demographically retarded would have any cause to hate them. Instead the combination of mental health with the legal system should be more of a concern regarding the loss of equal protection of the law and fundamental civil liberties for Americans. The Soviet state found it convenient to label dissidents ‘mentals’ and in need of state custody or other socially degrading forms. Those labels can be used as a lever for segregation, yet ordinary Americans worshiping the corporate state would tend to believe that money is in-itself the definition of mental health, and those without, crazy. Fortunately for contemporary Americans they have cut the taxes on the most rich so far that 1% of Americans may own 90% of the national wealth and they can be trusted to serve Americans with every tool that will evolve absolute power financially in as few as possible.

Most Democrat party policies are those that would benefit the most rich and corporate will in one way or another, and Republicans, well…

It is important to Democracy to keep critical and creative thinking alive amidst its citizens (not subjects). Theorists in science tend to view the Universe as being 13.7 billion years old, and at the start – t = 1 x 10-43  to have smaller than a grain of sand. Fundamentally scientists are clueless about what came befopre although there are innumerable theories. Imagine the power of God to carry a pound of sand grains that each were Universes in a suitably strong container. Even one grain of sand Universe surropunded by nothingness; not even virtual particles would exist outside the sand grain of ultimate density and heat-gravity would draw them all together before it quit and was drawn into and even greater force of unity.

 Subatomic particles are surrounded by their own cloud of virtual particles, and those of existing matter are regarded as having drawn themselves together to create a black hole and an ultimate sand-grain Universe. As that is obviously logically in the wrong order it is logical to speculate about an endlessly recycling Universe to avoid the firs grain of sand conundrum. A sand grain of a Universe exceedingloy hot surrounded by absolutely cold space; Still and void. Uncertainty.

  Yet in the wild kingdom of world human population with more than 9 billion without anywhere to go realistically for now, the waterfront areas and sand grains have been drawn into social gravity into a reproductive of like business and design systems of material that tramp all over nature in a corporatist rush for abstract velocity of money and consolidation of power. It is possible to reform capitalism-there needn’t be just one version as there needn’t be just one color of Ford. And a reformed capitalism should keep anyone free of social tyrrany, the oppression of protracted poverty and the destruction of remaining wild areas of the planet such that humanity must live within an entirely totaliszed and synthetic evil empire pig farm of their own making.