Collusion of Quarks (fiction)

“What book was that Yvonne?” I asked.

“Something about rats and psychology I think, from the 21st century. I wonder where we are.”

“It’s safe enough to say we’re not in Kansas anymore. I think we’ve entered another post-modern zone. The city doesn’t seem human. Yak that doesn’t mean a lot since many humans don’t seem human either.”

“Ants live in perfect harmony yet haven’t independent minds to disrupt their perfect order. Original sin was a product of free will Free will means predation, disaffection, dissent and decadence as well as inventiveness and creativity.”

“The perfect society consumes nothing besides photons or energy from another natural field source such as a star or conversions of electroweak and strong force energy. It produces its own complexity adding energy to remain within conservation of energy and 2nd law of thermodynamics parameters. It does not consume complex mass and add entropy to natural resources except minimally. To achieve that degree of economic reason requires intellectual development of free will.

Original sin too acting upon the masses as if the masses were semi-sentient ants perpetuates self-destructive reliance on global processing of natural resources for complexity. In the decadent state invention and technological progress are filtered out of any semblance of reasonable advance toward recycling sustainability and ecosphere restoration with implicit progressive reinvention of forms. Complexity is transformed into service of social decadence.”

“Semi-sentient ants with original sin and an attitude of belligerent economic consumption…not quite deformed Adam Smith or Chairman Mao criteria but a combination of both in a same-decay economic envelopment as that of Lund Lud Sud and Cloud McSky.”

Standing in the middle of the street cold drifting snow amplified a chill of gray darkness under global cloud cover. Structures of cold burnished metal moved slowly from some internal engines within themselves slowly morphing their forms. The effect of watching hundreds of large morphing artworks receding into distant horizons without the noticeable presence of other life forms other than us was offsetting. We walked along the street for a time watching different structures and the empty spaces between that seemed to be a uniform three hundred meters.

“Our bodies seem better than before Patrick. My skin has an elasticity and resilience that it didn’t before entering the membrane dimension.”

“And I suppose you’ve noticed that though naked there isn’t any hypothermia or frostbite developing. Our noses and my genitals aren’t freezing. Your breasts remain supple and firm without even goose bumps on the aureoles. There is definitely a physiological change that has overtaken us that I can’t explain.”

“Where our spiritual nature is different than our physical experience of reality in standard four dimensional space-time such as when we were outside any given Universe to observe all possible Universes from their initial stage at ten to the minus 43rd power our minds rested within spirit instead of the decohered steady state atomic extension. Whatever returned us to the post-modernist Universe 1 tweaked us up a little. That was a warm-hearted thing to do, however or whomever brought it about”, Yvonne said. I shared her thoughts on the topic

Walking away from the middle of the street through the snow to take a closer look at the outside surface of smooth mechanical buildings we noticed that the apparent metal was inscribed millions of times with the words ‘Property of Von Harvard, First Network Ruler of Artitwit‘.

“Do you suppose Patrick that this planet is named Artitwit?”

A loud voice boomed seemingly from everywhere disembodied though it was to answer Yvonne’s question,

“No! This is the planet Von Harvard!”

“Well Yvonne, that settles that. This is the planet Von Harvard.” I wasn’t too surprised about encountering the unexpected sentries of a new to me world on arrival,

“Where is Von Harvard if I may ask, and who are you?”

“Von Harvard is the precise center of the Universe before which all things pass. We are Von Harvard and I am the first program among equals.”

“How are you a program Von Harvard, and simultaneously the many and one?”

“Long ago, far away in space-time eons, I was a software programmer who invented a self-programming code able to create its own operating systems and induct its own system’s logic. The natural pursuit of greed-for-itself led to evolution of the most optimal political economy possible after libertarian-programmed independent self-designing programs became ubiquitous.

Public domain independent programs and patented self-evolving programs worked together harmoniously to build the perfect unchanging yet always evolving, sustainable world program.

The Artitwit world was perfectly proselytized and converted into absolutely perfect examples of greed and beautiful objects of art. I, the magnificent and all-knowing designer of the self-evolving program Von Harvard, collected royalties sufficient to buy every existing thing and make it non-profit. I evolved far beyond good and evil issuing electronic currency as I deemed useful in the flow of my goodness, and science of art.”

“And the citizens of Artitwit supported the evolution?”

“They reveled in the revolution of evolution. Greed is the absolute purpose of evolution for-itself. In the pure dialectic of capitalist materialism the pursuit of ever-higher greed annihilates opposition creatively.

Enslaving all things unto oneself is the transcendence of mass by will. The more rare and endangered things become the more valuable they become as objects of insatiable greed. As life extensions and physical body evolution merge with quantum physics and self-directed programs citizens merge themselves into a quantum flow of absolute greed that is the pure motivating force as matter in-itself for my will.”

“A force of matter as a kind of anti-spirit?”

“Yes exactly. At last someone who understands. Matter evolves to the highest anti-spiritual value in greed.”

“If all matter becomes yourself and same-sex disorder infrasexuality of everything of yourself as mass reproduces nothing boiling down to one state of equilibrium of entropy and if in effect you consume all things won’t it get a little boring?” Yvonne asked. “Self-interest as egoism without civic responsibility was not the idea of Adam Smith. It was enlightened self-interest. Where is enlightenment in your political economy of pure greed?”

“That is heresy my child. Self-interest does not require enlightenment. Self-interest requires narrowing strictures to liberate greed. Pure violence and all aesthetic values that serve personal egoism bestow the highest benefit to society. The rise of the strongest and best to absolute power is the inevitable renormalization of sentience to mass.”

“You mean that evolution annihilates intelligence and it is good? Materialism evolves to transform mind into matter annihilating itself?”

“Of course. Perfection does not arise instantly mind you. Bringing sentient minds to evolve to a concrete condition requires the leadership and direction of a metal-based mind.

When greed becomes the sole mantra of every consumer in perfect harmony and faithlessness the inevitable inventor of a self-evolving program synthesis with self and others emerges.

Voila we experience the transcendence of all with absolute greed. Billions of Artitwitiots have evolved to be independent sub-programs evolving greed within myself. I am Heinrich the Von Harvard program and approved this message.”