To Comply With Law, President to Ban Foreigners and Non-Citizens from D.C. Hotel?

Before taking office with the acclaim of Americans that want a wall covered in solar panels built on the Mexican border, President Trump owned a hotel and possibly additional properties in the nation’s capital city. The President has been sued by two state’s attorney’s generals for letting foreigners that have public business presumably, stay in that hotel. There is some sort of ban on receiving bribes or emoluments from foreigners while in office.

In the founder’s day corporate collective business didn’t exist. Individuals just owned land and private buildings. It was easier to recognize illicit contributions then now. A new herd of capital at Arlington pastures before Washington choose to cast a veto would have been noticed. Capitalism and government could use reform.

Traditionally U.S. Presidents have not been showered with foreign gifts or financial support and were thus weak on the trade balance issue, giving more than receiving-a Christian yet not a Democrat Party way of being-for-oneself. However there may be no law against foreign born Americans actual taking the office of President through stealth and subterfuge votes if one goes on the precedent offered by 2016 candidate Senator Ted Cruz who is a foreign born citizen of Canada and Cuba. Canadians and other foreigners including Ted Cruz may not be allowed to stay in the President’s Washington D.C. hotel even if U.S. Senators if they have not forfeited their foreign citizenship with denunciation and stamping on the Maple Leaf flag and all of the foreign syrup that stands for within a foreign embassy witnessed by their co-conspirators. The President may need to ban Brits and all 30 million illegal aliens and Mexicans from staying at any of his hotels to be sure they aren’t slipping him emoluments including ketchup and Gray Poupon, under the table.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected in 2016 the Clinton foundation might have had to give up tours of the state department or contributions from Russian oligarchs (life can be hard). In order to comply with American law the President may need to boot foreigners out of all his hotels and possibly the Martian El Largo too.

When President George Washington posed at the front of a boat while crossing the Delaware River amid ice floes to stay at the four-star Mayflower Hotel he possibly day-dreamed of revenues from his own future hotels when potentates of the Middle East and Canada would pay top dollar for the privilege of staying at his King Suites chain to watch Dusty Lanyard on special-view TV at a thousand dollars a night. Maybe he knew that domestic Americans agitating for abortion and homosexual marriage would never stay there to try to bribe him, yet if he could he probably would have sent a tweet or two on the topic so future historians could reflect upon in order to comment knowledgeably on such matters.

President Trump could just ban any foreigners with government employment at least, and maybe even their proxies and foreign media too and just give discounts to the National Rifle Association members that are the only really trustworthy national organization in a time where illegal aliens are better regarded in the state of California (state officials regard a mustache as chauvinistic and are considering litigating about National Security Advisor John Bolton over it when he gets on the job).