President Trump left the Wall Out of the Budget

 The budget the President signed hasn’t any funding for the border Wall with Mexico; merely 1.6 billion for fence repair. Giving up on securing funding for the Wall, an important campaign promise, was tactically not a very good political move for President Trump. His best hope for being re-elected is that Hillary chooses to run another time.

  It is true that a border canal with salt-water piped uphill with solar power would be a better way to provide security and fresh water as a dollar value. In helping establish a corporatist state working with the Communist Chinese dictator-for-life while being divided from political and economic unification in friendly policy with Russia (a strategic British goal of keeping the two large nation at loggerheads) the President just needs U.S. peons for Wall Street and Democrats that want to appear compassionate in hiring cheap illegal workers.

  If a law was passed that everyone in America had to be paid a fair minimum wage including illegal aliens the funding of a Wall would proceed directly. Democrats only want illegals here while they are exploited illegally as workers. The Democrat Party is the party of slavery and they continue that tradition now.

  The Congress should require that everyone in America be paid at least minimum wage even of they are illegally here. The penalty for paying sub-minimum wage should be hard time in jail for employers of at least 1 year per felony count, while the penalty for hiring an illegal worker should be 30 days in jail.