Facebook’d Future Shocked-book-em Dano

When Facebook ultra—honcho Mark Zuckerberg allowed Oxbridge Analytica to exploit user data with the betrayal of human trust being revealed only with congressional probes into alien influences on American elections a red line in the Rubicon was crossed letting commercial, global corporate powers obtain information about Americans that they shouldn’t have.

Americans have gone to great length to conceal the facts about themselves from the public on Zuckerberg’s Facenook. Taking the lead of the Obama administration in keeping American medical data away from corporate health and insurance providers with connections to the Internet and even the Kremlin via back channels of oligarch investments in American corporations, congress has made sure thus far that no information about Americans such as property ownership, credit rating and so forth is ever published. If one lives in Miami Florida and wants to find out how much credit a business in Alaska qualifies for one must go and take a look at a library reference book, and that keeps data away from the prying fingers of Euros and Chinese seeking to take over weak, vulnerable business prey in the U.S.A.

In an old American political tradition from the heartland, the Cohokian civilization’s new political rulers executed the prior leader and family and probably those of any rivals in a beautiful ceremony with mass decorative clubbing and mass burials right alongside the fine clay spear-chucking courts in the national square of the great pyramid. While the United States has lost track of many venerable political traditions including independence regarding foreign trade agreements, it hasn’t previously gone so far as to allow a President to have the office of his personal lawyer raided and sacked by a special investigator trying to show globalists that the nationalist-leaning President is really in the bag like the usually banal and evil faceless bureaucrats occupying the job. Special investigator concerned I n executing his probe to find the President’s hidden Russian connections probably will not choose to raid Chairman Zuckerberg’s personal lawyer’s office to find his hidden Russian connections to so many Russian advertisers on Facial-book and those of the heartland are glad for that.

The power of corporatism to pursue profits must never be impinged. As public capital of forests and fish are overused and reduced in quantity they actually become more valuable as financial capital when transferred to private capital concentrations.

As U.S. public capital is degraded and as the King salmon of the North pacific are eliminated gradually, while some kind of 7-year moratorium of King salmon fishing should be agreed on and defended by Russia, Canada and the U.S.A. to let the fish recover to 1880 levels for old times sake before the oceans become to acidic and warm to allow any salmonids to live at all it is good to know that private capital—an abstract item instead of a natural ecological item-increases in number even though concentrated in the accounts of fewer and fewer souls.

Very slick operators in politics sometimes unite with media syndicates to control public encounters with data. Broadcast media are a global organized criminal network in some respects, though it depends on what the meaning and enforcement of criminal is I would venture. Plainly though every local network radio station is not really a local entity so much as a surveillance and control tool for globalists. It is shocking to learn that Facebook too may in some way serve the rich and hand off big data to bigger data miners and processors that use everything one posts against one as if it were a hall of lawyers mirrored recursively with real and unreal doors of real and fake data hiding hidden connections to Russians and dimensions unknown to anyone besides Wall Street’s quantitative trading computers in hidden dark pools deeply underground wear the hidden web is like water flowing in the melon bolsa underneath the Tex-Mex and New Mexican borders without congressional oversight.

In the Strawberry Fields code room thousands of tiny mirrors mechanically align and reflect data given particular time coordinates to move and concatenate fine portions of data that senselessly form a complete message if the right alignments are ordered. Nothing real ever exists of the content than thousands of tiny pieces redistributed to shiny, gossamer image reflecting surfaces that never reappear without the most felicitous of directions from the Grand designer. Every data entered forms a meaningful portion of an infinite number of meaningful illusory messages of which just one is intensionally true and readable just by the special Russian hacker the Grand designer intended to allow into the most secure of legal facilities. It is unfortunate however that no real message or record ever did exist and that the mechanical aspects of the machine were no more than analogues for hidden data structures and methods potentially useful to in the book of changes.