President Obama Got More Wars Started in His First Year than Pres Trump

President Trump’s first year in office was luck-luster regarding the creation of wars. President Obama’s first year saw glorious speeches made across the middle east followed by several wars during the Arab spring. In fact the President never lacked for wars he had stimulated being fought during his entire administration in addition to watching over the rise of the Islamic state. It is difficult to defend the President’s lack of wars and some must face up to the fact that he could be more interested in business and building than destruction.

  Fortunately the President is hiring the known tough guy John Bolton for his new National Security Adviser. Maybe he can get things on track possibly through North Korea, though it must be recognized by war mongers that the meeting scheduled with the Warrior-Dictator Kim Jong Un may nip in the bud the prospects for a quick and effective small nuclear conflict to end the North Korean build up of weapons of mass destruction while being bellicose and threatening toward the 1%.

  President Trump has given 700 billion more to the Pentagon for national defense in his new spending bill yet about nothing for a defense wall with Mexico. Without solid wars its hard to justify the budget for a DOD that can’t even defend the southern border.

  One can have difficulty understanding the reasoning for war for the worlds instead of ecospheric restoration of course. I believe it goes like this… When the aliens return and hover over Mt. Everest they shall drop an anchor line to the summit, descend a few who will walk down to the 22,000 level where their press spokesman Elvis, will explain it all.