Styles of Faster-than-Light Travel

©2018 Garrison Clifford Gibson

“I want the FTL tech facility brought to Coronation in my personal quarters on this planet.”

Aristarch Conn spoke into his zip link; “Zillary, tell me, who is the most wise man besides myself on Coronation.”

That would be the Metaphysician of Riga Misaul Tal.”

And where is he now?”

A the dungeon in Coronation’s South Pole. You aren’t thinking of conferring with that poop are you? He has delusions of glory being an astronomer. Some astronomers still are insufferably conceited because of their belief that they discovered or made the Universe. Automated electro-magnetic spectral analysis of the Universe with computers far surpassed human observations. Astronomers became fundamentally superfluous thousands of years ago. He can’t possibly have anything useful to say. “

Entire occupations have ridden the coattails of a single inventor Zillary. Few people are geniuses as am I and other Aristarchs. I will dispose of Astronomer Tal after I extract useful data from it. Thanks twit.”

Jolly Rodgin”, Hillary said before she about faced and sauntered away.

Conn ordered the metaphysician to appear. In several minutes a tall, emaciated fellow wearing an orange turn-to-glue and sprout feathers prison jump suit stood before him.

Tell me metaphysician wise man of faster than light technologies. I have secured a second generation faster than light tech unit and wish to know its principles of operation.”

Honorable Aristarch, may I review the four fundamental types of known faster than light technologies?”

You may, proceed.”

Aristarch Conn, FTL 1 tech is what you have used so far as I know, already. Vast quantities of mass and energy of space-time are forced together with tremendous concatenated power such that fault lines across space time are made to exist, acting as vast one-dimensional strings. With right design the vacant sections of space time are bent and warped along the string lines permitting a space-time disequilibrium that allows a snap-back into place with a slingshot like whipsaw of an acute object placed correctly, to another sector of space time. Theorists have regarded it as extremely materially wasteful and costly.”

Yes metaphysican. Zillary called it very dirty and loved it.”

Ummhumm; FTL 2 tech that you say you have acquired may be explained with the idea of Einstein’s two-dimensional rubber sheet of space-time with mass set upon it forcing it to sink a little wherever mass is concentrated under gravity. If the space-time sheet is considered to have infinite elastic properties, or at least elastic until light speed, then it is possible to consider stretching space-time with a focal point of pressure such as a blunt-ended knitting needle. Given sufficient focused pressure the rubber sheet may allow itself to be stretched away perpendicularly from the basic flat rubber sheet. And if the force is made to curve, the extruding cylinder of rubber could be forced to stretch so far as to bend around to touch a far end of the sheet. At that point where the extruded sheet reaches and touches the rubber sheet at a distant location the traveler is allowed to rupture and reenter space-time in some distant place and time while the extruding rubber cylinder instantly returns to its original position and place. The traveler in an FTL 2 tech unit would not seem to himself to have moved anywhere at all, he would just be in a new space-time local.”

What about the properties Einstein described in general relativity about mass increasing infinitely as a traveler approaches the speed of light, and that time slows as one nears light speed?”

Consider again the rubber sheet if you will Aristarch Conn. An ordinary mass vehicle pressing upon it encounters resistance. As it increases speed Newton’s principle of an equal and opposite force in opposition to any action applies. The more the speed increase the more resistance and apparent mass increases on the accelerating vehicle. Even so, while the vehicle is pressing toward the speed of light, space is stretched and the vehicle embedded within it too, while the overall quantity of space-time remains the same. One inch unit time is stretched to the length of ten units while remaining one unit. Existing within that accelerated unit allows more subjectively to be done than for someone living in an unaccelerated, stationary unit of unstretched space-time.”

Oh, then pushing space-time itself to expand rather than a vessel pressing against it is the way to avoid increasing mass infinitely?”

Yes Aristarch. FTL 3 is simple enough too. One in theory exploits hidden smaller dimensions that traverse the larger dimensions to shortcut the space-time between the three large space dimensions and one of time. I don’t know of anyone that has an FTL 3 technology.”

What is a level 4 FTL technology metaphysician?”

Aristarch, it is only understood partly in theory to me. It is said to involve cutting out a section of space-time from the Higgs field, including a sector of the Higgs field, creating a null space devoid of any tie to normal space-time and its dimensions and mass and energy, bypassing and short-circuiting gravity flowing through it to make every force go around it, then floating the detached mass and energy to another place in space-time before reattaching it.”

What becomes of the displaced mass in the receiving space-time when the ghost field contents of null space return to the misty?”

Your guess would be as good as mine Aristarch, it could be quite a dangerous experiment to discover what the answer is.”

For your responses I shall have Guccibald vaporize you without torture on your return to the dungeon.”