Collusion of Synthawhim

©2018 Garrison Clifford Gibson

McConnell Boil and Nancy Twang wallowing in a standing wave of collusion ruled Synthawhim’s vast underwater dream with iron flippers. Boil had initially been elected with promises to heat the water to a point where the world-covering ocean would begin to evaporate and eventually enable schools of subjects to return to dry land. Yet with a dozen years of global ocean warming the sea continued to become more acidic and subjects began to slowly bake in hot water. Pathetic pictures posted on the world encompassing social media pages of Fishbook agitated the masses with countless horrifying images of sores, lesions and boils from the hot acidic water.

Boil was nothing if not adaptive though. He developed a plan to attack the problem of the planet being underwater from the bottom up even while promising to evaporate problems from the top down. Incredibly large freezing units were built in the deepest chasms of the ocean floor and in time deep in the darkness of seldom seen ocean trench ice began to form on the sea floor from the bottom up. When Maxim Skumbee arrived to search for the missing FTL 2 focal point he had no choice except to get wet.

The primary global collusion administered by Boil and Twang joined subtle subterfuge with legendary straw men arguments gathered from sacred, genuinely scientifically endorsed myths made to reinforce errors of logic convenient to global campaign management specialists minoring in truth parsing designs for political economy efficiency controls. The primary collusion kept the Boil and Twang method in power and their systems design programming for the environment inertially juggernauting over opposition. Political opposition to their iron flipper management style brought the small-fish rivals to ruin; cast out of their evolution ladder niches into deeper, more turbulent and dangerous water.