Insight Following Planetary Eco-Disaster (fiction)

©2018 Garrison Clifford Gibson

Humanity realized after reflection upon its disasters that a philosophical value system, an axiology, for a realistic economic system needed to regard wealth as a function of the general well-being of all of the people of the culture. Rich people may be allowed, yet not so rich as to make the possession of wealth equal to the possession of political power. Billionaires in your deck are just a tiny percent of the trillions and trillions of humans living over the free expanse of the galaxy. They too realize that the security of all can be no greater than the security and wealth of the least of humanity. All of humanity are brought to exist within an effective, constructive range of inventive and contemplative existence. The extremes of concentrated wealth and poverty such as the Aristarchs and other imperialist use are absent from a free human society.IMG_5025