Better Iranian Policy Requires Work

Good foreign policy for the United States is good business. Founding international relations on good faith regarding goals to achieve and build socially productive interactions with Iran is something the United States Government should feel a bit of an obligation to develop. It is not alway easy since Iran has good reasons historically to distrust the United States after its great betrayal during the Eisenhower administration. The U.S.A. supported a coup that got rid of the elected government and put in an absolute monarch who had a viscous secret police agency that tortured Iranian citizens.

Iran traditional had three parts of society comprising its politics; religion, military and populism. The United States unbalanced the internal relations of those forces that were evolving after a fashion before the coup. While Israel is probably right that Iran was trying to develop nuclear weapons in recent times that should not be a reason to quit trying to have cordial relations with Iran and work to eliminate secret police forces in Iran and other middle Eastern countries that disappear and torture people without a semblance of justice such as one would expect from a democratic government. Neither Iran nor Israel are aristocracies with embedded royalty and the United States should expect each nation to refrain from torturing its own citizens as any civilized nation should.

There are innumerable ways to monitor nuclear developments and work to prevent them in regard to Iran. most of those follow along peaceful interactive social lines that should continue even if the Trump administration wants to impose some new sanctions for some reason because the President doesn’t like the deal that President Obama made. The U.S.A. ought to reasonably find ways to let Americans become involved in business in Iran on a normal basis if possible, and the President should work to encourage Iran to end any sort of authoritarian style arrests of foreigners for political reasons that creates quite a damper on western social norms for travelers.

Israel has good reasons to worry about terrorist Muslims and state terrorism of course given their location and the enemy at the gates nature of things. In some respects peaceful stability for all their Muslim neighbors is ironically what Israel must work for, since the Muslim middle east so often prefers war and even civil war and the domestic state terrorism of authoritarian governments and police agencies to egalitarianism in economic and environmental affairs.

President Trump recently appointed a homosexual ambassador to Germany. One trusts that he is aware that would be rather offensive to a Muslim nation. Maybe Germany like England is happy with that sort of thing, yet the movement toward sin the U.S. Supreme Court made is indicative of a deeper problem the U.S. Government has regarding trust and good intentions. President Trump will be suspected by some I would guess of trying to further the homosexual agenda on select Muslim nations at the behest of certain business and elitist social elements. As if it wasn’t difficult enough to keep the blood bottled in the area as it is.