Planetary Community Topology Design (fiction)

©2018 Garrison Clifford Gibson

“This planet has every environment we know that can sustain the growth of biological life except for extremals. That is in a temperature range of between 100 degrees below zero Fahrenheit and 200 degrees above zero F. These habitats support the full range of plant and animal life that can develop, although not in every possible permutation. Our neighboring planets have tried to support their own portion of the rainbow of ecospheres in their own preferred wavelengths of the spectrum.

The eleven cities of Calvin Luther-Caesar occupy just eleven of the sixty four circles of potential habitation or wilding amidst the large interstitial spaces between the circles.

The human habitation circles each represent healthy positions on a global chessboard of sixty squares (we have circled the squares rather than vice versa so forgive us for that if you will). Each city is built with an adapted architectural design style based on an ancient Earth civilization. These cities have broad avenues for wildlife to journey safely amidst the cities that for humans begin effectively on the second level. It is on layer one however, amidst the wildlife of Calvin Luther-Caesar, that the battle is being fought.”

If I may ask Solomon, where did the paradigm of the chessboard come from, as it applies to topology?”

Carla the original topology of the chessboard arose from ancient Afghan warlords battle planning. I had an innovation of my own that brought me to suggest it to the CLC priesthood of believers.”

And what was that Solomon?” Carla asked.

Each square of a chessboard may be likened to the surface membrane of a holographic Universe with four space-time directions. Below each square is another complete chessboard with individual Universes of their own replete with infinite recursion. That is a model of a Multiverse, and the relationship of positions of pieces and pawns on each chessboard and its squares over time determines the configuration of the gravitational field of each Universe and the composite, specific mass and energy endowment of each Universe as expressed in its total gravity. The Multiverse itself and all of its chessboard hang in nothingness in a way that expresses the sum of the gravitational configurations of all of the chessboards of the Multiverse as they gestalt their power through extra-dimensional, extra-chessboard super-positioning of gravitational fields.”

I said; “Yes Solomon, I can see how that would be an inspiration for adapting city planning ideas for a planet’s surface. It also suggests to me primitive circular irrigation patterns viewed from above.”