NASA Cuts Greenhouse Gas Monitor Program

N.A.S.A. only spent 10 million dollars annually to keep an eye on the Earth’s green house gas content in the atmosphere. While the U..S. government has a vast right and left wing pile of debt and needs to cut back on spending, one would think that a few billionaires that spend 10 million dollars on plush toilets seats perhaps could step up and fund the Greenhouse Gas Monitoring program.

Sure there are Trump administration officials that would  increase their environmental I.Q. with an infusion of Neanderthal genes, yet the nation understands that the President is a politician who must walk a tightrope politically to stay elected appeasing his electorate.

Billionaires may have toilet seats that put music through skin contact into their waste removal sorties. One would think that knowing if the atmosphere is being so badly abused that human life will come to a swifter end should be equally important for them.

Congress is looking in another direction. Aliens. Congress wants to spend 10 million to make SETI great again in its search for extraterrestrial alien life. Practical.