Some Russian Facebook Ads May Have Been Troll-Sourced

 I don’t know that I will ever trust Facebook after learning that Russian trolls ran millions of political ads before boredom set in after the 2016 election.

 I used to think of Facebook as some sort of global predatory tenticle’d Leviathan vacuumiong up every dupe’s personal data and political ideas on the planet. Now I regard them as, uh, well no matter.

 The low-budget Russian trolls gort a lot done for their rubles. Millions of ads for just a thousand bucks per. I should use that for selling my e-books if I could afford it.

  With such cheap prices its no wonder Russian trolls pin-ball the U.S. electorate. I suppose its the moral equivalent of all those junk e-mails for great foreign women that want sex with yuse, or Nigerian pleas for helping Maxine Romanov transfer her great great aunt’s recently discovered fortune in platinum certificates to your American bank. One might appreciate the artistry and ignore it otherwise.

The Russians general took up conservative causes even if they were in support of conservative Hispanic invaders illegally crossing the U.S. border for a reconquista of the American west. In a way few of the ads were implicitly false except using pseudonymous account responsibility. They tended to be realistic rather than of the radical left. That is why they aren’t terribly offensive to many Americans and are definitely not really worthy of federal panic-works.

 The bottom line is that the cheap efficiency of the ad campaigns will likely increase Facebook advertising sales.