Pres Trump Could Cancel Summit Until Dictator Un Loses Weight

The U.S. media treats the President of the U.S. as if he were an uncertain flake with dubious loyalty to capitalism instead of Mother Russia. He is set to meet to talk about nuclear weapons with the nearly obese leader of a nation where people including the military seem to be half-starved. Each are worthy opponents in the match of flakiness. To one-up Kim Jong Un President Trump should cancel or postpone the summit until Dictator-Leader Kim Un loses weight…perhaps 35 pounds although it could be negotiable with careful and methodical diplomacy.

Dictator-Leader Kim has the rare opportunity to lose nuclear weapons and pursue peace and prosperity for his nation as partners with the south. Yet there are many strong, good and inscrutable reasons to keep building up nuclear weapons and sufficient missiles to make enemies all around the world that cannot be easily set aside. The value of pointing nuclear weapons at one’s close neighbors and relatives must also be irresistible to the Dictator. He probably gets excellent barbecued ribs and such with exotic oriental food besides. Neither the west nor the south can hope to match the cuisine of the Dictator of the North.