NFL Bans Anti-U.S. Anthem Knee Taking

There is no reason why Chinese Communist NFL players and Russian citizens or the broadcast media should stand for the national anthem of the United States. Nor for that matter should any NFL player who is loyal to a hostile foreign government, spying for pay for a foreign entity or devoted to a terrorist organization. Any really weird foreign citizen should take a seat during the playing of the Star Spangled banner and hum along respectfully.  Unreasonable expectations of support for the national anthem should not be taken too far.

The N.B.A. have a phrase for going to the hoop; they say going to the cup. A cup with as many holes as an N.B.A. hoop and net wouldn’t hold a drop of liquid. To a certain extent N.F.L. players taking a knee for the national anthem are equally spaced.

Why should NFL players show any loyalty to the U.S. national anthem when they are playing in the United States? Why not the Russian anthem or that of Botswana? When American football fans pay, cumulatively, billions of dollars to see NFL stars get concussions and brain damage, why should they demand that the players be patriotic? 

When NFL players are getting millions and millions of dollars for sport, why should they care about national and economic interests of ordinary Americans that buy tickets for their games?