Owning the Media- A Better Way for Musk to Supercharge

Elon Musk’s excellent model 3 Tesla that goes 0 to 60 M.P.H. in 5.1 seconds with a top speed of 140 M.P.H. and other Tesla plug and play electric powered cars will have super-chargers all over the U.S.A. It is said they can recharge a Tesla in fewer than 30 minutes. So will there be a good coffee station at each location along with highest speed Internet connectivity?


Musk is having some problems with the news media these days as they go on about company cash problems and the late and/or slow delivery date of model 3’s. Those things happen. It doesn’t mean he will have to sell to Warren Buffet and get a Chinese communist partner or something like that.

Mush should just move up and buy his own media outlet that puts out Musk news with support for his own perspective on the world. Jeff Bezos of Amazon bought the Washington Post. Broadcast news outlets with a little window in the top left corner such as MS Explorer has after the April update to Windows 10 would allow a small, ubiquitous advertisement of the Model 3 while other stories on the media, politics and environmental issues were running. News broadcasting owning is an opportunity to advance your own corporate interests and ideas before those of rivals.

News media today is nothing more than putting out the most glaring, loud opinions about things that will influence the watcher/viewer/receiver of the broadcast as possible. If you are rich and snooze you lose. It is those that cannot afford the loudest media that are suffering. The downtrodden masses yearning to own CNN and agitate propaganda for-themselves and for-others with the true facts about Aunt Mabel’s apple pie can only wait and wonder why Elon Musk, billionaire at large, has to free ride tweets instead of creating his own Internet ranting place where even billionaires can enjoy the phreedom.