On the Musk News Rating Service

  Billionaire entrepreneur/Ceo Elon Musk indicated he would create a web site to rate journalists on truth content and in effect chastise them with low ratings for resembling a propaganda service equivalent of organized crime with misleading disinformation . He bought the url pravduh.com for the service. I checked the site and it is blank. He is welcome to rerun my blog posts at his site until he has content worth publishing. (with an rss feed).



 I suggest that Musk may want to use a quantitative approach until he can rate individual journalists.

For instance he can give a broadcast network anywhere from -4 to +4 stars. CNN for example, could be a -2.3 and Fox News a +2.3.

It might be useful for the journalist rating service also to evaluate federal politicians qualifications if a candidate and job performance if an office holder. Corporations also might be rated for ecospheric economic value.