Can Italy Create a New European Union Rival?

Italian problems with economics and the European Union may prompt the rise of a rival, new union of European nations that want a new deal and a different sheet of economic music to enact their teleprompter policy script leadership performance. England that recently left the European Union, or is in the process presently may find Italy a partner in creating a new national union with a different set of rules. Could Europe support another and rival EU?

Sure. It would be like the creation of a rival football league in the United States long ago that over time merged into the national football league; the NFL.

With computers able to process data rather quickly these days the bottlenecks in Union formation are in getting everyone to agree to hog-tie themselves to the same rules and to be ruled by aliens that don’t give a lizard’s a about their interests except insofar as they ditto them like bobbly dolls.

Probably everyone in Europe will benefit from the start of a new political league.