Cases for Troublesome Foreign Leaders; American Single Malt Whiskey

When President Trump meets with some troublesome leaders and  North Korean Dictator Kim Un he should use the opportunity to introduce the world to American single malt whiskey.

Canadians have been lackey’s of British Empire single-malt whiskey for centuries. That Scotch whiskey may have played a role in the burning of the nation’s capital to spite Andrew Jackson who kicked Brit butt in New Orleans.

President Trump should provision a case of good single barley malt whiskey for Dictator Kim as well as the Prime minister Trudeau who is leader of the Canadian Empire with electronic copyrights that don’t cost $170 dollars.

No one knows what to expect from North Korea or Canada on free trade. President Trump could cancel NAFTA in Canada while the Senate considers conferring most favored nation on North Korea is they agree to allow a Democrat Party satellite office their, and to vote on giving Russia most-unfavored nation status.

The G-7 really has only one real mission; to educate President Trump on the benefit of transforming America and the world completely to renewable energy within 15 years and make a profit in doing so.